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made me happy today. In more ways than one. We got out of the house. It wasn't 9 million degrees. We went to WalMart and it started pouring while we were all there. We came home and played in the rain!
I'm not real sure if he was making a fashion statement of what - he had it over his helmet - silly goose!!!
I think they had fun too, do you think! :) It's the first actual rain that we have had here at our house this season - in a long time - I can't remember the last time we had rain. We've had several dust storms and a few sprinkles. But not much "real" rain. The Monsoon just started last weekend, so kinda late start for it...


I actually had done 12 pages by my last post... - LOL! I'd forgotten about this one, which is silly since I love it...

Not much else planned coming up. Only 2 more weeks until school starts up again. Woot! LOL! Have most of the things bought - still need new shoes for Ry and a nice new shirt for the 1st day of school for both of them.

Probally go to the library tomorrow... still reading a ton - lots of Nora Roberts still! Love it...

Still too hot to do too terribly much outside - we get stir crazy inside, try to go outside, last 15 minutes and then come in - LOL!

I stepped up to help in a challenge at The DigiChick and another challenge lead was brought up to me right after that, so looks like some challenge leading is in my near future. Eeeeek! I feel more refreshed again (huge recent surge of creativity), since not leading Chick's Life since last Dec. So hopefully that creativity will stick around. We'll see how it all goes...

My nose piercing has me a bit stumped... It's been 3 months. I had a period of about 3 weeks where it seemed it had healed up really well, then last Wed. it swelled some, got red and a little infected. Took until around Sunday for it to get better. Now it's good again. Weird. It just makes me wonder if it will keep doing that indefinately??? They say 4-8 months for it to heal completely - knowing me and my puffer face, it will probally take me the whole 8 months - ROFL! I've really been looking forward to having the stud replaced with one that doesn't stick out the end of my nose next month, so hopefully that can still happen...

Steph (Digital Paper Tearing), Asher's mom, had Andrew on Sunday! He is just soo cute!!!! Click here to see him with Asher... Congratulations to their family!!!!

Well - off to bed! :)


All Digi

right now for sure!!!! For some reason I am in total scrapbook mode! Lots of new products, lots of ideas swirling in my head that are getting out on paper via the computer. I have alot that I haven't posted here, so here they are...

Oh - I just counted - there are 11 that I have done since July 5th! Click on the title to see the credits and the journaling...



Summer Sensations

I love this one! No Way!

Water Day

Ryan's Trains

Mini Golf

Brother through and through

These next two are using the new Backsplash's By Susan for SweetShoppeDesigns...

Nature's Beauty
Credits: Background paper "Sumsumsummertime"; "Backsplash-Hydrangea Swirls" (coming this Saturday!); tag & clip "Absolute Cirton" all by Susan Bartolini for ScrapKitchen Designs for SweetShoppeDesigns.com. Alpha "XL Felties Alpha" by E.M. Designs for TheDigChick.com. Photo frames (extracted from various photo clusters) by Nancy Comelab for TheLilyPad.com. "Date Stamps" by Amber Clegg for ScrapArtist.com. Font is DBMichellex premiere font by Darcy Bladwin for TheDigiChick.com.

And these two are from this month's Songbird Avenue kit!

How to keep cool...

Rockin' it Dude

There is a huge dust storm outside right now (at 10pm - WT???), so I'm signing off and unplugging my computer! Nite!



Heeby Jeebys!!!!

Before we went on vacation in June, Ryan noticed a hunk of honeycomb in our backyard under one of the trees. It didn't have any bees on it, we couldn't see any bees flying around or any in the tree. So we left it and forgot about it. Michael goes outside today to mow the lawn for the 1st time since we'd left, and Ryan see's that there is another chunk of honeycomb out there, this time it has bees on it!!!!! The older hunk now has a few on it too!!!! So Michael and I stand there and wonder just what to do. They seem really docile and you can walk right over to them. We go in and call an exterminator and he tells us to wait till dark and scoop it into a trash bag and throw it away! If he comes out - he's going to charge us alot of money. So - ok, we'll give it a try.

Then we realize Micheal won't be able to help tonight.

So that leaves me.


But I did it! It took alot of restarts on my part, but I got this large hunk (with more bees on it!!!) scooped into a bag, twisted shut and in the trash all by myself!!!! I then called hubby and said that was enough for me for tonight! We'll do the other set soon. I feel bad, for they look like honey bees and there seems to be something wrong with regular honey bees right now. But I couldn't find anyone bee keepers online that were close, just bee exterminators. They are in a black trash bag in a black trash barrel in the 110 Arizona heat. May they rest in peace (hopefully! I hope we don't open the trash barrel and are swarmed by bees!)...

Now here's hoping that there's not way more in the top of our trees where we can't see them!!!!


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