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It's all about me

I need to change my avatar now. Can you see it? Right there on my nose? It's my I-turned-40-but-I-don't-feel-40 celebration! There was a thread at DST a year ago about ideas for celebrating 40th birthdays. At the time I'd just turned 39 and was thinking of piercing my nose then. After thinking about it, I decided to save it to ring in my 40th year, which was yesterday! Michael took me on Thursday (he got off work early that night and had enough sleep by the time we took Matthew to school). This photo was about 2 hours after. Looks pretty good, huh? 24 hours later the swelling started and by last night it was apparent that it wasn't quite right. By this morning it was definite. I called when they opened at 11am, but Michael hadn't been asleep for very long, so I waited til he woke up. Kepp putting ice on it like was suggested on the phone. But it was imbedded in my swollen nose pretty well by the time I made it there. She had to yank it up and pull it out and then put a new one in.


It's a straight piece (like a really long earring) that they put a bend in before they put it in place. They never know who might be a "puffer", so the bend in the 1st one didn't leave enough room for the swelling when it occured. Which then caused more swelling. I didn't even have any ibprofren in the house to help with the swelling. So, once she changed the post to one with a longer bend after yanking out the old one, the pressure was relieved and it felt better (...like an hour later... after the ibprofren...) and now the swelling is going down as well. My left eye is really puffy too, so will be interesting to see if I get a black eye - LOL!

Birthday - I had a really nice one! I had a nice piercing/lunch out with my hubby on Thursday. The boys gave me "Night at the Museum", a holster bag for my camera and cupcakes, my parents took me & Matthew out for pizza for lunch (where they noticed my nose and silence insued for a minute - LOL!) and the mom of the baby that I took photos of took me to dinner last night and out shopping for a girls' night out (Michael was at work)! Very fun!

Scrapping - I've had 2 CT's morph into other things lately. One I can let out, but the other is a secret for a bit longer...
Jan Crowley has joined with the fabulous Meredith Fenwick to bring you Songbird Avenue, a charity scrapbooking extrodinare! (Yes - go click it - a giftie is waiting there for you with a sneaky peaky of what's to come!) It will go live on Tuesday and the proceeds from this 1st kit will benefit The March of Dimes.
I have 2 layouts in waiting for each of the above and one that I can post now

You can see credit's and read journaling here, if you'd like.

I have been honored to recieve the Thinking Blogger Award by AmyK! So honored! I have a few friends that I would bestow this on, but they have closed blogs, and there are others that I would pick, but they have already recieved this too. So, this will have to wait just a bit until I have some time to pick! LOL!

I was also tagged by Nikki!

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  1. The obvious for today - I'm a puffer! Who knew?

  2. I hate to not have my toe nails painted. I will take the old off and the new will go right back on. I can handle none on my fingers now, but not on my toes.

  3. My hair got a little curlier after being pregnant.

  4. I was on the flag corp in high school.

  5. I worked at Wendy's during the "Where's the Beef" era! (LMAO!)

  6. I have puppy fever right now, but I don't want a dog - LOL! At Ry's BB games, there are so many puppies being brought to the games! Soooo cute!!! But I want to play with them, snuggle them and then let someone else take them home to clean up after - LOL!

  7. My BF and I have the telekinetic thing that we do. One of us, or both, will be thinking of the other and we will end up with one of us calling the other within days of when we starting thinking of each other. Get that? Kinda freaky, huh?

I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged with this one either, so I'm copping out! If you haven't been tagged, consider yourself so and give me a linky to your 7!

K... I'm going to bed! Early for me, but with my face, I want extra rest! Have a good one! :)


It's all about the layouts...

'Cause I have just a few, LOL! These have been done over the last month or so, so don't feel like I went on a tear or something - Ha!
I'm just going to give a link at the bottom of each - so if you want to know the credits or read the journaling, please click there! :) Hoppy Easter

Bloom & Grow

Guess Who's 5

Caution: boy at play

In the Last 330 Days


phoenix zoo

Easter Eggs 2007

The Next 40 Years



do I always feel so overwhelmed with this blog when I can't get to it to update it? Is everyone else that way too? Ryan - Baseball is going fairly well! It's a big commitment - 1 practice and around 2 games a week so far, but he is having fun! He is doing really well in school too! He was upset this week - for he took in a soccer ball to school. The kids accidentally kicked it over a fence. When they came back out to the next recess - he sees a teacher holding his ball. Come to find out - some kids had once again scribbled out his name and put theirs on it! This happened to him last year also!!! The teacher is doing her best (I talked to her today) to figure out who did it and then she's going to get the ball back to him! He is such a goofy boy - LOL! Getting more and more a mix of little and big - growing up so very much! And such a chatterbox lately too! LOL! Not that it's really gone away, just seems to have kicked it into high gear again!
Matthew - he is just in love with Diego lately (here with the Lego Diego set that the Easter Bunny brought him)! Fun! His MET/IEP meeting at our home school went really well! Yay!!! He will be in the Early Learners class that we wanted, with a one-on-one aide there to help him!!! YAY! Michael and I both felt that Matthew impressed the Kindergarten teacher that was there at the meeting with the work that they showed her and the fab write up that his teacher wrote! I'm sure there will still be bumps in the road with it all, but I feel so much better about it all! :) He is just amazing right now - changing, growing and evolving! Very nice!

Michael - He is going into something that makes me very, very proud of him!!! I can't say anything else right now, but it's really cool! Work is still going very well...

Me - My 40th is right around the corner now. I went through a freak out period last year after my birthday, then about half way through - suddenly it wasn't a big deal anymore. Now - I'm just excited that my birthday is coming up soon! I am going to get my nose pierced in celebration of the occasion - yes - I really am! No huge stud or ring or anything, just a nice small little something! There was this thread last year at DST - asking about ways to celebrate your 40th (back when I was freaking out about it - LOL!) and that made me wait till now (I was thinking about getting it done back then). So - soon! My next dilemma is when I can get it done and whom I'm taking with me! I kind want to have photos taken during and after and Michael doesn't "do" needles. I have to grilfriends that offered to take me, so not sure what I'll do!
We have had several busy weeks. Last weekend was the SDSA Easter Egg Hunt (the one I was in charge of last year). It was really fun and we had a great time!

Right after that - we went over to the home of the baby that I took photos of recently. Anther couple and their kids came over too and we had a very nice BBQ and talked ALOT and the kids colored eggs. VERY nice time! :) So very nice to be with other couples that we like and get along with! And not to mention that the kids all get along well too!
Isn't she a cutie??? I loved how this photo turned out! :)

The day before that - Good Friday - we met the couple that have 2 kids and went quading. They have a kid quad and an adult quad - we have Matthew's new John Deere Gator that he got for his birthday and Ryan's GoKart! Yes - 2 new toys for our motor head boys! LOL! We had a ton of fun for those few hours!
The gator on the day of his birthday! It really did amazingly well out there in the desert. He even had a passenger most of the time too (the little cutie above)! He did nose dive it in a ravine one time - scared me a bit - but he was upset 'cause he was stuck! Luckily he had his seatbelt on! Here's the pink mobile - LOL! We bought it used and the previous owner was (obviously) a girl. We have searched without luck for orange (Home Depot - go Tony!) pool floaties to replace the pink. Hopefully soon. Ryan and the son of our friends took this out and they got to going quite fast and were giggling like crazy - pretty funny! It was bouncing them all over...
This was actually in a dirt lot right by their house! gorgeous view - huh?

Today was the Carnival at Ryan's school. I am sunburned - H-O-T hot! We've really lucked out with the weather the last few weekends - pretty nice tempatures each time! It's always a great day when it's still in the 80's and it's mid-April! Will probally come back to bite us in the butt soon, though! LOL! The carnival was very nice and lots of fun! Ryan had a game at the same time it started, so we took Matthew to Grandma's so that I could help set up and run the games at the beginning. Everything went really well, but then one by one, the parents didn't show up to relieve me at their alloted times! I was running the obstacle course and the soccer kick by myself and got a little freaked out by it, I'm ashamed to say! LOL! They got me some helpers right when Michael and Ry showed up - so then we got to go have fun! Poor Michael had only had 3 hours of sleep - so after a bit I sent him home to get a nap before work again tonight. Ryan and I stayed - he did lots of the bouncys and I tried to help out cleaning up the school grounds of all the trash people (probally the kids) had left there. Then we helped tear down the tables and stuff too.
I made cupcakes last night (2 boxes worth) and took them for the cake walk. Ended up coming home with alot of them too - LOL! People apparently just didn't want to do the cupcake walk - oh well!
Matthew had a (scaled down version rom 2 years ago) Circus Day at school. I got the honor of coming in that day to help paint faces on the kiddos and take photos! Very fun! I was very impressed that dude let me put all this on his face with a little brush! I wasn't sure that he was going to let me... They even let me dress up in my (very) old clown costume - from High School - LOL!

I've been reading quite a bit lately. I finished The Outlander series (that she has published right now - there are more in the works supposedly) - Oh So Good!!! Can't wait for the rest. Then read Nora Roberts book. It was really good too.After that - I finally used some of the GC I recieved from my brother for Christmas and purchased The Memory Keepers Daughter. Read it in about 3 nights. Cried through the 1st half of it. So very much of that part just struck a core with me. I want to write a whole post on this, so will save it for now. LOVED it though and am now telling everyone I know to read it. I forgot to look for a new book at the library today when we went, so am searching here at home through the ones I haven't read to see what will be next.

And - check it out! Woodbine House has Gifts up for presale - and on sale no less! How very cool is that!?! I will have another full post on that soon too!

Well - I think that's it! You are (maybe) caught up other than all the pages I've done lately. but that will have to wait until another post also! I've off to pick a book and read a bit before I crash into sleep! Matthew didn't sleep well last night - woke up twice and ended up in bed with me, which meant I didn't sleep well either! :)


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