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A week later...

and what do I have for you??? More layouts, LOL! I am a scrappin' fool this week...
Not much new going on. We have been working on cleaning up the yard and doing small things around the house - moving things around and such.
Here is my 1st offical layout as a CT member for Jan Crowley! She has some awesome new kits in the works that I've seen sneak peaks of - yummy! This one is a collaberative kit that she did with the talented Meredith Fenwick - Avocado Toaster!

Credits: "Avocado Toaster" Kit by Jan Crowley and Meredith Fenwick at The DigiChick Boutique. Date stamp - "Date Stamp" kit by Amber Clegg at The DigiChick Boutique. Urban Grundge Color Pop 3 by Michelle Pearson at SBB used on photo. Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake. Paper tears by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson.
Journaling reads: On the surface, it looks like Ryan was really being sweet and helping you, Matthew. But in truth, he was hijacking your pumpkin! You didn’t really mind though, you were just happy to be with him!

I have been taken over by template fever lately! Basically they are layered templates that you just drop papers and embellishments into. The design is already done! Of course, I have to re-size most of them to an 8.5x11 size, but it's all good! I have shied away from using them but have gone hog wild since last week - so easy to use and so easy to manipulate to make your own. Here are 4 from this last week! :)

Credits: Based on a template for The DigiChick Sketch Challenge #11 by Nikki Beaudreau. All papers and elements from "Pumpkin Sauce" by Tracey Lee for The DigiChick Boutique. Font is Linenstroke.
Jouranling reads: We carved 3 pumpkins this year... or should I say Ryan did! We carved 1 of the big ones & you both did your little pumpkins from the Patch. Ryan did his & the big one & “helped” Matthew with his!

This one is from a new template from Gina Miller...

I know I'm fudging some here on the credits, but I pulled so much form so many different kits and I'm too lazy right now to go find it all! Let me know if you want to know anything specific! :)
Credits: Sketch template "Simply Sketches Set 9" *coming Sunday* by Gina Miller for Gina Miller Designs. All elements and papers from lots of seperate kits by Gina Miller for Gina Miller Designs. Date stamp is "Day Planner" kit by Heather Roselli for The DigiChick Boutique. Inked Edge Action by Atomic Cupcake. Font is Bradley Hand ITC.

And, yes, we did go right outside after I typed this! :)
Journaling reads: I hear this so very often this time of year! In fact, as I was working on this, you were saying it to me, Ryan! These photos were taken during the 2 hours that we spent out back this morning. You were so fun to watch, Ry! You were doing this running commentary about what the construction trucks were doing as you were playing. After being cooped up all summer long, we just live for this time of year! So nice! All right, I give up! Let’s go back outside, boys!

This one is from another Gina Miller template...

Credits: Sketch template "Simply Sketches Set 5" by Gina Miller for Gina Miller Designs; green, stripe and pink papers from "Christmas Fresh Mini Kit" by Gina Miller for Gina Miller Designs; brown paper from "Cozy Christmas Mini Kit" by Gina Miller for Gina Miller Designs; white background paper from "Happy Haunting Kit" by Gina Miller; alpha from "Funky Basic Black Alpha" by Gina Miller; crayon hearts, crayon tag and crayon arrow by Gina Miller coming soon to Gina Miller Designs; felt photo corners from "Photo Fleties" at Gina Miller Design; buttons from "Button Bonanza" by Gina Miller for Gina Miller Designs; Date stampe "DayPlanner Kit" by Heather Roselli for The DigiChick Boutique; Acid Wash 2 Action by Michelle Pearson used on photo
Journaling reads: Matthew - you love to swing! LOVE to! You have since you were te-tiny in your baby swing and even more when you got big enough to swing in the toddler swing. We are trying to get you to swing in the “big boy” swings, but you aren’t too keen on that yet! Every time we are in the backyard, you ask to get in and swing and you will do it for the longest time!

Credits: Template (altered a little) "Duplicates Tropical Breeze 2" by Heather Roselli and Rachael Giallongo for The DigiChick Boutique. Papers and title work from "Built Tough" kit by Amber Clegg for The DigiChick Boutique. Rusted elements from "Built Tough Add On Elements" kit by Amber Clegg for The DigiChick Boutique. Tab, staples, date stamp from "Date Stamps" kit by Amber Clegg for The DigiChick Boutique. "May You Always" tag by Jen Wilson for Jen Wilson Designs. Font is Linenstroke.
Ryan playing in the backyard (in the dirt!) yesterday!

This one is for last week's Chick's Life prompt. I complied these 10 questions from a Simple Scrapbooks special edition for us to answer...

Credits: All papers and elements from "Snow Flurries" Kit by Jenn Howard for The DigiChick Boutique. Chipboard & Inked Edge action used on title by Atomic Cupcake. Date stamp "Date Stamp" Kit by Amber Clegg for The DigiChick Boutique. Fonts are Jenn Olson, AvantGarde Md BT and AvantGarde Bk BT.

And this one is from this week's Chick's Life prompt! I love this layout!!!

Credit's: All papers and elements from "Boho State" Kit by Kimberly Giarrusso for The DigiChick Boutique. Alpha from "Just the Basics-Paper Bag Alpha" by Kmiberly Giarrusso for The DigiChick Boutique. Photo corner & "love" from "Just the Basics-Freestyle Elements" Kit by Kimberly Giarusso for The DigiChick Boutique. Date stamp from "Day Planner" Kit by Heather Roselli for The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tears by Steph Krush for Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Pea Jessica.
I sometime's feel that I have done various layouts with this "theme" of Matthew, but I am just so blessed to have this little boy, this little being, in my life! :)
Journaling reads: When we first learned that you would have Down Syndrome, Matthew, our world came crashing down. The image of our second child that we longed for passed right before our eyes. I held my belly, round with you, and cried , wondering how this would effect our family? What would it do to us? How would it effect Ryan?Now, 5 years later, I don’t feel bad for feeling these thoughts... it was a natural reaction to the unknown. But I don’t feel the same way either! You ARE everything we dreamed of for a child. And more actually, with that extra chromosone! Ha! Things may not be exactly what we imagined, but I have learned that is not a bad thing. Actually, it’s a really good thing, for there are many things we wouldn’t have experienced and many people that we wouldn’t have met had you not been you!And I have learned that one of my fears really has been one of my biggest blessings!

Today was the 1st time that I have let the boys play on their own in the backyard. We have all the windows open in back and I had the door open. And I let them play while I was inside. A big day for them, but a bigger day for Mommy. I have a hard time not being out there, but Matthew is getting bigger and they need some time without mommy running interferrence all the time. They were out there for 3 hours with mommy checking on them frequently and looking out windows often. They have had alot of fresh air this weekend - at least 5 hours between the front and back yard yesterday (all the outside photos from above layouts from then) and at least 4 hours today. Ryan was invited to a friend's house this afternoon, so he's there now.
Well - off to do more laundry and see about getting dinner ready! :)


More layouts...

Scraplift of Sharon Denney (SADenny) all items from "Fresh" kit by Vera Lim at The DigiChick Boutique except paper from "Notebook" kit by Vera Lim at The DigiChick Boutique; October stamp from "Autumn Days" kit by Vera Lim at The DigiChick Boutique; date stamp from "Date Stamps" kit by Amber Clegg at The DigiChick Boutique; paper tears by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing; photo action is "Color Select BW" by Michelle Pearson at SBB; "fonts are DSP Pollyana and Catherine's College.
As seen in the October DeZine! Journaling reads: You carved the pumpkin all by yourself last year. You wanted me to put the pattern on for you and that was it, you did the rest. You worked so very hard, with this look of total concentration on your face! And when you where done you were so proud of yourself and we were so proud of you! As you grown into an adult I hope that you always have the child-like pleasure of carving a pumpkin...

all items from "Pumpkin Patch Oct. DeZine Collaberative Kit" by The DigiChick Designers except date stamp from "DayPlanner Kit" by Heather Roselli, The DigiChick Boutique and paper tear by Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing; font is "Bradley Hand ITC".
As seen in the October DeZine! TFL!
Journaling reads: We have gone to this pumpkin patch for the last few years. Right down the road from us, it is only a couple blocks away from a huge shopping area. A little bit of country in the big city. With pumpkins galore, hayrides, a hay maze and a petting zoo, it’s the perfect place to find some fall feeling...

Credits: Winter Sketch Template by Gina Miller for GMD. "Bundle Up Baby" Kit by Gina Miller for GMD. Photo corners from "Photo Felties" by Gina Miller at GMD. Date stamp "Day Planner" Kit by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique. Photo Action used on photos - Detail B&W Lighten by Michelle Pearson at SBB. Paper tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson.
My 2nd Gina Miller Guest CT layout!!! Such fun! TFL!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Now - this layout was done with the special limited edition kit, Holly Jolly, that The DigiChick Designers have done for the month of November. It is a free gift with your purchase of $10 in The DigiChick Boutique. And when you post a layout done with it, you will be given a posting bonus! Can't go wrong, huh?

Credits: "Holly Jolly" Collaberative Kit by The DigiChick Designers. Date stamp is "Date Stamp" Kit by Amber Clegg. Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman, blog freebie. Font is Barbara Hand.
As I was sitting and planning Chick's Life last night, it came to me to use the papers to make a train for this layout. The train came out like (probally better than) I'd planned, but the design of the page is a little off. But oh well - Ry loved the train and it's done! :) TFL!

Ok - I'm off for today! I need to get some things done around the house. Ryan's BF spent the night last night and they were all three up a little later than they sound be. We need to get outside and play a bit, I have laundry and dishes and vacumming and all that no fun stuff. Yay.

Have a good one!


Get a cup of coffee...

sit back and enjoy the long post! ROFL!
These are once again, straight out of the camera. If you wait for me to color correct and such, I'd never post! In no particular order either!

These are the treats that Ryan and Matthew passed out at school. These are Ryan's and Matthew's had his photo on them and lolipops for his friends. I used Heather's cute Let's Pretend and Halloween add on kits. Make sure you stop by her blog, she has a very cute desktop available for November there!

This is Matthew's OT. She always brings such cute "food" craft things for his to do on Holidays! This year it was a bat made from cinnamon rolls, an oreo and candy corn, a mummy made from marshmallows with a prezel stick inside to hold them together and fruit roll ups wrapped around. Sooooooo cute. Of course, he wouldn't eat them, but Ryan had a nice treat when he got home! :) Then they made the cute foam pumpkin magnet for the fridge!

Ryan had Spider Day at school for Halloween and I got to volunteer in the room. Lots of spider themed activities and crafts. His food craft was a spider made from a donut hole and ding dong! Yum!

Holy Shmooly! Do we have candy! This is just what they collected. And we went home before the others did! :) We left our bucket on the porch with the honor system, because Michael and I both wanted to go with them. There were still 2 pieces left and we had more candy inside still. Matthew's school is collecting to send candy to the troops, so I rounded up all the hard candy and will send it with him to give to them.

I was going to make an M&M box for Ryan to wear and an M&M candy for Matthew, but Ryan saw his costume (see below) and that was all over. When Matthew saw Ryan's, he refused to put on any of the ones I had here that were borrowed. So we went to K-Mart the next day to get hiom his own. But of course, then he didn't want it. It was between this one and Woody from Toy Story and this one won. They were 40% off then, so it was like $7! Woot!

I got smart and dressed them on Monday for photos! Just too hard to get good shots of them on the day! Of course, Ry still didn't smile for me much...

Tony Stewart, Nascar driver! His daddy was thrilled with this choice, needless to say! It worked perfectly with the helmet candy bucket he had from last year, so good choice!

We carved pumpkins on Sunday. Ryan helped (took over) Matthew's little pumpkin. They made a ghost like pattern on it.

I was supposed to be really busy this weekend. My brother, Paul, and Diane were supposed to come for a visit. but Paul's sick and they begged off till another time. Bummer. Don't get me wrong, Paul! I want you to be healthy and happy and feel better really soon. And I'm glad you're responsible to think of the rest of us! But, dang it, I was soooooooo looking forward to you both being here!!!!
So, we're going to my mom and dad's tonight for turkey, because it was already thawing out, LOL! And I need to take the boys to the library to renew books and such. New movies for Nut. Ryan borrowed Harry Potter from next door, so he'll have that to watch. He's never seen any of them. Cars comes out Tuesday and we will be getting that!
Digi News!
I am a guest CT for Gina Miller this month! How very fun! I feel like I knew Gina way back when. We were both on the CT at the DigiChick when she started designing. I have some very vintage Gina Miller items on my hard drive - LOL! She has come a long way since then and is now a desinger at SBB and her very own boutique! There are at least hundreds of women waiting impatiently with their cups of coffee with flavored CoffeeMate and their Target receipts in hand for her to update her blog every week day morning! She is seriously a fabulous person and I'm so honored that she chose me for this month. What's even more super fun, is that Stephanie was picked for this month also!
So here is my 1st layout of the month using her newest collab kit with equally fabulous Corina Nielson, Foxxy...

Credits: all items from "Foxxy" Collaberative Kit by Gina Miller & Corina Nielsen except pink bling brad from "Bring Your Own Bulletin Board" Kit by Gina Miller and purple stitch from "Stitching Essentials - Straight Stitch", all at Gina Miller Designs. Date stamp from "Date Stamps" kit by Amber Clegg at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tears by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Inked Edge and Chipboard Action by Atomic Cupcake.Fonts is Jenn Olson and LB_Sharpy on the chipboard letters.
Journaling reads: New haircut - short & sassy, & a pair of dangly earrings. Sometimes it’s the small things. Sometimes it’s the bigger ones... the decision to wear glasses full time,accepting that 40 is a measly 6 months away, still overweight, but not obsessing about it. Having fun with my family & loving my life. I feel pretty today! Wanna join me?

And, if that weren't enough, I have also joined Jan Crowley's CT! I feel ready to take on some more things, and during a pm conversation she & I were having, it kinda came up! Woot!!!! So excited! Let me just say, I've seen what she has coming out next week and WOW! So glad to be a part of her team!!!

So, yes - I got my hair cut (finally!) on Monday. Michael was at work and both boys in school, we had money and I had time! So off I went! It ended up a little shorted than I had probally intended, but it's really cute - at least I think!
I also made the decision to wear my glasses full time. My eyes are just so dry here in AZ and we just can't afford contacts at the tune of at least $200 a year. So, for $20 a year, glasses it is! I am so used to them now and there are only a few times that I wish to have my contacts instead. So, call me 4 eyes! :)
Michael is supposed to find out about his shift change today, so big changes may be occuring in our household soon.
I also want to give a huge shout out to my goddaughter today! She is the lead in a musical and they are performing this weekend! I am just sooooo proud of her!!!!! WTG, girl!

Ok - I'm off to make lunch and get some other things done today! Have a good one! :)



Coming in real quick to post some layouts. Thought I'd do it now, and then maybe I can do the update tomorrow!

Credits: "Freestyle Art" Kit by Kimberly Giarusso & Valerie Fowler at The DigiChick Boutique. Date stamps from "Day Planner" Kit by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Font is Jenn Olson.
Journaling reads: You found Ryan’s new stamp today and proceeded to stamp yourself everywhere! On your legs, your nose, your hands, your arms and even some on your shirt! You were quite proud of yourself too and very happily showed them off to me when I brought out the camera! Thankfully it all came off in the tub, or you might have had to go to school that way the next day! :)

Credits: "A Common Bond" Collaberation Kit by The DigiChick and Sweet Shop Designers. Paper Tear by Steph Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. BW action 8 by Michelle Pearson used on photo. Font is Jenn Olson.
This is my next door neighbor from our previous home. She became a very good friend and I also made very good friends with her 2 daughters. She had breast cancer a long time ago and beat it at that time. It came back in other areas and she died this year.
Check your girls this month...

Based on a Becky Higgins sketch. Credits: Oct. Chick's Life mini kit by Heather Roselli at the DigiChick Boutique. Round year date from "Date Planner" kit by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique. Paper Tears by Stpeh Krush at Digital Paper Tearing. Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake. Font is Jenn Olson
My Chick's Life for this week - October Review pages! :) Journaling reads: October has been a very busy month. Mommy & Daddy got new lenses in their glasses. The boys had 2 days off from school for Fall Break. We had teacher’s conferences for both of them. Matthew made all his goals for his IEP & we had to set new ones. Ryan got almost all proficents on his report card! We went to the SDSA Playgroup & they had a petting zoo - very cute! Matthew got something very croup like, got a steriod shot and then was sick a couple days later. Mommy worked in each of the boys classroom’s & got to attend Ryan’s Spider Festival. Daddy put in to change shifts at work. The Pumpkin Patch was a little different this year - but we had great fun! We attended the SDSA Buddy Walk and the Brattons joined us! For Halloween, Ryan was a Tony Stewart Nascar Driver and Matthew was a Fireman!

I left out journaling in that one and have to go back and fix it - Ah - the beauty of digital - LOL!

Credits: Duplicates template "Tropical Breeze 3" (changed around some) by Heather Roselli and Rachael Giallongo at The DigiChick Boutique. All papers from "Classy" paper pack from Colorfully You Set by Robin Cabana at SBB. Alpha from "Colorfully You" Set by Robin Cabana at SBB. Date stamps "DayPlanner" Kit by Heather Roselli at The DigiChick Boutique. Cut Out Action by Michelle Pearson at SBB. Inked Edge Action by Atomic Cupcake on arrow. Fonts are Jenn Olson and Linenstroke.
Journaling reads: At this year’s SDSA Buddy Walk, Barney and Baby Bop were there! You were so excited when we pointed them out to you!You went running right over and just wanted to hug and hug them!!! We finally pried you away and went to do other things. Then you would stop and say “Barney? Bop?” and put your hands up questioning where they were. You would spy them somewhere and you were off again! Barney is definately your buddy!

Well - it's late and I'm off to bed! I have very fun digi news to share tomorrow and lots of photos from Halloween! Will do my best to get here with them! :)


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