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Santa Barbara Photos...

Well - I figured out a way to upload stuff through Picasa. So far, so good. I created an albumn that you can view the best of the Santa Barbara photos, so just click below! Let me know if it doesn't work! :)

Santa Barbara Album

I didn't do anything to any of these in PS. Kinda proud of that, actually! There's a few that I would do a few things to, but for the most part - they look pretty good! ;)

Well - I updated quite a bit since last night, so just keep reading posts until you see something you've seen already! :)


Santa Barbara page

My brother took this photo of us on a pier in Santa Barbara, the last day we were there. It thought it turned out really well! :)
Just You & I
Based on sketch - Sketch Challenge 23 by Rachael Giallongo at The DigiChick.Credits:"Ties & Trousers" by Laura Alpuche at The DigiChick Boutique. Photo frame "Vintage Photo Frames" by Andrea Burns at The DigiChick Boutique. "Date Stamps" by Amber Clegg at ScrapArtist. Paper tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper tearing. Photo action "Color Pop 3" by Michelle Pearson at Xpressions by Michelle. Font is Jenn Olson & LB Sharpy.

Michael & I got to go to Santa Barbara a couple weekends ago - just the two of us! :)Journaling reads: We tired to think of a way to celebrate your 40th birthday with a trip away. We decided to go to Santa Barbara - a visit to my brother for your birthday! Ha! You had to drive to Flagstaff (in the snow) to fix a plane the night before, so we worried that you wouldn’t make it back in time to go. But you did and away we went!I think we both forget sometimes, just how very much we need these little getaways together. How very much they refresh our bodies, minds and souls! We love those little munchkins of ours so very much, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the beginning and just focus on the way it began - with just the 2 of us! Just you & I...

I will attempt to upload some photos from there that I took and some of the snow here near Phoenix shortly!


Meeting Chicks

Friday the 19th, I got to meet Kimberly Giarusso (KimberlyG) and Jacque Larsen (crazygirl) from The DigiChick Staff. OMGod, did we have fun! Jacque came to visit Kim and she flew here into Phoenix. We met at the Claim Jumper restaurant at 4pm. About 9:15, we figured out what time it was - ROFL! They were supposed to have been on the road by 8pm and my boys were supposed to be in bed at 8pm (they were at Grandma's!)!!!! We had eaten when we got there and when we finished, we just kept right on chatting. They never shoed us out or shot us dirty looks - LOL! We knew people around us were finishing up and new ones coming and going, but we just kept on talking! We checked the time at around 6pm and then didn't look at it again. Kim used to live here in the Valley, so it's such a bummer that she doesn't anymore! I really enjoy meeting online friends and these girls were no exception! I had a blast!!!! Now come here to visit again - you two!


maybe the last of them???

If blogger will co-operate!

Nine Things
Credits: Nine alpha by Carrie Stephens "Ultimate Scrapper Collaberation Kit" at DigiScrappin.Biz. Red and blue papers, file folder "Birthday Boy" Kit by Andrea Burns at The DigiChick Boutique. String fastener "Seth's Charm" kit by Andrea Burns at The DigiChick Boutique. "Hello" tag - Jackie Eckles, Ad Challenge Freebie, Designer Digitals. Metal charm "Small Stuff Charming Words" Ali Folendore, SBB. Notepaper edge "Holed Edges" Amy Martin, SBB. Notebook paper "Little Black Dress" & scalloped edge, Jan Crowley, The DigiChick Boutique. Journaling stamp - Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. "Date Stamps" by Amber Clegg, ScrapArtist. Paper Tear "Jan '07 Straights" by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Photo frame "Bend It's" Debbie Knorr at SBB. Inked Edge Action - Atomic Cupcake. Font is Jenn Olson.

This gorgeous shot of my (non-co-operative)son was taken on a carousel a few weeks ago! Love the shot and it was perfect for this layout that I'd had in my mind since his birthday last month. TFL!Journaling reads: Nine things about you as you turned 9...You still worry about missing the bus in the morning.You do not like for Mommy to take photos of you - you won’t pose and I get a cheesy smile!You are still train obsessed.You are loving Legos.You are on Student Council at school.I have to make you stop to read books by yourself.You LOVE to play outside!You are developing body odor.You are branching out with how you approaching things - becoming braver.

Good Friends, Good Food
Sketch is Sketch Challenge Week 13 by Rachael Giallongo for The DigiChick.
Credits: All elements from "Marinana" Kit by Jan Crowley at The DigiChick Boutique except: brown & orange cardstock from "Fruitcake Add On" Kit; dark orange paper from "Love Notes"; year date (recolored) from "Dymo Dates"; staple from "Little Black Dress" - all by Jan Crowley at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tear (4x6 frame, outside used, coming in Feb.) by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson.

The Patriots were playing for their chance in the Super Bowl and we decided to have the Thompson;s over. The Patriots lost, but we had an awesome afternoon, sharing good food and good times with good friends!

Last night was Michael's Friday night - literally & figuratively - he doesn't work now until Wed. night. I'm getting used to his new shift and it's not too bad. Matthew is getting better about letting him sleep during the day and is listening to me when I tell him Daddy needs to sleep.

I worked on my computer this week - I had less than 4G's left on my HD. I got a new one at Christmas, so I got everything backed up this week (just in case), put it in and have moved everything over to the new internal HD. Woot! Go me! Now there is tons of room on both drives and the 'puter is a happy little camper again! It feels really good to have everything backed up too. Now to keep it that way. CD's & DVD's are expensive now though! Back when we got this computer - it was the first I'd had a CD burner. I remember getting a pack of - what - 100 CD's for free (after rebates). I have, like 2 left from then - almost 3 years ago. Now you just can't find deals like that as much anymore. Of course, I looked at WalMart, which is probally not the very best for that sort of thing...

Yep - it flaked out on me at 2 images again. This is just no fun.

We are going to go sign Ryan up for baseball today. It's really expensive, but he needs it so. This is the same league that we used for him last time, but they have re-formated it some. Hopefully it will be better this time. It's a lot of money for it not to be... Then we will be on the hunt for cleats for him and maybe a new bat. Ugh! Then - on to games and hopefully photo ops for mommy. Last time, we could still strap Matthew in the stroller for a time. I don't know if that's going to work this time. Ran wanted to join Boy Scouts too (his friend next door is one), but it's just too much and just way too much money to be able to do both.

It's going to be such a long time until the SS mag with my page comes out! LOL! Now I have the insane urge to submit everything I own - ha! So much of what I do anymore is templates, and I'm just not too sure about submitting those. I did upload my "out for publication" board, so you might be able to figure out which page is going to be pubbed!

We talked about going up to Flagstaff or over to Payson today to see if we could find any snow. It's been so warm again this last week, that I'm not sure how much is left anywhere. We were really cold this time last weekend and the weekend before. It got down to 20 degrees 2 weekends ago!!!! That's cold for here!!!

Ok - I'll try to upload a bit more shortly, if I get a chance!


A couple more...

Credits: "North" kit by Yvette Sanders at The DigiChick Boutique. "May you always" tag (altered) - "May You Always Tags" by Jen Wilson at Jen Wilson Designs. "M" alpha - "Freestyle Art" collaberation kit by Kimberly Giarrusso & Valerie Fowler at The DigiChick Boutique. Stains - "A Brush with Tea" kit by Christine Smith at The DigiChick Boutique. Bead alpha - "Just the Basics/Beaded Alpha" kit by Kimberly Giarrusso at The DigiChick Boutique. Date stamp - "Date Planner 1" kit by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing.

I took this photo a couple weeks ago of DH and really like how it turned out! TFL!

Credits: "Cutie Pie" kit & "Cutie Pie Stamps" by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick. Paper tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Photo action "Black Contrast" by Michelle Pearson at Xpressions by Michelle. Fonts; Jenn Olson & LB Sharpy.

Cute photo from the train park at the beginning of the month. I loved how Ryan was in the background of this one! :)
Journaling reads: I think that we hear it at least once every time we are out somewhere... how cute you are! It must be that infectious smile of yours!!!

Oh - look, more than 2...

The Chef is back in the Kitchen and she has released a new kit, Hearts Collection - Yummy!

Credits: "Hearts Collection" by Susan Bartolini at ScrapKitchen. Photo Action "Black&White 1" by Michelle Pearson at Xpressions by Michelle. Paper tears (expected Feb. 07) by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson.


How about some scrappin'?

I've done quite a few lately that I haven't posted here... so here they are!

Year in Review Template by Gina Miller at Gina Miller Designs.
Credits: "Buchanan Drive" kit by Jan Crowley at The DigiChick Boutique. "Label It Dates" by Valerie Fowler at The DigiChick Boutique. "Black Contrast" action by Michelle Pearson at Xpression by Michelle used on photos. Font is Jenn Olson.

Journaling reads:
January-Daddy’s Birthday, play outside alot, SDSA trip to Children’s Art Museum
Feb. - Mommy & Daddy’s Anniversary trip to Vegas, McCormick Train Park visit
March -Matthew’s 4th Birthday, remodel bathroom, Spring Training Baseball game
April-Mommy’s Birthday, SDSA Easter Egg Hunt, weather heating up, play in water
May -Last day of school, water play & swim, SDSA playgroup, BBQ/swim parties
June -Vacation to Vermont - LONG trip, Mommy & Daddy attend a wedding
July -Brattons, swimming, fireworks, Tucson trip, Daddy to OH, Matthew potty trained
Aug -1st day of school, tour Cardinal’s Stadium, Grammie & Grandpy visit
Sept. -Ryan makes Student Council, Matthew dry at night & can pedal tricycle
Oct. -SDSA Buddy Walk & playgroup, Pumpkin Patch, Ryan Student of the Week
Nov. -Visit from Jin from Korea, BBQ for Thanksgiving, SDSA Bounce U playgroup
Dec. -Ryan’s 9th Birthday, DS Network Christmas party, SDSA Christmas party

Based on template by Rachael Giallongo, #21.
Credits: "December Chick's Life Mini Kit", "Day Planner Kit 1&2", green paper from "Merry & Bright Kit" by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique. "Photo Cluster" frames by Nancy Comelab at My Digital Muse. Font is Jenn Olson.

Journaling reads: The last month of the year was very busy indeed! On the 2nd, we went to Super-stition Springs Mall to hear Grandma sing & you both got to take a train ride! On the 3rd, we went to the DS Network’s Christmas party. Matthew was a Santa groupie, following Santa around everywhere he went! You both rode the pony, got to pet animals in the petting zoo & made a craft. The 9th brought flu shots for both of you in the morning, the SDSA Christmas party in the afternoon! More Santa & you each received a present. Ryan turned 9 on the 15th. Mommy & Daddy took him to Golfland for mini golf & then we had a party in the afternoon. School was out on the 20th - for 2 weeks! We tried to get Grammie & Grandpy here for Christmas, but the flights were just too full! We had Grandma & Grandpa over to celebrate Christmas with us. Daddy started his new shift in the hanger.

Well, now. They have taken out the photo upload feature in Hello that I used to put photos here. And Blogger will only let me load 2 right now and no more. Conspiracy? I think so.
Well then, more later...


A good week so far...

We went to Santa Barbara this weekend... just Michael and I, to visit my brother, Paul, and Diane. Sooooooo nice. To see him, get to know her more, and just to be. Be. Together. I have some nice photos too and will post them tomorrow maybe.
I've had some really good shopping in the last couple weeks - Target last week and JCPenny Outlet yesterday! WOOOO HOOOOO! With the possibilty of more good shopping and times on Friday!
But my biggest Yaaaaaaa Whoooooo at the moment is that I have had a layout picked up to be published in the June/July issue of Simple Scrapbooks Digital!
Oh My Gosh!!!!! This is a dream and goal of mine realized!
And (get this) they're paying me too! Amazing!!!!
I'll be back in the next couple days with more, but I'm just soooooooo excited about that last tidbit that I had to share... right now! :)


Digital Scrapbooking...

I have had some friends (Tara Marie, RNP, Lee - this means you! And I'm thinking Michelle maybe too!)ask me how to get started in digi-scrapping, and I totally suck at explaining. I found this post from this site, is an excellent, well thought out, shows examples starting point for beginners!
There are many site out there that have wonderful freebies that will let you get your feet wet for free:

These are just a few of the wonderful "samples" of the designers work that are out there. There are many, many more communities and desingers out there that give you their product to try out and give advice or answer any questions!
are just 2 sites that are helpful and have a wealth of imformation to share from photography to scrapping to just everyday stuff! :)
Ok - digiscrappin public service announcement over! LOL! :) I've just had it on my mind to have links at the side of my blog with info on it and such, and I never get around to doing it! Someday, I'll compile it all over there..... yeah - someday! :)

In other news, I think I'm going to try to sell my camera and upgrade it! Ohhhhhh! I'm nervous, but oh so excited at the same time! :) We'll see how it goes! :)



Michael, Matthew and I went to McDonald's this morning for breakfast and a little playtime for a certain little someone. We went to the one that is closer to his school, not far away, but just the one we ended up at today. I walk into the playroom and Matthew is quickly shedding shoes and socks and running towards the playland. The only other person in the room, a man, asks me how old Matthew is and I answer 4.5. Then his son comes out of the slide and the reason for his interest in Matthew becomes apparent... his 16 y/o son has DS. We talk for a bit and another man, with his parents, come in. He has a 9 y/o daughter with DS. We were able to quizz him at length about his daughter's elementary school, since we will soon be facing those decisions. As we are talking, 2 small boys come in and a lady after them. And, what do you know, she has a 21 y/o daughter with DS!!!!
I can remember being pregnant with him and looking everywhere when we first found out (before we got in contact with the group) and not seeing anyone. Now, just about every week, we are faced with someone, somewhere.
I love that!
But to be at breakfast and then run into 3 other families... that just has a magical, blessed touch to it! That has just never happened to us, unless we are at a function or a group meeting. Just wonderful!


This leaves me hugely conflicted.
As a mom that had this test (during both pregnancy's), one with positive results, followed by a level 2 sonogram and a amniocentisis (our choice). We lived through this first hand. We were upset, conflicted and both felt that the medical staff expected/felt we should have an abortion. We did think about it. We couldn't do it. He lived, there in my tummy, and as scared as we were, he lived. He looked like Ryan. He was a boy, a brother to Ryan. We just couldn't do it.








I love him.
Micheal loves him.
Ryan loves him.
His family loves him.

He loves us.

And yes, it's that simple.

And I know that with more testing, comes fewer wonderful little people blessed with an extra little something.
I am very grateful for this test. I am very grateful that we found out while pregnant. I am glad we "greaved" while he was in my tummy and were able to greet him with tears of joy, all be it - slightly scared ones. I glad we could branch out and meet more families before he came.
Hopefully that might be the case for other families also.


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