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Art for Asher Collection

I just got this in my inbox and purchased it right out. Digital Design Essentials has put out this cute set to benenfit Asher, Steph (Digital Paper Tearing) and the rest of their super wonderful family as Asher battles cancer in the hospital. Please take a minute and check it out here.
While I'm at it - Steph released some awesome new rectangle tears a few weeks back, check them out too. Rumor has it that stars may be in the future!!! ;)
Well - I was going to wait till tomorrow to update here. I have some new photos from the boys 1st day at school. Was going to do it today - but the day has totally gotten away from me - LOL! I am really itching to change up the old bloggy poo, but I've done so much customizing to it that I don't know if I could get it all back right. Still toying with the idea. I did change up some minor things here and there today. Let me know if it's all wonky on you!
Michael got flown to Flaggstaff on Monday late afternoon and what should have been a 3 hour trip turned into an all nighter. Ugh! There was more brocken onthe plane than they thought and they had to wait for parts to be flown in. They finally sent them to a hotel room at about 10pm - only to call them back to the airport 2 hours later. Then the part still didn't show up until 5am. So he got up for work Mon. at 4:30am and basically didn't sleep until 8pm last night. Fun.
Well - heck - I'm here already, huh? Sorry - straight out of the camera again.

I know it's not the perfect photo - but how can you resist the utter joy on his face??? For the perfect shot - there's this...

And on that note - I'll leave you for today. Have a great one! :)



Meet the teacher night is tonight. Yay! They will start back next Monday! No - I'm not excited! LOL! Yeah - it's going to be a book again, since I haven't updated!
Michael - he's back from OH. I took the boys to my parent's house that night and then picked him up from the airport. We went to Outback for dinner that night, to Barnes and Noble and to - where else - WalMart. We sleep past 8am the next morning (unheard of around here with the boys!) and then went to the eye doctor to check on his glasses. He had accidentally sat on them in OH - LOL! We ended up coming out of there 1 1/2 hours later with new prescription sunglasses ordered for him, his glasses fixed the best they could and new frames for me (with the old lenses in them). My springs had sprung in the temples, still under warranty, so new frames for me! Yay! We went and acutally got his Oakley sunglasses returned from where we had bought them for him for Father's Day, since he won't need them. Then we went to Chili's and had lunch. We also went to a few more stores that we don't normally go to - just looking around! Very nice fun, eralxing time together!
He's about to switch shifts again and will be home during the week and working weekends. It's really hot again, so just no fun for him to be at work. Still loves the work - it's just H-O-T hot! He flew to Yuma yesterday to fix a plane and went all the way to Seattle (or was it Portland) sometime in the last weeks too! Makes for a fun little break for him during work! ;)
Ryan - psyched to start school next week. Hasn't been driving us too crazy - LOL! Boy, that boy can talk... We went to a Sharing playgroup at ToyTown on Saturday and they both had a blast! I took a few photos, but jsut wasn't in the mood. The one in the banner is one.
Matthew - is fully using the t.o.l.i.e.t now! A big Hurray!!! He scared me big time last week. Mostly my fault though. We had his case manager here doing a quarterly meeting. Matthew came out with this luggage lock. I debated and decided that rather than try to wrestle it from him, I'd just let him keep it from the moment. I told him to get the key from Ry, thinking he'd play with it opening it. He came back with just the key and was playing, with me keeping my eye on him. The case manager got ready to leave and I was walking him to the door. Matthew had gone back into the playroom with Ryan and then came screaming out of there, running for me. I could tell that he was hurt or that something was wrong! I'm asking him and he's jsut crying. I then can tell there is SOMETHING IN HIS THROAT! He is gaging some, but I can tell that he is getting breaths in there too. Of course, all the - what 3 - training sessions I've had in CRP and such are going right out the window! And he has a death gripe on me - he's so scared. I cry out to Ryan to see if he knew anything, but of course he hadn't noticed anything(!). I'm kinda holding him over the sink, tyring to do the heimlich maneuver and trying to beat him on the back. Thankfully it flys out of there and lands in the sink. It was the luggage lock. He must have picked it back up we he went back in the playroom. He hadn't even been in there for very long at all!!! So very scary! I was very rattled, to say the least! Of course, he had a little p.e.e accident then too and we both get soaked! I ended up giving him another bath, for it was the only thing that would calm him down at that point! I totally had to change clothes because...
I met Stephanie for lunch that day!!!! So very much fun! I was a few minutes late, with all that had happened. That and I had no idea where I was going!!! LOL! We met at Cheescake Factory in Scottsdale. I had never been there and had no idea where it was. Oh well - it was my 1st time there and it was very yummy!!! And so much fun to actually TALK to Stephanie! We've read each other's blogs and talked at the forums and e-mail, but it was so great to meet IRL! And so fun to talk to someone you've just met but that you know so much about! And to talk digi with! Fun!
I have some more fun news! I am going to be published!!! No - not in a scrap mag... yet. But in a book! An actual book! How fun, huh? It's called Gifts - How Children with Down Syndrome Have Enriched our Lives. I'm not sure which section our story will fall under yet. Of course - I waited so late to enter it, that I thought I had missed the deadline and was sad. I went to the website when I had a quiet moment and found out that day was the deadline - so I hurried and entered the journaling from this layout. We ended up with me writing a very different angle and changing the story to something a bit different. I did use that photo of Matthew for the photo - so it will be included too! Yay! It's supposed to be available in early October on Amazon, so you can be sure I'll link it up when it's available! It has several of my new blog friends in it too!!!
What else? We put new tires on the van. It was driving horribly! We went to get an alignment, but they couldn't do it. Kia has some "fixed" something and it wouldn't work. So we went and put new tires on at WalMart. MUCH better! Then we had an appointment made 3 weeks ago and the Kia Dealer to have some work done and they said one of the tires was out of round and that 2 others had no weights on them! What the???? They are 2 day old tires, buddy! So we went back to WM and they are supposed to be ordering a new one for us.
The other of the photos from the photo shoot can be found here. I was going to post more, but I think I'll just give you a linky! I'm not in the mood to put up with adding them in blogger right now! Well - ok - here are 2 of my favorites!

I had fun processing them all. Got them all sent to them too. They're going to let me know when he's (the baby's) here and I get to do a newboran shoot! Fun! Fun! I'm going to take my basket that I have to put him in and then have to think of some other things. I'm also going to design the baby announcement for them too. I'll do it as a 4x6, so they can just have it printed and send it. I just really need to figure out the lighting on my camera before then. The photos are turning out really dark - like darker than I think they should. Then it's hard, cause I have to process them too much in PS. I'm using natural light and my 50mm lense, but they are still dark. I just took some this morning here at my house and they are dark too. Humm..... it's really puzzling me.
Here's a couple new layouts!

Credits: July Chick's Life Mini Kit - Heather Roselli, The DigiChick. Hand Stamped Alpha - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist.Font: Jenn Olson
Journaling reads: July has been all about the heat this year. Record breaking tempatures again. Just no fun. Surprisingly after the records, it did cool off for a week and we got to out outside to play. But the next week it was back up again. Daddy went to Ohio for school for a week this month. You both went to Grandma’s and spent the night while Mommy & Daddy had a date night. Grandpa has been working on Ryan’s train table, which is very exciting for you! Matthew is now fully potty trained!

Credits: "Copacobana Kit" - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. Kraft paper - "Plain Brown Wrapper Kit" - Christine Smith, The DigiChick Boutique. Inked Edge action - Atomic Cupcake.Fonts; Jenn's Penn, Kingthings PrintingKit
Matthew actually has a full boat with therapists again! His new MT started today and we had a PT call us to take him one today too! Of course, she has to get the paper work and such in order - so cross your fingers! so - he'll have school M, T and TH and therapies on M, T, W and Th.
We also had the bus driver stop by to see us a couple days ago, that would drive Matthew home. Super, sweet nice man. When I asked him if there was an aide on the bus wtih him though, he said no. Now - we had been told there was one on each bus - but there's apparently not, after a call to the school system. So I may be driving him again this year. We'll see.
Ok - I'm outta here! See ya!


I went to a birthday party on Sunday and had the pleasure of doing a maternity shoot. Here is one of the photos.

And here is a quick layout that I did tonight. She's having a boy and I couldn't have found a better quote!

Credits: Memories No. 2 Kit - Amber Clegg, Plain Digital Wrapper. Paper tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears. Font: Jenn Olson

Credits: denim paper, tag, pink paper - Shabby Shack Mega Kit, Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. Crochet flower & leaf, felt alpha, felt corners - Snippet Essentials, Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. Flower paper and butterfly - Be Happy, Traci Sims, The DigiChick. Notebook paper - Little Black Dress Kit, Jan Crowley, The DigiChick. Glitter brads - All That Glitters, Laura Alpuche, The DigiChick. Paper tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Inked edge action - Atomic Cupcake. Font: Jenn Olson

Lucky me! I was chosen to scrap Darla's photo for our photo swap for the Friendship Celebration. I'm late with it, but here it is! I love this for several reasons - I got girls to scrap (yay!), it's in pink & girly with flowers and butterflies, and it's a 12x12! So many differents things than I normally get to do and so fun! TFL!!
Poem - Someone to share joys & dreams, a keeper of secrets, one whom we can always be ourselves with. A supporting fan, a shoulder to cry on, & a partner in life's ups & downs. Sister... best friend for life.

I'll be back tomorrow to update on real life and share more! :) Right now - it's late and I'm too bed!


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