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My name is Matthew...

Credits: "My Funky Studio Mega Kit" by Gina Cabrera for Digital Design Essentials. "Hello" tag by Jackie Eckles for Designer Digitals Ad Challenge Freebie. "Date Stamps" by Amber Clegg for ScrapArtist. Font is DB Michelle Exclusive by Darcy Baldwin for Blue Flombingo.
Journaling reads: I am a sweet, loving little 5-year-old boy. I have Down syndrome. Please do not underestimate me because of it. For you see, I may have Down syndrome, but it doesn’t have me! I am an amazing little person, if you would just take the time to get to know me. For just like anyone else - I learn, I grow, I laugh, I love, I get upset, I feel, I remember, I get mad, I hear, I live...… I can do anything, become anything that I want to, for you see - my parents believe in me. They fully expect me to drive, to have girlfriends, to go to college, to live on my own, to live my life to the fullest! And you know what? Because they believe in me, I believe it too! It may take me a little longer to achieve my goal. It may take a little more help to get there, but get there I can! I can with the help and belief of those around me - my family, my friends, my therapists, my teachers. I can with a little help from strangers too. Those that will take the time to look at me. To really look at me. To look into my eyes and see the potential that is lying in there. The potential that my parents see. The potential that they will fight tooth and nail to help reach it’s fullest. And I will get there, you’ll see. So, please don’t underestimate me. For I have Down syndrome, but it doesn’t have me!
To say that I am a little nervous about Matthew's transition from the sheltered world of the preschool he has been in for the last 2.5 years to Kindergarten next year, is probally an understatement. We have the 1st transition meeting at our home school (YAY!) next Monday. I am aprehensive about it all - are we making the right choice for him? Is he going to flourish as he has? Are parents/students/teachers going to really embrace him or is it going to just be a nice to our face thing? There's no way of knowing unless we push forward and move on. I've worried so much about so many things in the past and they have all turned out all right, so I'm just trusting that this will too...

I have much more, but no time. Just wanted to share this one for today.


Guess what I did today...

I photographed this little cutie!

He is the new (somewhere around 2-3 week old) son of friends of ours. I took close to 200 photos and had a blast! Mom was game for any of my ideas and I was so glad that she (and he) let me play!

I quickly edited these few and put them in an album here if you'd like to see them! :)

This is a cactus bloom in front of my parents home! Gorgeous, huh? See the bee????

I'll try to be back later - lots of photos... have done 4 layouts, but right now I want to scrap more!!! :)


I wasn't dreaming...

I got a check in the mail on Wednesday. It's real. I'm to be published! Yipeeee!!!



Today is World Down Syndrome Day as earmarked by Down Syndrome International! Today’s date, 3/21, is significant because people with Down syndrome have 3 genes at the 21st chromosome. For this reason, Down syndrome is also referred to as Trisomy-21. If you'd like to learn more about DS, please go here!
We will be wearing our DS bracelets, shirts and a special pin today! Will be taking photos, of course! :)

We have had company all last week for Spring Break! Michael's parents and our neice (his sister's daughter) from VT. They even got snowed in here on Friday with that storm. It was close to 100 here, so we were oblivious it was coming!!! I have tons of photos, of course, but no time. Am really busy trying to get everything back caught up!!! Will try to be back with more later!!!


Busy Week...

Yeppers, it sure is. Monday Ry had baseball practice. Tuesday Matthew had a field trip to the Southwest Museum and I went with him. Then we had a Town Meeting at Ryan's school, followed by a Carnival commitee meeting for me. Wednesday I went to work and Michael went to work when I got home. Today Ryan and I went on his Field Trip to the Phoenix Zoo. As soon as we got back to the school, we picked Michael up (who had a total of about 3 hours sleep maybe at that point) and went to Matthew's school in time for his Birthday Party. Came home for a bit, then Michael went to work and the 3 of us went to Ryan's baseball practice. Weeeshu. Throw in therapists, laundry and everything else, and what a week!

Squirrels may be unremarkable to most people, but we don't have them here. Throw in the fact that this little guy walked right up to my feet - and it is amazing!
Wallaby's - so cute!

I was sooooooo glad we stopped to go see the Orangutan's This little baby was the cutest thing ever!!!! And his daddy was just posing to end all. Really made you wonder just what he was thinking...

Meekats - Ryan's new favorite animal! He loves to watch Meekat Mansion on Discovery...

All in all it was a good trip! I had one little wanderer than we had to keep calling back to the group, but on the whole they were really good. Add in the fact that it was something like 87 degrees here today, and they were all a little tired by 12:30. LOL! I took 169 photos (lot of which I love how they turned out!) and Ryan had our little Nikon and took 97 photos! So lots of photos!

This little dude
turns 5 years old tomorrow. He has been gearing up for his birthday all week - counting down the days until today when he could bring cupcakes into his room to share with his friends. So. very. stinkin'. cute! Totally knew what to do - hoped right up on the chair put the birthday hat on, reached up to push the candle on top to make it sing "Happy Birthday" to him and grinned to no end!!!!

After their snack - they all put on their stegosaurus hats and ran through the room for a minute!

Then he got to help with the "volcano"!
Then we came home and he had a card waiting for him in the mail from Grammie & Grandpy!Whom speaking of...

It's Spring Break here next week. Grammie and Grandpy are flying in bringing a surprise for Ryan and Matthew... their cousin Reba!!!!

So we are going to be busy again next week - all week - I'm sure! LOL! We are pretty sure that they are going to make it on the plane tomorrow and pretty sure we'll be able to get them back on a plane towards the end of the week, so that Reba can make it home for her own birthday that weekend! The boys know that Grammie and Grandpy are going to be coming - probally - but don't know about Reba! We are going to try to take in a Spring Training Baseball Game and lord knows what else we will get to doing...
I have to get some grocery shopping done, do laundry and get the house in semi-order tomorrow (while Michael is sleeping - should be interesting!).

Well - I'll leave you with the 2 pages I've gotten done this week. I haven't even posted them in the galleries yet - been too busy!

Credits: "Wild Rumpus" kit by Andrea Burns for The DigiChick Boutique. "Folded Corners 1" by Karah Fredricks for The DigiChick Boutique. Date stamp "Vintage Photo Frames" by Andrea Burns for The DigiChick Boutique. Tag (altered with paper from "Wild Rumpus") "Morning Glory" Kit by Andrea Burns for The DigiChick Boutique. Photo frames - various clusters used - Nancy Comelab for My Digital Muse. Paper tear - Steph Krush for Digital Paper Tearing. Exclusive font is DB MICHELLEx by Darcy Baldwin for Blue Flombingo.
Journaling reads: We have been working with you forever it seems, to blow bubbles. You mastered blowing bubbles through a straw last year this time, but holding a wand had elluded you. Now, on the eve of your 5th birthday, you have it down pat! And boy, when you decided to do it- you decided to do it well! Good job, buddy! We’re so proud of you!

Sketch Template Week 28 by Rachael Giallango for The DigiChick.Credits: "All Things New" limited time collaberation kit by The DigiChick Designers available at The DigiChick Boutique."Date Stamps" by Amber Clegg for ScrapArtist. Font is DB Michelle exclusive font by Darcy Baldwin for Blue Flambingo.
Journaling reads: The Barnes & Noble right down the street sponsored a Down Syndrome Awareness night for SDSA. We went & enjoyed all the activities they had for you to do! They had story time - reading “We’ll Paint the Octopus Red”, had octopuses for you to color, balloons to decorate, & speakers to listen to. Of course, we were on the opposite side of everything that happened, ha! But what’s important is that you both had a good time!

Well - I'm off to shower! I am very sticky from the day and now that's it's 11pm - I think it's a good time to go to bed too - LOL!

Oh yeah - one more thing... we get on the bus and the bus driver looks at Ryan's Buddy Walk shirt and makes a comment! Her 16 y/o daughter has DS! We just keep running into new friends at every turn! Soooooo fun!


Coming soon...

to a scrapbook page near you...

He's finally learned how to blow bubbles, just in time for him to blow the candles out on his birthday cake next week! Soooo very proud of him! Just look at the perfectly pursed mouth!!! His ST is sooooooo proud too!!!
He needs to be a little less messy though - huh, LOL!!!



I had this post done. Done I tell ya, and Blogger ate it again. *sigh*

So - The DigiChick Designers have created this fabulous kit that is FREE with purchase of $10 or more at The DigiChick Boutique! Fab-u-lous stuff in there, I tell ya! Go check it out!

This is the fun thing that I had done last week! I had a font of my handwriting made by Darcy of Blue Flombingo! So very fun! I paid to have an exclusive print font done for I thought it would be weird to see my writing on other's pages (this coming from someone who uses someone else's handwrinting on almost all her pages... LOL)! It's really kinda freaky to see my handwriting all typed out, but I can't wait to use it on my pages! And I really want to have more done! I have a free fontmaker around here somewhere, so I may break that out, 'cause I can't afford to buy anymore! LOL! But that was my Valentine's/Anniversary treat to myself, and I'm glad I did it! :)
We did get to attend the Barnes & Noble Down Syndrome Event here at our B&N right down the street on Tuesday night. We had a great family night there! I say that because, true to how it goes with our family, we were on one side of the store and everyone else was on the other side - LOL! They had story time - reading "We'll Paint the Octopus Red" (we have this book), pages for the kids to paint/color, balloons to decorate, and speakers. We did get to see a few of the families that were there and it was quite a nice little evening! Here are some photos. The lighting and my camera didn't get along, but here they are...

Another cool thing is going on too! I finally recieved my Gift's Book back in Dec., just in time for Christmas! (yay!) I was a little disappointed in the quality of the books. Well - come to find out - so was everyone else. So Woodbine House has taken over the publishing of it and it is up on their site for pre-orders with a release guesstament of July! I have purchase many, many books published by them and knew their name instantly! So glad that they are now in charge of the printing of it. So proud to be a part of this!!!
Simple Scrapbooks Digital Magazine's 1st issue has gone to print! There have been a few sightings already and I am eagerly awaiting my issue in the mail! My page will be in the next issue, so if this issue is on it's way, that means "my" issue is next!!! YAY! Can't wait!!!! I sent in some stuff for the next issue after that last night, so we'll see if I get anything picked up. Probally not, but we'll see.

Well - I'm off! Michael is sleeping. He didn't get home til 7:45 am ish, so will sleep until Ry comes home from school. I have to go pick up my wedding band today. I looked down right before our anniversary, and one prong was standing straight up. Took it off and took it in to be repaired - LOL! Took it in on the Sunday the 18th. Called on the Sat. the 24th, when it was supposed to be done and she said, "Sorry, it's never left the store." Whaaaatttttt?????? Small snaffu by a part time clerk and it was in the wrong place. So it sat there for a week, unworked on. Lovely. They called last night and said it was done, so I'll go there today. The Borders Store is there too, so will probally browse the books some too. Later gators!


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