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Because she has sooooo much time on her hands! *insert sarcastic "Ha!" here* LOL!

Not really in the mood to do this right now either - but I have alot I want to pass on! I really want to go to bed and finish the book that I am in the last chapters of (I get where I just want to read and read until I reach the end, ya know?)(I even saw the movie that was on Lifetime of this one and still wanted to read it - LOL!)! Haven't really felt like scrapping the last couple weeks either. Just stressed a little and just mentally tired. I have Mother's Day presents to put together (Grammie in VT's are still sitting here undone). I have scrapping I should do - photos to proof, photos to put onto CD's, scrapping I want to do, not to mention house projects I'd like to do, but I just don't want to right now... Michael - So very proud of him!!!
He's very tired mentally and physically - and super stressed right now - but it will all even out soon.
His truck has gone wacky on us though. We said we would loan back the "Hooptee" (Old Geo Metro - that we bought for him to drive to work for gas mileage since he's not car pooling anymore) to the folks we bought it from since they were here for a visit and his truck decided to go locco. He has been working on it and stressing over it for over a week now and it's still not fixed. I haven't seen much of anything that he can't fix, so I'm very puzzled too. So we are down from 3 vehicles to one right now (what a horrible problem to have, I know!).

And the 1 vehicle, you ask?
Yes - we traded in our van for an 2007 Kia Sportage! This is not a photo of mine (stock photo - haven't had time oto take a photo of mine yet), but we got a Royal Jade green one with a biege interior. Had 7 miles on it when we drove off the lot (and alot more on it now!)! It was just time to downsize a bit. We got a 4 cylinder to get the better gas mileage on it too. I love it!!!!
Ryan - baseball has been going really well. They finally won their first game. He is nearing the end of the season though. He got to go to the bowling alley with Student Council last week and had a blast! This photo was taken at the Zoo, last weekend. They had a Sting Ray exhibit that we finally got to go see! He did actually lean down and touch one too! We went into the new monkey exhibit too for the 1st time. You go in and just walk though - they have these ropes up and the monkeys just go where they want!
Less than a minute after I took this photo - he jumped straight over my head!! I jumped! He was jumping onto a rope that was right over my head and I didn't see - pretty funny!
Little Dude has been talking up a storm lately - stringing more and more 2 word sentances together. He is starting (already - like within a month) to sing the ABC song with the MT! So very cute!!! I *know* he's totally going to know his ABC's by the end of summer. He has been approved for 2 hours of speech a week, which will start up in the summer, so more language is just going to explode. But, LOL, it adds to Mommy (and Daddy's) mental fatigue! Both of them talking away - Eeeeeee! He is starting to go to the p.o.t.t.y. without us having to be in there with him - which is a goal of mine to have him be doing full time by the start of school next year.

See it? The bottom layout? That says Sparklers???


That's mine!
Monday the 30th (the same day we picked out my new MommyMobile) I got my copy in the mail!!! Woot!!! It is such a cool feeling to see a page of mine published in a magazine! It was a personal goal of mine for this year to have that done and I'm soooo there! I love it! It's so cool to walk into WalMart and see it sitting there on the shelf and know that I have something in it! You can see the cover of it here, if you would like to look for it at your store! I'm on page 33! :)

Then - for more news!

I have 2 more pages that have been picked up for the Oct./Nov. issue of Simple Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking Magazine!!! Wait - yes - I did say 2!!!!! I jumped up and down again!!!!!! Found out the Wed. after I got the mag in the mail and my Sportage! It was a great week - LOL!!! (Of course - it did go downhill from there - of course!) I can't wait to see that issue too! :)

Credits: Folk Art Kit for Songbird Avenue by Jan Crowley, Meredith Fenwick and Kristie David, The Shabby Princess. Paper tear by Steph Krush for Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson.

This is the page that I did with the wonderful Folk Art charity kit from Songbird Avenue for this month. This month's guest designer is The Shabby Princess herself, Kristie David! And the charity for this month is The March of Dimes! They have raised quite a bit of money this month - so very cool!!! Credits: Absolute Citron Kit by Susan Bartolini for Sweet Shoppe Designs. Staple from Living Simply Kit by Susan Bartolini for ScrapKitchen. Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman, blog freebie. Date Stamps by Amber Clegg for ScrapArtist. Paper Tear by Steph Krush for Digital Paper Tearing.
This is the page I did with Susan's newest kit, Absolute Citron! That's right - she debuted as one of The Sweet Shoppe Design's newest designers last weekend! She is still keeping The Kitchen open, just will have new exclusive kits to SSD too!

I have started an album for Matthew's teacher. He's been in her room since he started - forever ago - 2 1/2 years ago. I have lots of photos that she's never even seen, so thought I better do an album for her. I'm using Heather's Get Smart QP Album and doing not much to it but adding photos. I'm already up to page 20, I think, and have more to do. Still haven't fingured out what I'm going to put it into yet. I saw a really cool "n.a.k.e.d." chipboard 6x6 album at Target that I'm thinking about so far.

My nose is doing so much better! I've been trying to once again (with Michael) eat better and get in better shape. Some days are good and some days aren't - but that's life! Michael and I got our night date for my birthday this last weekend. Mom kept the boys for us overnight. Sooooooo nice!!! We didn't have much time - from after Ry's BB game around 1:30pm Sat. until 7:30am Sunday morning. We shopped a little (Bath & Body, Yankee candles), ate at Outback, and had ColdStone Creamery ice cream. We were going to see a movie, but knew Michael would sleep through it. Went to Blockbuster and bought 4 of their movies for $20 instead. And yes, he fell asleep in the first 5 minutes and I wasn't long after him! LOL! We had a very nice time spent talking, which we don't get to do nearly enough anymore!

I got a really cool present from my brother for my birthday. He knows that I'm really thinking of presuing photography more and that I don't have a laptop, so he bought me this really cool digital photo frame. Then I can just preview the photos with it while I'm still on location! So cool and so very thoughtful! and he bought me a 1 GB card to go with it that I promtly put in my camera instead! LOL! I bought another one this week for $14, so now I will have 2 to shoot with for my camera. My 512's are now for the frame - LOL! I have it on our mantel right now - 'cause it's just too cool to leave in the box!

And now - I'm going to finish up and go read my book! LOL!


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