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Fly by Layout Posting...

I realized I have a new crop that I haven't shown here yet, so tonight's the night.

Credits: "Fluers de Soiree" Kit by Susan Bartolini at ScrapKitchen. Photo frames (large one stretched) by Nancy Comelab at My Digital Muse. Digital Paper Tears by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson. See it here.
Journaling reads: You have had a thing for trains pretty much since you were born, much to Grandpa’s delight! Grandpa is in the middle of making you this train track. You are just in love with it and want to go to their house any chance you get to play with it! You got a good chance on Thanksgiving and were able to play with it for hours!!!
You are en-train-ced!!!
Credits: "Little Casanova" Kit by Kimberly Giarusso at The DigiChick Boutique. Beaded Alpha "Just the Basics-Beaded Letters" by Kimberly Giarusso at The DigiChick Boutique. Photo frames "Feb. Grab Bag" (only used half) by Nancy Comelab at My Digital Muse. Date Stamp "Vintage Photo Frames" by Andrea Burns at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson. See it here.
Journaling reads: 12 years today, we were married in Texas. Little did we know what all would be in store for us. A year apart with both of us in different countries should have been our 1st clue that our live together takes a slightly different path sometimes. Things ebb and flow between sheer happiness and times of stress. But that is life and I would have no other life than one with you by my side...

Template used by Rachael Giallongo for The Sketch Challenge week 25 at The DigiChick. Credits: "Summer Wishes" kit by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique; date stamps "Day Planner" kit, by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson. See it here.

Journaling reads: We keep having such interesting weather this winter. It will be quite cool (we even had a couple days of hard freeze!) and within a few days, it will be back up in the 70’s. Then another storm will come in and it will drop back down again. This was one of the nice days and you were both able to play out front. Warm enough to get out a bucket of water to play with!

Credits: "Illuminaire" kit by Andrea Burns and Kimberly Giarusso at The DigiChick Boutique. Photo frame and date stamp "Vintage Photo Frames" kit by Andrea Burns at The DigiChick Boutique. Fastener from "Autumn Days" kit by Vera Lim at The DigiChick Boutique. Staple from "Downtown Unique" kit by Andrea Burns at The DigiChick Boutique. String of flowers from "Things on Strings" by Natalie Braxton at My Funky Playground. Photo action "Fashion Glow- beautiful" by Michelle Pearson at Xpression by Michelle. Paper tears by Steph Krush at Digital Paper tearing. Font is Jenn Olson & Pea Jessica (title). See it here.

Journaling reads: I believe in love.I believe in angels.I believe in the possibility.I believe some things are meant to be.I believe a little boy’s love when he comes homewith a cluster of flowers off a tree at school.I believe in Santa.I believe in eyelash & 1st star I see tonight wishes.I believe in ever after.I believe in miracles.I believe in prayer.I believe in the answer to prayers.I believe in all things happen for a reason.I believe you were meant to be mine.Yes, I believe...

Credits: Patterned paper for arrow & spots, alpha "Let's Hear it For the Boys" by Tamara Burwick at The DigiChick Boutique. Kraft paper "Freestyle Paper Pack" by Kimberly Giarrusso at The DigiChick Boutique. Cardboard "Freestyle Element Pack" by Kimberly Giarrusso at The DigiChick Boutique. Film strip "Fall Velvet" DST Member's Kit by Holly McCaig. Duct tape "Downtown unique" by Andrea Burns at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tears by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Inked Edge Action by Atomic Cupcake. Fonts are Jenn Olson & DSP Pollyanna (title).

Journaling reads: Leave it to you - my dear, sweet Matthew - to get something like this! :) You came down with croup on Friday night and on Tuesday morning, you had broken out in spots! By Wednesday, you were covered. A trip back to the doctor’s to learn you had hives from an allergic reaction to the strain of the croup virus you had. As aweful as they looked, at least they didn’t bother you at all! And thankfully they are now disappearing a few days later...

Michael had to fly Orange County tonight to fix an airplane. They called this afternoon and I answered the phone, wondering wny his work was calling - LOL! The crew that was sent to fix the plane has been there since Wed. and can't get it fixed. More than likely, Michael will have it fixed and on it's way home by morning. At least, I sure hope so!!! ;) This was his last day of work this week, so now he'll probally be late. At least he'll have overtime! :)

Matthew's spots are slowly disappearing. He got 3 rounds of the Benadryl before he started throwing it up on Wed. night. Yep - he lost it 3 times that night. Poor guy. He was slightly aggressive and such on Thursday, which did make me wonder, Steph! Today he's been good so far, except he woke up alot last night, looking for me. See, I've gotten in the habit of laying down with him to get him to sleep or bringing him to bed with me when he woke up, so now we have to wean him back off that again, so he'll sleep through the night again. yay.

I sent my stuff off today to have my own personal font made. I've wanted one for years now. I have been using Jenn's (she's bloggin again, BTW!) ever since she gave it to me just over a year ago (?)! But I want my own writing on my pages to my boys. Can't wait to see it!

Matthew was invited to a birthday party tomorrow. It's his very 1st offical one, so kinda cute! One of the sweet little girls from his class. She's been in his class since the beginning and I know her mom, so it should be fun. Hopefully everything will pan out, so we can attend.

We are going to try to attend a special event at Barnes & Noble on Tuesday night. We missed the one that was last Sat., since Matthew had just come down with croup the night before. So hopefully we will make it to this one. The CEO of B&N has a daughter with the special little something extra of down syndrome and he's been holding an event at each B&N store. The one on Tues. is right down the street from us! Pete Townshend of The Who even went to one of the events (scroll down to the "Going Up with Down" post from Feb. 19th)! Cool, huh?

Well - it's bed time for me! Have a great weekend!!! :)

I meant to explain a little about where the I believe page came from, and I forgot - LOL! I had planned on doing a page with the flowers and how Ryan had brought them to me, but after watching Grey's Anatomy this week, when they recapped last week, and Izzie goes into her "I believe" tirade with George when Meredith is dying, it triggered the journaling for me. Kinda funny, kinda fun, totally from the heart.



came down with croup on Friday night. Straight to the doctor on Saturday morning and got a steriod shot. His breathing was pretty bad on Friday night and it get's progressively worse for the next 2 nights, so I was glad for the shot and that it went to more of a snot thing Sat. night through Sun morning. He seems to be running a bit of a fever on Sunday, so Michael & I only went to dinner at Outback and then picked the boys up from my mom's and came home. By Monday at around 10am, he had broken out in a rash. I had recently changed up our laundry stuff, so we chalked it up to that. By noon, we were a little more worried and called to get a doc appointment, but all 4 offices were booked. He seemed to be fine. The fever was gone and he was playing like normal and not ichy. This morning (after rewashing the bedcovers and all his pj's), it was worse. Way worse - spread to his face and hair and everywhere on his body. I called at 8am. They had an appointment at 8:30 (it's at least 20 minutes to that office). I quicked brush my teeth, get clothes on myself and him and we go to the doc. Traffic sucked, as usual, but we made it.
He has hives. Thankfully that's it. Not contagious. But boy does he have them bad. It's apparently a reaction to the croup virus in his system. Trust Matthew to get something I've never seen before - LOL! Benadryl is the answer, but then came our next questions. He does not like to take things and will usually throw whatever oral medicine right back up. There is no benadryl shot and a steriod one is the next thing. Since he had the steriod shot on Sat., he probally would have been worse. But we couldn't give him another one since he'd just had one. Thankfully, they make Benadryl in the fast melt strips. We were able to get one in him (he still fought us) and a couple hours later, the rash is lighter in color already. Thank God! He looks a mess though!!!! See...

He's covered from head to toe. Lovely. My poor little sweetie! :)



Here we go. I've had running blog commentary in my head all morning, but darn if I can remember it now - ROFL!
And yeah - it's a long one!

Matthew - I went and enrolled him for Kindergarten on Wed. We enrolled him at our home school were Ryan is going. I asked to talk to the principal. We sat down, I said like 3 sentances and started to cry (of course). Not huge sobs, but quiet tears leaking out of my eyes can't talk nicely crying. Ugh. Great 1st impression, huh? So stressed about all this. So - the meeting ended up going really well - which is just awesome!!! The principal actually has 12 (or 15?) years experience being a Special Ed Teacher. His philosophy sounds like it parallels ours, so hopefully all will be good. He wants me to call the lady that is heading up the evaluation process and have her call him, so the school can be in on all the planning. I'm still really nervous about it all. I just keep thinking the other shoe is going to drop.

He is having a blast playing with Ryan's GEO Trax set, as you can see in the photo.

My computer - I was, what?, 2 weeks with it acting screwy. Windows Explorer would shit down when I opened certain folders. If I tried to open those folders in PS - it would shut PS down. I was getting no scrapping done!!! Ugh! Wed. night I completely un-installed PS (I did this a couple weeks ago too) and then completely re-installed it. Wheee Shu!!! It fixed it. I think it had something to do with the scratch disk in PS messing things up. Not that I understand any of it, but it's fixed! :)

Of course, now my mojo has fled. I did start a layout with Susan's new kit last night and need to finish it today.

Simple Scrapbooks Digi has a new call out, so I need to get my butt in gear and submit again. The 1st issue is supposed to be on it's way next week! I can't wait to get it! My layout won't be until the next issue, but at least then it will be a step closer!!!

I'm still totally back and forth with my camera. I really want to upgrade to the xti. My brother made a point that I could get a new lense instead. And that's a good point! But I just can't decide.

Speaking of my camera, I got my Blurb book in the mail last week! So fun! Matthew is LOVING it! He looks at it daily! It's very nicely done! I didn't go through and PS all the photos, so some are a little dark and could have been better, but oh well!

The title page.

Some of the inside pages.

So - Grey's Anatomy... Oh My Gosh!!!!! And that doesn't even cover it! These last 2 episodes are just amazing and I just CAN NOT WAIT until next week's episode!!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!! LOST is leaving me, well, a little lost. Just not quite as great right now, but Grey's! Oh man! and I am still loving Brother's and Sister's too! I totally laugh every week with that show! :)

Valentine's Day - well yeah. Michael and I did get to go to Applebee's for lunch alone on Tuesday, so that was our celebration. We are just too stressed right now with his new hours and not seeing each other and are taking each other for granted way too much. I told him not to get me anything for V-day for he had gotten me way too much at Christmas. He was alluding to getting me something all last week and said he had something in mind. But then nothing. He even went to WalMart on Wed. morning and came home with just the toliet paper that we went after. Now once apon a time - he would have totally ignored my statement and gotten me something, but this is now. To be fair - I totally got him nothing either. We have even gottten away from cards lately. We did go shopping last weekend and he picked out a new set of golf clubs. He did put his birthday money from his parents towards it, so it kinda doesn't count. But it is something. He didn't really get anything from us for his birthday and now it's Valentine's Day and our Anniversary is this weekend. So I decided to go find him some golf shoes, since he doesn't have any. I found some yesterday - they were really inexpensive, but it's something, right?

Yes - our 12th Anniversary is tomorrow! Of course, he has to work. I did figure out that with the boys being out of school on Monday, that Mom could maybe watch them on Sunday night, so that's what we are going to do. She is going to keep them overnight and we have a date 24 hours or so! Yeah! So I will do my very best to not take him for granted this weekend and really have an awesome time with just him! He really is the very best and he deserves that...

His new shift is going better. It's still stressful, but it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thankfully!

I did switch over to the new blogger and as far as I can tell - everything seems to be the same. Do you notice anything funky???? At least it's uploading photos now too...
I went to a friend's baby shower a few weeks back. She's having a boy and he's due on Matthew's birthday - Fun! I got this nice shot! Hey - the pose worked the 1st time, huh? So why not another? She has e-mailed me and asked for me to shoot the baby when he is born - so I can't wait! :)

I know that I never showed my shot of the snow here in AZ. This 2 weeks before Superbowl, whenever that was! This is - what - 30 minutes from our house? I went to the overpass down the road and used my zoom lense. Some turned out ok - they need to be crisped up in PS, but then you'd never see them - LOL!

Pretty, huh? It was COLD that day!

Ryan is gearing up for baseball. We signed him up, but practice doesn't start until next month sometime. Hopefully they will have the practices during a time when Michael can go with him.

Peanut Butter recall - Yeah - 2 jars of it here! 1 crunchy for me and 1 smooth for the boys. The boys have been eating theirs for over 2 weeks now with no side effects. I'm the only one that eats the crunchy and I was worried yesterday for a bit. I had a bout this week (one time) of some yuckiness and worried yesterday. I even called up my biologist BF and asked questions. But nothing else has come of it and I think I was just a bit hypocondriack (yeah - so not the right spelling! - LOL!) feeling yesterday. But both jars are going in for a refund TODAY and I went and got some Jiff yesterday. We can't go a day without PB around here...

Ok - that's all I can remember right now - so off I go! :)



Blog look at any rate.
New blog header courtesy of Dani this month! Thank Dani - so cute and soooooo very easy! I need easy this month! :)
So behind feeling yet again. Spent all and any free time last week working on the computer. One night - PS flaked out on me and spent 2.5 hours getting it back. The next 2 nights spent de-bugging the computer, since it was still acting funny. The next day was spent making a Blurb photo book - the cost? $8.95 for the shipping! Great coupon code (already expired though...)! I got notice that it shipped today, so can't wait to see it! :) I really want to make a blog book - of all my posts (yeah - I know there have not been too many lately - LOL!), but they don't have blogger added to their list yet. They say it's coming...
All my free time is spent at school lately. The library assistant at Ryan's school is out on medical leave, so I am at the library on Monday afternoons. It was my third week and I still have a couple more. Fun though! Matthew's teacher lost her Teacher's assistant... again. So I have been helping out there 1 day a week for the last, what?, 3 weeks? And Ryan's teacher needed me for 2 of the last 3 weeks too. So, pretty much Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday during the time Matthew is at school, I was at one school. Wed. is my at work day and that just leaves Friday (which is usually spent at WalMart buying supplies...). Nice. No "date" afternoons for Michael and me lately. Although, I did get my hair cut - finally - last Thursday!
And on top of that volunteering - I am on the Carnival commitee for Ryan's school. So - lots more to do! :)
We are beginning the evaluations for Matthew for Kindergarten next year. So hard to know what to do. Registration is next week for our home school - where Ryan goes. It's where we have wanted Matthew all along. I want to be able to really delve in at one school - not feel torn between helping 2 schools. I also want to actually work at the school where they both are. They usually are always looking for Teacher's assistants. And I have actually thought about seeing about being an aide for an individual student. Which brings me back... We are hoping to enroll him at our home school, but is that where they are going to recommend putting him???? Is the school going to balk at him coming there??? (I don't really think so - but I worry - endlessly) Is a Kindergarten class best for him??? Michael & I are really wanting to recommend that he goes to the Early Learners program (the kids that turn 5 between Sept. & Dec of this year) and then on to Kindergarten next year. Give him a transition to 5 days/half days and then onto 5 days/full days. But is that what's best for him???? We think so, but again - I worry.... endlessly. I worried about it all so when he started school at the tender age of 2 years and what - 10 months? And now we are transitioning again - and I am worried all over again. We have had such good experiences so far and I worry that that will change now too. *sigh*
Ryan is doing good. We are getting alot of "attitude" from him lately. Not good. Doesn't want to take a shower - doesn't want to do his homework - just wants to do what he wants, when he wants. Then he'll get in trouble and will be as good as gold for a day or two. Is it pre-teens already???? Or what?
So - Valentine's Day is next week and along with that is our 12th Anniversary on Saturday. Of course, Michael has his long week that weekend and will work on Sat. night. Bummer. I was really hoping we could get away again. But it's just not going to happen. Mom could maybe watch the boys this coming weekend over one night, but it's probally just not going to happen right now. And then the next chance won't be until early March probally. Again - *sigh* But then again, I shouldn't b*tch - alot of people aren't lucky enough to have parents around that volunteer to take their grandkids for the weekend!
Well - no photos again, apparently. I think they are really pushing people to switch over. I wa all ready to do it last Wed. and then I had the PS problems. I am totally behind on all the cute digi CT things I have to play with too. But I have had no computer time to play!
I watched LOST tonight... nice that it's back on again. I miss Brothers & Sisters, so glad it will be back on this weekend. Grey's - could it get any better?????
Well - It's 11:15pm and I think I'm to bed! See ya!


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