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31 for 21

I have commited to the 31 for 21 that is being hosted at Unringing the Bell's blog. We are committing to blogging about our sweeties for the month of October. All 31 days. 31 Days of blogging for T21.
Now - hopefully I can make it for each day - LOL! I've always wanted to do a picture of the day type journal, so this next month will be it! :) One month in the life of dude. I'm very intrigued with this and it should be fun! :)
Well -short post and I'm off! See ya tomorrow! :)



Life is crazy right now - today at least...

I entered another crazy scrapbooking contest. You can see last week's gallery here but I can't tell you which is me. I bet you can figure it out though... It's pushing my limits to try new, different things, which is fun. But mentally exhuasting on top of the other things...

I got a scratch on my new vehicle. It's the first scratch on it. I've been baby'ing it since we got it in May. I'm a little more than a little upset about it, but how it happened makes me a little more upset.

We have a thing going on with the school right now which is making all parties involved really upset and angry.

Between the 2 things - I've been on the phone for the better part of 5 hours tonight to various people. Ugh.
I missed most of Grey's while on the phone to said people... And of course, ER, what I've seen of it tonight, is full of gloom and doom.

We are bucking up and putting a pool in. Got a good deal at a reputable pool place and bit the bullet. We're doing it. It won't be done until like Thanksgiving. And no - I won't be testing it out until next spring. Maybe this should have gone in the "happy" portion, but it's stressing me out right now...

Which of course means we have alot of work to get done in the next 2 weeks here at the house. Alot. Double Ugh.

Here's Ryan's "sick" page that I did last week...

Both Buddy Walks here have fallen on the same day this year. That's no fun. We can only get to 1 of them, we think. And that will be with Michael not sleeping until we get back from it.

Ok - think positive...

We went to Michael's company party at SunSplash on last Sat. Had a blast. Ran into another couple that has a 9 y/o daughter with Down syndrome! Fun! Nice to talk to them and meet them. May run into them at the Buddy Walk.

I got an e-mail from a friend on Wed. about another call for stories for another book. Come to find out - I know the people that are doing this book and didn't know they were doing it. We are going to their son's birthday party on Saturday, so hope to talk to Stacy more... The funny thing is that I was sitting holding Matthew's hand, waiting for him to drop off to sleep on Tues. night and my thoughts went to this "story" in my head. I was able to use it for a page and will hopefully get it written down to see if Stacy can use it...

Gave Matthew's MT a printed out copy in a frame of this page and she loved it...

We got Matthew a new big boy seat last week and he loves it - gives it kisses as he gets out of it - LOL!

I was surprised with a cool RAK today! Thanks again Christine!!!

Okay - my brain is fried right now and I think I'm going to bed. I was going to go grocery shopping tomorrow morning, but Ryan's teacher asked if I could come in to help. I also need to get a birthday present for Sat. sometime soon. Nite.



It was his turn this week apparently. Same thing - Wed. night, woke up at 10pm though. Again 2 hours later and then again 2 hours after that. Needless to say - he and I didn't get much sleep. He didn't go to school today, was very whiney and I went for Mother of the Year and was snippy and gosh darn unpleasant to be around. Probally the no sleep and the 8+ loads of laundry, most of which was due to his being sick. Yuck. I feel so bad and guilty now x-hours later. He didn't feel good. It wasn't his fault. And I held it against him. Well - chalk it up to a learning experience and one I will and need to remember. He was still moping around alot today and it's just so hard to see if it was for real or he was milking it for all it was worth. I think it was a bit of both, but heavy of the milking part. LOL. Hopefully back to school again for him tomorrow.

I was supposed to help out in his room today, so it's bumped back till tomorrow.

Matthew seems to be doing good. Went on to the snotty part of the croup, but it's not too bad.

I've really noticed in the last couple weeks that we are having actual conversations with him. It's hard to explain, for yes, we've talked to him all along. He's signed to us - for what seems forever. so, yes, we've had conversations with him. But it's just been different in the last few weeks. Delightful is the word that comes to mind for some reason. The conversations make sense. He's stringing together 2 to 3 and more words at a time. He still says things that I can't understand sometimes. And he still pauses inbetween words sometimes. But it's just changing and evolving. Growing! He totally knows his alphabet - by sight now too. He know 75% of it in sign too. He is making so many friends at school - teachers and helpers at the school and classroom buddies too. So nice. He's been doing really good going and getting into line. Until today that is. Ugh - totally melt down coming off the slide and threw a handful of sand at me. The class ended up going in without him - for it was taking me too long to get him off the sand. Then that made it take longer too. Ugh. Well - another live, learn and move on...

Michael and I trimmed up the pine trees in our backyard on Wed. Don't really like it - for now there's a ton more sun back in that corner. But out neighbor's pool is on that side and they are forever getting pine needles and such in their pool, so we were trying to be nice. It looks good - just too much sun - LOL!

I'm leaving my 50mm 1.8 on the camera alot lately and lovin' what I'm getting out of it right now. Photo of Ryan is straight out of the camera with the 50.

I did this page last week of Matthew, but didn't get a chance to post it until today. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! :) It was also picked at the HotDigiPicks site, which I didn't know until Lisa pointed it out to me! :) Thanks again! See here for journaling and credits...

Feeling overwhelmed with my to-do lists again today. Probally something to do with the being grumpy and the laundry too! :) So- I'm off to scrap and get some stuff done! :)


Smorgasbord, Turkey & It's Back...

I get a call from my dad last night asking for help. Their freezer had gone out and they were sorting through all the food in there figuring out what to do with it all! So, the boys and I went over there and had smorgasbord - a little of this and a little of that. Tonight we went back and had turkey for dinner! LOL! I think my mom's tired of "having" to have this or that to eat now - LOL!

It's back - the croup that is. Matthew threw up on Wed. twice - 2 hours apart. He seemed totally fine after that, but we opted to keep him home from school yesterday, just in case, to protect him and his little immunity system as much as the other kids in the class. Must have been a good move. We noticed he was wheezing a bit last night about 6pm and I just chalked it up to the getting sick the day before. Nope. At 11:30pm, he woke up with a full croup attack. It took me till after 1am to get him settled back in and back to (somewhat) sleep. He was so upset with me about everything - he wanted to go back to his bed, not sleep in mine, I wanted him to have a breathing treatment - he didn't; I wanted him to snuggle with me in an upright position - he wanted to lay flat. Everything was a struggle and him getting upset was only making the croup worse. So fun. Finally got him to settle in, but of course - I didn't sleep well at all. Ugh. Didn't sleep well on Wed. night either, for I was listening to see if he'd get sick again. So - at any rate, got him a Doc appointment this morning and he got a steriod shot. I really hate doing this sometimes, for by the time we get to the Doc. office, all his symtoms, in true croup fashion, are gone and you'd never know he was sick. Then I second guess myself. But there's truely nothing else that it could be. And he always gets it on a Thurs./Fri. night with the weekend looming. The 1st night's always the best one too and it gets progressively worse till the 3rd night. We haven't had to take him to the ER in 2 years (knock on wood), using this pro-active way. So that's a good thing, I guess. He's gone from having it every 3-4 months to having it every 5-6 months, so that's some progress, I guess. I had a stuffy nose last week and tried my best to keep my hands clean and such. When I went to Diane's on Tuesday, she had the froggy throat, which I never had. I washed my hands a bunch that day too. But it must have all been the same thing - for I must have passed it onto him. Bummer.

Here is Mister Sicky playing his Gameboy this afternoon. Funny thing - he loves that little plaid shirt he's wearing. It's become kind of a play shirt and he put it on and wore it all afternoon. He's pulled buttons off of it and one sleeve has torn in the back a little, so he can't wear it out. But he has so much fun wearing it.

K - I'm off to see about scrapping... Ryan is at GMa's spending the night and I got Matthew down at 7:30pm (which might bite me in the butt in the morning - ROFL!) - so off I go! :)


Simple, So-Not-Simple & WOO WHOO!

It's one of those creative gush weeks. 5 new pages in 3 days.

Matthew - Back to School click here for credits and journaling.

These next 2 I did the do one page and then flip it for the other, again. I had done this fill out form thing for Ryan his YL year, but I think I've forgotten to do it ever again til now.

Interview with a Young Learner. Credits and journaling, click here please...
Interview with a 4th Grader. Click here for credits.

This is the not-so-simple one. Can you tell? LOL! Click here for journaling and credits please.

Credits: "Faded Sapphire" September Songbird Avenue Charity Kit by Carrie Stephens, Meredith Fenwick and Jan Crowley for SongbirdAvenue.com. Stitch and scalloped edge from template by Janet Phillips included with kit. Paper tear by Steph Krush for DigitalPaperTearing.com. Font is CK Becky.
Journaling reads: I’m really not sure what I would have done had you both been girls. Not that I wouldn’t have loved girls, but having girls, I know, would have been a completely different thing! No baseball, no wrestling, no throwing balls in the house, no trains everywhere? What would I do?I seriously can’t imagine having anyother kids than the 2 of you! You are both perfect, just the way you are!

Me & My Boys - this is my page for the new Sept. Songbird Avenue kit, Faded Sapphire. This month's guest designer is Carrie Stephens! be sure and go check it out! :)

And now for the Woot!!! I finally reiceved my copy of the DSM Oct./Nov. issue with my 2 pages in it yesterday!Pages 33 & 34!!! Yay!

Ok - I'm off! Been on the computer way too long this morning! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


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