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I'm it!

No more rain right now, but they say it could still happen any day. But it's monsoon season, there's a chance for rain everyday right now! :)
It did stay nice and cool yesterday. The humidity was high. We are used to like 7% and it was wayyyyy up there.
I think I'm going to take the boys out when I'm done here and wash the van while they play, so I'm sure it will rain this weekend! :)
The flight seats were down to 2 yesterday. They are overbooked right now, but usually with the people that don't show and miss the plane , they'll probally make it on. We have totally swung into plan "B", so oh well. That's the only thing about flight benenfits, you're just not gauranteed a seat. Mom did mention that maybe next time he goes to school, we could try again, so we'll see. I have no idea what we're going to do tomorrow...
The little quizzes are once again running around everywhere and I've been tagged 3 times in the last week. Luckily 2 of the tags are the same quiz, so here goes! :)
This quiz makes me think I need to go do some of these things again, cause it's been forever since I have!
1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?
Searched, NO. stopped, YES
2. Do you close your eyes on a roller coaster?
I love roller coasters, but haven't been on one in forever!!! I'm a hands in the air kinda girl!
3. When's the last time you've been sledding?
Um - no idea, maybe when I was a kid?
4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
If it's my dh or my kids then with someone. Anyone else - no thank you!
5. Do you believe in ghosts?
I believe in the possibilty of them
6. Do you consider yourself creative?
yes, but not as creative as I'd like! :)
7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife?
Um - yes (and as a sidenote - I remember where I was & what I was doing when they gave the verdict)
8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? (silly, I know ... but very "now")
Jennifer Aniston is very the girl next door (which I know my DH likes), but Angelina does intrigue me. And the fact that Brad's with her intrigue's me more!
9. Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics?
Not really!
10. Do you know how to play poker?
Not really!
11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
Not that I remember (?)
12. What's your favorite commercial?
Target & Old Navy commercials - someone is rawkin' with those campaigns!
13. Who was your first love?
puppy love - A boy in high school
14. If you're driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around you, do you run a red light?
15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you?
Um -yeah
16. Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees?
Yankees please
17. Have you ever been Ice Skating?
Yes, but not in a long time
18. How often do you remember your dreams?
Usually only when I wake up in the middle of one
19. What's the one thing on your mind?
Things to get done today, fun with hubby!
20. Do you always wear your seat belt?
um - Yeah!
21. What talent do you wish you had?
better at sports
22. Do you like Sushi?
CA rolls - yes
23. What do you wear to bed?
24. Do you truly hate anyone?
25. If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be?
Have lunch with maybe - sleep with - um, no, but no idea who???
26. Do you know anyone in jail?
27. What food do you find disgusting?
hummmm - nothings coming to mind, pigs feet?? oh and liver
28. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back?
heck NO
29. Have you ever been punched in the face?
heck NO
30. Do you believe in angels and demons?

Four Jobs I’ve Had :

  • Wendys
  • Graphic artist
  • studio manager
  • mom

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over :
  • Mystic Pizza
  • Stepmom
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Manhattan Maid

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch :
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Lost
  • Treasure Hunters
  • Desperate Housewives

Four Important things to me :
  • My husband
  • My kids
  • Family
  • Friends

Four Tunes That Play In My Head :
  • It's Christmas Again (Elmo moive on premanent rewind in the VCR right now with Doodle)
  • Wiggles tunes
  • Curious George CD
  • Pretty Vegas

Four Favorite Food Dishes :
  • Pizza
  • Coconut Shrimp
  • Tacos
  • Orange Chicken

Four Websites I Visit Daily : (several times daily - LOL!)

Four Scrap company's I like :

Four Favorite Colors :
  • purple
  • green
  • teal
  • celery
So - I hate tagging others, but I love it when people play along - so feel free and let me know if you do, so I can come read! :)

Couple more things - The DigiChick Chick Flick Chat nite is Tuesday nite and this week's movie is 16 Candles. Watch it again this weekend and come join us!
And make sure you keep your calendar clear for the weekend of August 6th. It's Friendship Day and we are going to be celebrating our friends at The DigiChick - come join us! :)

Ok - I'm off to go clean house/van/me/etc! Have a great day! :)



So - questions for you...

  • a) raining outside right now at 9:30am
  • b) it's a pleasant 78 degrees and only supposed to be 99 today???
  • c) It's not been a week and I'm here blogging again?
  • d) No trip to OH for me
  • e) all of the above
If you answered "e" then you are on the right track! We haven't had this much rain since the flood probably - wow! Not that it's really flooded here at the house. Today it's just a nice, light rain intermittently. Nice! And cool too! Double nice! But there's humidity (obvisously!). It will be amazing if it's only 99 today and they are forcasting only around 102 for the next week! Woo Whoo - giant cool down for AZ!
Yep - the numbers are closing up fast for the flight to OH for tomorrow morning. I am going to ask my mom about a plan "B" - she keeps the boys tomorrow night and thru Sat. and Michael and I get a date night here in town instead. We'll see if she's up for that - she wouldn't have them as long and they can still have the fun of a sleep over at grandma's.
Ryan slept till 8:15 this morning!!!! Wow! They stayed up til like 10:30 the night before when he was next door (he goes to bed at 7:30) - so he was 1 tired pup. And it was so nice and dark with the rain this morning that he slept good. He's in a really good mood so far - so we'll see how long that lasts...
Matthew is still doing so very well!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! He's even telling me when he needs to go! Yay! His new cute thing is raspberries - you know - the kind that you blown on their tummies??? He now thinks it's hilarious (and it is!) to try to blow them on mommy! He grabs my face between his hands, turns my head till he gets a cheek and blows! Then he gets me to giggling and it's a good time for all! LOL!
I have the itch to go somewhere and do womething today - but I'm not sure what. Going to T-jay or Wally World usually involves money that we don't have. Going to the mall - the same thing. Anything else - the same thing pretty much. So, we are probally stuck at home...
I stayed up way too late reading "Dragonfly in Amber" last night. There is just something about these books that once I get to the half way point - I can't read them fast enough. Now - I do get that way with most books, but these are good!
I'm also in the mood to scrap today, but we'll see if that pans out with the 2 munchkins.
I need to get something going for bakups around here. I was so freaked at Christmas, and ended up getting a DVD burner. But it just seems so very tedious to back everything up with DVD's. And then to figure out what I've backed up and what I haven't later - that sounds no fun. I guess I just have to make a new folder and once it's backed up - it gets filed. I'm also the kind of person who likes to have it all right here at my fingertips, so I don't like having it filed off the system. I'd never know what was where then and I wouldn't use it. So everything is right here and my drive is filling up fast. I've heard of off-site backups sites that file your stuff for like $5 a month - but that worries me. I've also heard that you can get 2 EHD's and then backone up and put it in the safe and 1 stays on your desk. That sounds GREAT - but no cash. I want a magic wand that just does it for me - and poof it's backed up! LOL!
And then there's the organizing the stuff so I can find it. I'm perfectly happy with how I have it stored, but then remembering what's where is a big thing. AmyK gave me good tips on how to organize Picassa, but I need oh so much time to get going on that. Need more time in my days...
Ok - I'm off - have a great day! :)


flip flop feet

Credits: Cabana Boy Kit - Dani Mogstad, Designs by Dani. Stitch from Fresh Air Kit - Dani Mogstad, Designs by Dani. Paper tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Font: Jenn's Pen & Kabel Bk BT

What is it about the Little's feet in flops that I just love? So, so cute! :) This is my layout for this week's Chick's Life prompt - Celebrate Summer. You can see the full prompt here and the gallery here.
Journaling reads:
The sweetest little feet of summer! Nothing like cute little flip flop feet to make me grin uncontrollably! There's just something about them that I just love! Especially when they are attached to cute little tanned legs to boot! This is the 1st summer that you have had actual flops of your own. You usually just stole everyone else's to try to wear. But this summer - they are yours, and yours only. You are even calling them by name - "flops" - so very cute!
So very summer!


It rained last night...

Started at 9:15pm and got so bad with the lighting at 10:15 that I shut down the computer and unplugged everything! I went outside because our flag had come down and was hanging by it's string. As I was coming back - a huge lighting bolt hit REALLY close to here! Scared me half to death! LOL! I ran inside really quick! Woke up this morning to a NICE 78 degrees and water in the backyard. We just picked up all the leaves and stuff back there and now there's a branch. *sigh* Matthew slept through the whole thing and Ry was spending the night next door. It'll be interesting to see if they slept through it. I figured he'd be scared and want to come home, but he didn't!
If it wasn't 7:50 in the morning - we'd go outside to play. We may anyway! :)


So - I'm back!

I've had some incredible kindness shown to me by two very wonderful designers in the last few weeks - Jan Crowley and Amber Clegg - and I just want to give them a huge shout out, a big hug and a gigantic thank you!!!
Your designs rawk! You girls rawk! :)
Peace out - LOL!


helllllllo out there...

So many things, so little time - LOL!
We ended up taking a trip to Tucson last Friday. Drove up with the guy that Michael works with and his family in our seperate vehicles (4 kids and 4 adults is just too many for 1 vehicle!). They have a son who's a year younger than Ryan and a daughter who's about a year older than Matthew, and they all get along surprisingly well! We left the boys at Kents Tools and we went to the Mall and shopped! I scored on a cute green purse for $9!
(I have a photo of it, but both Blogger and Hello are flaking out on me - will edit it and insert)
So nice to be able to carry a smaller purse again!

We ate lunch at the Mall after the boys got there. Managed to hit up Old Navy when the clearance stuff was 50% off too! The boys got 4 shirts, a pair of shorts, 1 swimsuit and 2 pairs of flip flops for $24! Woo whoo! I ended up having to take back the pair of shorts and 1 flip flop set - too small. Then we came home and all ended up at Costco - ha! They were leaving town the next day to camp and we needed milk. There is a brand new one that just opened by the new 202. The one close to us is always so very busy - it's just no fun going there anymore. This one was nice and empty - plenty of time to look- nice!
Matthew is doing so vey nicely with p.o.t.t.y. training!!!! We are probally 95% of the way there with him! Woo Whoo!!!! He is only occasionally having an accident and is going #.2. in the there too! He is even beginning to tell us when he needs to go and even went once ALL BY HIMSELF this weekend! Yay Matthew!!! He is even staying dry AT NIGHT! OMGosh! I'm so floored by the at night part! When they're ready - they're ready.
It's hot here - just plain and simple. We're back to the usual summer discussion of where we should move. But it's so hot everywhere this summer. Just crazy. We were at like 116 on Friday.
Luckily, this week Michael is in OH for school, so he's not out in the heat, thank god. My mom has offered to watch the boys for 1 night so that I could fly out and join him. If I can get a flight, I'll leave Friday and we would both return on Sat. He has a rental car and a hotel, so we're good to go there. The only problem is the hotel is 1 1/2 hours away from his hotel, so we're not too sure if we'd want to drive back there or just get our own hotel room in Columbus. Hopefully the seats will hold up and I'll be able to get there!
We've been going to Grandma's almost everyday to swim! What a bad summer to have lost the use of our above ground pool. We'd love to put an inground in, but not too sure about the cost. We'd love to just move - but with the cost of housing around here - it's cheaper to put in a pool. But still don't know if we can afford that! Grandma and Grandpa are kinda happy to see us so mcuh for little bits at a time, though, I think! :)
It's actually cloudy here today! It has sprinkled off and on a little in the last week, but sprinkle is definately the right word - no big rainfalls at our house. And, like last year, it seems to rain at night in the dark, not during the day... Weird!
The summer seems to be flying by so quickly (thankfully!). The boys only have 3 weeks till school will start again! I've been trying to talk to Matthew about riding the bus this year. He always wants to get on with Ryan in the morning, but I have a feeling that once it's just him - it's going to be different. I think he's going to think that Mommy goes with him, and that's not the case... I will probally go in the van, jsut to check on him the 1st day. We've bought a few supplies for Ryan already. He needs some new shorts and he'll be good to go.
Michael will change shifts once again at the end of Aug. and then he will be off during the week and working weekends again.
Digi -
This last weeks It's a Chick's Life prompt was on National Treasures. You can see the full prompt here and the gallery here! I actually did 2 layouts for this one. I wanted to do the Mount Rushmore one - but wasn't sure if I'd get the photos and such in time, so I did the Grand Canyon one.

Credits: Havana Kit Freebie - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick. Charm - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick. Date - DymoDates, Jan Crowley, The DigiChick Boutique. Eyelet - Little Black Dress Kit, Jan Crowley, The DigiChick. Paper tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Fonts: Jenn's Pen & Suzie's Hand

Journaling reads: We are fortunate enough to live on the same state as the Grand Canyon. That being said, we've only visited it twice in the 8 years we've lived here! The last trip was in October of 2004. Grammie, Reba & Sherry were here for a visit and we drove there and back in one day! Quite the trip for a 1 day with 3 kids! It was in the 90's here in the valley, but we got there and it was cold and even snowed while we were there! It was so hard to capture the grandeur of the Canyon through photos... it is so much more than a hole in the ground! It's HUGE for 1 thing! And just so utterly beautiful! The atmosphere is just so respectful too - everyone just gets so quiet as they are standing there looking....

Credits: It's a Guy Thing Kit - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. Shmootzy Frames - Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist. Paper tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font: Jenn's Pen and AquilineTwo
The torn out paper is a scan of my Grandmother's journal from the day we went to these places.

Journaling reads: The year was 1977. I was 10 and Paul was 8. We flew (by ourselves!) to Montana to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for, what I can gather, 22 days. We stayed with them on the homestead in Montana, driving the Model T and riding the horse. We drove them crazy wanting pizza to eat all the time! After 18 days there, we loaded up in their truck and starting driving to Kansas. Along the way, they took us to see Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Old Faithful. I don't remember too much about Mt. Rushmore, but I can remember some of Crazy Horse and vague impressions of Old Faithful. They also took us to a fish farm (I think it was catfish), where we fished off a dock and then they took our catch to the kitchen and fried it up for dinner. Grandma was very upset when neither of us would eat the fish! We then continued on to Hillsboro, where Mom and Dad had driven to meet us. I really don't remember too much of this trip at all. I remember the smoky lounge we were put into to wait in Chicago for our next flight. I remember us getting bucked off the horse and Grandpa riding him hard right after that. I remember someone being sick in the back of their truck on the journey. I thought it was Paul, but Grandma's journal leads me to believe it might have been me! It's so nice to have Grandma's journal to look back on now so many years later and see little glimpses of what happened.

I'll print one of these out for you too, Paul! It'll be interesting to see what you remember about the trip - for your memory is so much better than mine! :)



I did 4, yes - count them, 4 layouts yesterday. The first one you can see below, the one with the fireworks, then these 2 and then I did another one using a photo for someone else, so I won't show it.
We did manage to go swim yesterday. It's soooooo hot. Michael is off for the next 3 days, but today, I go to work.
This one is for this week's It's a Chick's Life. Our prompt this week is "As American As...". You can see the full prompt here and the gallery here.

Credits: Kraft paper - Plain Brown Wrapper, Christine Smith, The DigiChick Boutique. Papers - Downtown Unique, Andrea Burns, The DigiChick Boutique. Hand Stamped Alpha - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. Paper tear - Stpeh Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Font - Jenn's Pen
Journaling reads: Ah - the McDonald's Happy Meal - a treat that has withstood the test of time. Just what is it - the mix of the soda, or the straw? And those french fries - unmatched by any competitor. The toys have changed and the nuggets have just a little, but the box, the Arches and Ronald - all the same. The same as I remember from my childhood and that now makes my children jump for joy at the mere mention of. Of course, in my day, they didn't have the play areas that there are today! Extra appeal to my boys, who always ask if we're staying to play when they find out where we are going! To me, there is nothing more american than that little square McDonalds box...

This one is from the photo from the 4th. This one came together really quick and is just so bright and fun! :)

Credits: Cabana Boy Kit - Dani Mogstad, Design by Dani. Stitch from Fresh Air Kit - Dani Mogstad, Design by Dani. Font: Jenn's Pen
Journaling reads: We went to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for the 4th to swim and eat for awhile until Daddy got home from work. Ryan had found this bag with some water balls in it in the shed and brought them out. He took off with the balls and you confiscated the bag. You were having the best time filling it with water and then pooring it over your head! What a great way to spend a hot day!
Well - have a great day everyone! :)


I seem to be..

somehow managing 1 post a week lately! It's hard juggling things with the kids home all day and Michael home 3 to 4 days a week. Not bad - just interesting sometimes!
Matthew is doing really well with the p.o.t.t.y. training. YEAH! He went from having an aweful week where we was going through 5 pairs a day to suddenly the next week he was having 1 accident a day - maybe. And the big thing is that he is staying d.r.y at night too! Woo Whoo! I'm still having to remember to get up and to watch him, for he's still not very good at telling us when it's time.
It's hot.
Yes it's that time of the year again. 114 today with forecasts of 115 Friday and Saturday. It's just hot then, plain and simple. Dry heat or not. It was 95 this morning at 8am and stays over 100 past 10pm at night. That's hot. This is the time of year we really wish we could move. Another month to month and half to go too. I really hate it when Michael is out on flightline in this kind of heat...
Ryan got his room assignment for next year and was very happy to get the teacher he was wanting! Yeah! They will be in the basement next year, which should be different.
As far as I know, Matthew is still with Ms. Pat next year too. So that's very good. Ican't believe that we are only 1 month away from school again.
Ryan is going to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight. Grandpa is working on Ryan's train layout (it's in the dining room right now!) and he just can't stand not being over there! He's so excited about it! I'm not sure where we are going to put it - but we'll find somewhere...
I actually read a book this week! The Outlander. Andrea has gotten a bunch of us reading this and we're going to have a chat later on! It was really good and I want to go straight to the library and get the next book in the series, but I'm trying to make myself wait! I have so many other things that I want to do and scrapping and reading seem to get in the way - LOL!
I've had offers from 3 designers to be on their CT's this week. I'm really struggling with what to do. I can't possibly keep up with all 3 of them with the other things that I do, so I think I'm going to just sit it out. I HATE saying no to them, but I have so many pages I want to scrap and more than enough kits to keep me busy for a long time. I acutally got 2 pages done just for me in the last 2 days! I have what - 6 pages - done down below. I was too lazy to upload them into this post, so just keep scrolling until you see stuff you've seen! LOL!
Ok - I'm off again! I need to get Ry ready for G-ma's and I think we're going to go swim there too. I'm going to pick up dinner for Matthew and myself and then we'll be home for night!


I'm in a lifting mood today - so when I saw Gina Miller's layout today - away I went! Lift of Gina's layout here: www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?gallery=4&cmd=display&layout_id=924 733
Journaling reads: Daddy had to work this 4th of July, so we weren�t too sure what the 3 of us were going to do. Daddy was on the 5 to 5 shift, so we knew he�d be home for fireworks later. We ended up at Grandma and Grandpa�s for awhile in the afternoon, had lunch, swam and just hung out for a bit. After Daddy came home, we ate and then did some of the sparklers, glo worms, snaps, and poppers that we had out in the backyard. When it got close to the time for fireworks, we got in the van and went to look for a spot. We headed up to where the 2 churches were going to each have a display and started looking. Of course, since in was already over an hour pst bedtime, Matthew was already snoozing! We ended up finding the perfect spot behind a 3rd church where you could view both displays at once! We woke Matthew up when it was time, but after seeing the 1st set go up, he was done. Daddy took him back to the van to keep cool and Ryan and I stayed to watch! What a great spot for fireworks! I think we will be trying there again next year!
Credits: Sweet Liberty Paper Pack (red & blue stars cut from this too) - Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. Paper tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Cirlce stitch - Shabby Princess, Urban Kiwi. Straight stitch - Delightful Kit - Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. Glitter star (recolored), photo corners (recolored), jewelry tag (recolored), eyelet, vintage star - Shabby Shack Mega Kit, Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. White cardboard - Pinky Boo Kit - Fee Jardine, The DigiChick Boutique.
Font: Jenn's Pen


This is my sweet kitty. I think that he and I have a special relationship and have been wanting to do a layout of him. I lifted a layout of Jan Crowley's for this: http://www.thedigichick.com/gallery/...500/ppuser/338
Journaling reads: We share the same birthday month. You were born underneath my bed. Your mother and siblings were all pure white, while you were pure black. I knew at first sight that you were the one. You grew up with 2 dogs in the house to emulate. I tried so hard to keep you indoors, but you were just too curious. You follow me around the house and nip at my heels when you see we�re not going where you wanted. You like to have a little fresh kitty food in your bowl to eat. You love to have fresh water in the sink. You know to come tap on the bathroom door when you want to come back inside at night. You brought Ryan in a sweet little baby bird to sing him awake in his bedroom one morning. You know that when I�m going to sit on the floor in the boys bedroom at night, it�s time for some pets and you know that when I get into bed that your spot is on my right side and you curl up for more pets. You are mine and I am yours, sweet kitty...
Credits: Portabella Road - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick Boutique. Stitch from Hip Cat Kit - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick Boutique. Hand Stamped Alpha - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist.
Fonts: Jenn's Penn & Kingthings Printingkit


Journaling reads:
We�ve had these packs of sparklers for years now and had slowly been using a couple a year. This is the 1st year that we�ve talked you into holding them, Ryan. You were so tentative when Daddy lite them, but as they burned - the joy in holding them came out!
Credits: Independence Day Kit Freebie - Susan Bartolini, ScrapKitchen. Alpha - Peaceful Christmas - Susan Bartolini, ScrapKitchen. "Made In America" label - The Patirotic Freebie (retired) - Susan Bartolini, ScrapKitchen. Paper tear - Steph Krush - Digital Paper Tearing.
Font: Jenn's Penn, Kingthings Printingkit


Journaling reads:
Freedom - it�s not something that you think of everyday. But the older I get, the more it crosees my mind. The more I pay attention to the news and the more I see what goes on in the world around me. And the more I realize just how very blessed I am to live in this country. To have my family and raise my sons in this country. Where we don�t have to worry about bombs going off around us, we can vote if we choose and we can hear somewhat unbiased news reports! We can listen to whatever music we want and wear what we want!
Freedom rawks!
Credits: Independence Day Kit Freebie - Susan Bartolini, ScrapKitchen. Chipboard Action- Atomic Cupcake.
Font: Jenn's Pen
Photo from Putsmans.com


Credits: Maddy's Room Kit - Susan Bartolini, ScrapKitchen. Peace charm - Living Simply Kit, Susan Bartolini, ScrapKitchen. Paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font - Jenn's Pen


Journaling reads:
you are such a delightful mixture to me. the first thing you asked was for me to braid your hair, a ritual that we do everytime we see each other. But then there�s this side you to that plays softball, basketball, snowboards and rides horse. not such a girly girl...
Credits: Maddy's Room Kit - Susan Bartolini, ScrapKitchen. Flower tears and paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font - Jenn's Pen


Guardian Peas...

As some of you may know, my friend Steph from Digital Paper Tearing, has a 3 year old son who is fighting cancer. There is a wonderful group of designers that have joined forces to create The Guardian Peas. the Guardians are currently raising funds for Steph and her family and 2 other families with little boys with cancer. I do not design, so I have donated my time and my money to help out. Here is the description for this weekends happenings! :)

PLEASE JOIN US for a weekend of fun activities at the Guardian Peas! If you haven't already heard, this is a fundraising event for 3 special little boys with cancer. All of their moms are regular members within the digiscrapping community and we wanted to reach out to help them. You can help too, by purchasing any of the fundraising kits available for sale. There is the Kaleidoscope of Hope mega kit for only $10, and several Pea Pairs kits for only $5 each. And each kit purchase will give you an entry into Monday's raffle for a variety of terrific prizes.

Here is the chat schedule for the Guardian Peas events. All chat times are EASTERN. If you need time conversion help, check out the World Time Server.
Friday night Pajama Party, July 7th:
9 PM: Elannah
10 PM: Theresa Hernandez
11 PM: Kathy Moore

Saturday, July 8th:
10 AM: Kim Hill & Michelle Raine
11 AM: Amber Clegg and
Michelle Adams
12 Noon: Summer Simmons
and Dawn (Wilson?)
1 PM: LaWanna Desjardin
2 PM: Mirranda Reinhardt
3 PM: Mona Minnie
4 PM: Sweet Shoppe Designs
5 PM: Kathy Moore
6 PM: Keely Simpson
7 PM: Amy Carey & Roberta Lander - BINGO
8 PM: Elizabeth Lane
9 PM: Brenda Kempf
10 PM: Scrap Mommies
11 PM: Dani Mogstad

Every chat will be a fun-filled time with lots of prizes to give away. And don't forget, you will get one entry into Monday's raffle for each kit you purchase at the Guardian Peas site. All of the money raised (minus site administration fees) will be split amongst the three families. So be sure to buy as many kits as you can afford. If you would like to make a larger donation, there is a separate PayPal button on the site home page.

I have purchased the kit and had the pleasure of using it last week for this layout.

Credits: Kaleidoscope of Hope Collaborative Benefit Kit - Guardian Peas. Digital Paper Tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Fonts: Jenn's Pen
I actually didn't feel any journaling was necessary for this. The quote "I believe in the power of dreams - I can be anthing, anywhere" pretty much summed up what I might have wanted to say anyway. There were so many different papers in this kit, that I wanted to use lots of them, and by golly, I think I did - LOL! :)
So come join Amber & me on Saturday morning! :)

The only other layout I have finished right now is the one from last week's Chick's Life. My June review!

Journaling reads:
I think our month of June can be pretty much summed up in one word, Vermont! We flew, using our flight privledges, to see Grammie & Grandpy. The trip there was an adventure, & 10 plus hours later, we were there. We got to spend the 1st day with Reba, Sherry & Rick. You guys played, jumped on the trampoline in the rain and saw the horse. You both played with your daddy’s old toys that he played with as a child. Ryan learned how to drive Grandpy’s John Deere mower. Daddy & Ryan lost the ball in the back 40 & Ryan saw a snake. Then you made a snake crossing sign, ha! We also saw lots of trains for Ryan. It wasn’t all fun & games, for Daddy, with Mommy’s help, did lots of little jobs around the house for Grammie and Grandpy. We ate at lots of little “mom & pop” stands & made lots of trips into W. Leb. for shopping. It was nice & cool while we were there & there was even rain off & on. It was so nice to be able to be back outside everyday to let you both play! Then, too shortly, it was time to do the 10 hour plus trip home!
Credits: June Chick's Life Mini Kit - Heather Roselli, The DigiChick. Hand Stamped Alpha - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. Digital Paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font: Jenn's Pen

I am almost done with a few layouts for Susan at ScrapKitchen! She has released her newest kit, Maddy's Room (and it's on sale thru Sat. - so hurry!) and has put up the kit I used in the header, Independance Day, as a freebie - so run and check it out!
I'm off to try to finish up these layouts! :)


And then I disappear again...

At 1st I had nothing to add to this, and then I just got behind again, LOL!
I guess I'll start with today...

It's raining today! At least for a little while. It woke me up at 3am or so with the wind and such, but I didn't think it was raining. Till we got up and yep, it is! We haven't had a rainy day since last time I posted pics... gosh, when was that? It already looks as if it's clearing up though...
Yesterday, Michael had to work. He did get home right at 5pm, which was nice. The boys and I ended up going to my parents house for about 4 hours. Had a simple hot dog lunch and went to their pool to swim.

Matthew had the best time playing with the plastic bag. He would fill it up and then dump it on his own head! Too cute!

We had Ryan run from the side of the pool and jump into the water, while trying to catch the ball we were throwing at him! I know, I know. Not a new concept, but he had never done it and had a blast doing it! Grandma's throwing the ball at him in this shot, so I could take a pic! :)
We had a few "fireworks" to use here at home last night. Some sparklers, some glow worms, and a few poppers. We went in the backyard at dusk and did most of them, still have a few to save again for next year.

I am soooo in love with this shot, and yes, it will be coming to a scrapbook page near you soon. LOL! We had to really talk him into holding these. We can't buy sparklers here in AZ (I think I got these in KS 4 years ago - LOL!), so he doesn't have the luxury of having these be a 4th of July thing as I did growing up. You go around telling them ot to touch - that it's hot and then we tried to talk him into holding them. But he did! So fun to watch his face go from concern to realizing it didn't hurt and he had fun! :)

I filled an entire CF car with firework photos last night. Not very many of them are really good, but this one is! Fireworks will definately take some more practice to learn how to shoot. I have the camera now - so now have to wait till next year and hopefully I'll be better. We found a really killer spot to watch them this year. There are 2 churches that are a few blocks apart that do fireworks. So we were driving and happend on another church that was up a ways from the 1st two. There were ball fields right behind that church and you could see both firework displays from there. We will definately be going back there next year! Poor Doodle just couldn't wait up till 9pm for the display though. I tired to keep him up, but the van ride was just too much for him. We took him out to look, but he was still so sleepy, he kept signing "all done" and just laid down on Michael's shoulder. So, the 2 of them watched/slept from the van. Maybe next year...

Matthew's OT brought over this rqeally cool stuff a couple of sessions ago. It was from Target and made "snow". You added this powder to water and it fluffed up. REally cool! It took a little convincing for Matthew to play in it, but then he had a ball!

Matthew's MT had her last day with Matthew last week too. She's moving to St. Louis to work for the School for the Blind. We are very sad that she had to go and I hope her replacement can live up to her. We have about a month before her replacement starts (hopefully!), so we are down to 2 therapists a week right now. Kinda feels like vacation, for they both come on Monday's!

This is the litte (3x3) book that I made for Jenny to take with her. I had lots of cute photos of them from the last year that I hadn't gotten to here - so I put them in a book! She also had a photo of them 2 of them from Christmas that she had laminated and put magnets on for our fridge. Now, of course, every time he goes past there, he stops and says "nenny" and gives her a kiss! Soooo cute!
Ok - that's probally it for today.
Digi wise - I am swamped at the moment! LOL! I've kept up on my Chick's Life, but still need to do this weeks. Holly has opened her new store, Plain Digital Wrapper, and gone in with lots of other fabulous designers too. She also has put out 3 new kits, with another one coming out later today sometime! Wow! And Susan from ScrapKitchen is in the process of finishing 2 new kits and a redesign for her site sometime very soon! So, I have 6 new kits to do layouts for and other fun stuff that I got/bought from some other fabulous designers last week too. It seems everyone had a sale of some sort. I made it through Jen Wilson's sale with nothing, but Kim Christensen had a sale and I had tuff on my wish list from her. So I bought some of the things I wanted from her since she doesn't have sales very often. I'm going to have to spend some quailty time figuring out a better way to remember what new things I have to work with. The CT kits are easier, because they stay on my mind and I think about them. But I need to get what I have in some way so I can see what's available. I used Picassa the other week and got everything imported into it (at the time!). But I want it organized like I have everything in my folders. By store, then designer, then kit with everything in that one folder for that kit. And I want the preview to show up in Picassa 1st, because I can usually tell if I want something from it from that. But I have to figure out how to make Picassa do waht I want it to do. And it's going to take lots of time to set it up, time that I don't have with 2 munchins at home for the summer.
Well - that's it for now. I might be back later with some of the layouts I've done recently, not many, but some! :)


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