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I missed a day...

Still pretty good for me though, huh?
Ryan did manage to stay there all night! Didn't come back home till about 10am. We loaded up and went to see this

at about 1pm.! So good!!! We went to a brand new theater that's not particulary close to our house, but apparently no one knew it was open yet. The theater was empty! Bonus! Matthew got to run around a little before the movie started without bothering anyone. But then, of course, he wasn't too sure about sitting still when it started. We finally got him to settle in some, and then he took a nap! LOL! He did get to see most of it and was VERY excited about it all when he woke up! It took him 1/2 hour to get to sleep last night, but that's better than I thought. Ry went down fast and didn't wake up til 8am! That's a new record for him, I think!
P. Training has been going a little better. Today's been good so far - no accidents! Go Peanut!Michael's at work today, so we went on another bike ride. Couldn't go as far as last time, or as far as I'd like, for Ry's bike had a flat. I think it happens everytime we go on a ling bike ride - the next day, it's flat. So hopefully Michael can fix it tomorrow. Then we came home and had a water fight - I mean - we washed my van! LOL! Kept us cool though!
Here's my 2 layouts from the June DeZine!

Credits: Marketplace Kit - Sarah Jones, The DigiChick. Paper Tear by Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Font: Donnyshand
Journaling reads:
Somehow, you came up with the idea to have a Kool-aid stand. And somehow, your daddy agreed to it. So the morning of April 30, 2006, we got up, got ready and then made 2 pitchers of Kool-Aid. You had to wear your nice button-up shirt to look sharp. You and Daddy set up a table and a cooler with the Kool-Aid in it. You sat and made signs with markers, 25 cents a cup, and waited for someone to buy from you. You mostly sold to the neighbors and mommy and daddy. But then the Big Brown Truck came down the street... and STOPPED! The very nice UPS driver bought a cup of Black Cherry from you! You were sooooo excited! Your first real sale! Too much fun! You actually made about $3.00 that day. You were very polite and portrayed the role of server to a T. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of you!

Credits: Backyard BBQ Kit - June DeZine, The DigiChick Designers. Paint brushes - Summer Memories Chat Kit (retired), Holly McCaig, The DigiChick Designers. Paper Tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Font: Donnys Hand Urban Acid Action used on the photo.
Journaling reads:
That's what we dubbed you last week... water dog. Where's there's water, you find it to play in. You love the stuff. Mommy or Daddy can't take a shower without two little hands opening the shower door and a little naked someone getting in. You adore going outside to play in the water. On this day, Mommy took you and Ryan out front in the shade to play on the driveway with the sprinkler. You used the umbrella, a bucket, your hands, andything you could to catch the water. I think your favorite day this year at school was water day. You just love the water!

Credits: Kraft paper, Original stamp, file folder, tag, memo paper - Plain Brown Wrapper, Christine Smith, The DigiChick Boutique. Stamped Alpha - Christine Smith, The DigiChick Boutique. Holed Edges (paper) and file closure - Amy Martin. Inked Edge action - Atomic Cupcake. Font: Jenn's Pen
This was for this week's Chick's Life of which the prompt was vacation. I kinda just typed out the journaling and didn't go back to re-read it, so I hope it makes sense. I was going to do a page documenting our trip, the fun we had, the airplane ride, etc., but when i got back and came home to the "reality" of the world I live in, I started thinking about the time we were gone, and how basically uncomplicated it was. It was a different vacation - one away from my cyber world that I live in so much at home. And so this layout came out.
Jouranling reads:
We went to Vermont to see Grammie and Grandpy for vacation. I was so worried about the trip itself, that I didn't think too much abou the vacation. They have no computer, so I knew I'd be without internet during the week. I thought for sure I'd go nuts. While we were there, I did realize off and on that I wasn't missing it. I wasn't thinking about what was going on in my cyber world as much as I thought I was going to. I did miss having the me time though. I did make Michael go for a very long walk with me one night, because my "escape" wasn't available. I do find that escaping to the internet, to my cyber world is a way to decompress. If I have a few minutes - I can log on and check a blog, check in at the Chick or surf a gallery. It gives me a precious few minutes to myself to just get away for a minute. It's actually a really good way to get away for a few minutes. When I read books, I have a hard time putting them down. So to be able to escape to cyber world for a few minutes at a time, can keep me sane. When we did get back, I thought about how very little I missed, really, and how nice it was to have spent time with my family without wondering if there was a new e-mail or blog update or a phone call interupting. I learned that it's nice to have a break from all the technology that makes up our modern world and to get back to focusing on what matters most... my family!
Now I just need to remember it! :)
We bought a new kiddie pool at Taget the other day and I promised the boys we could get in it today, so that's what's next.
And of course, I typed too soon. Off to change the Doodler!



we started out this morning with an at-least 2 mile bike ride! We had breakfast then saddled up and went. I was trying to wear their little b.u.t.t.s out early! LOL! We had fun and it wasn't too hot as long as you kept moving. I'm hoping it's something we can keep on doing at least a couple times a week. It's 9:30pm here and still 104. That always amazes me.
Then we went to Target. Same mistake as the day before... Return one thing and spend more. I'm swearing back off of stores to beat the heat.
Ryan is over at the neighbor's house for a s.l.e.e.p. over tonight. We'll see if he manages to stay there all night. The last few times, he's made it till 11pm or so and then had to come home. Anxiety or something.
P.o.t.t.y. training - not going so good. I ask if he needs to go and usually take him. And not 20 minutes later, he goes. He KNOWS what to do, but it's not clicking yet. Gotta go dig out some of Ry's oldies to keep around, cause we're going through them faster than I can do the wash.

I posted these layouts around yesterday. I did these for the Ultimate contest that I changed my mind on and did new layouts for.

Journaling reads:
There is just so much potential that I see in your beautiful, big blue eyes! Sometimes I can hardly wait to see where life's going to take you! I hope, as you grow, that you will not listen to the people that might not believe that you can be what you dream. For you can do anything, belong anywhere and be anything you dream you can be... for I believe in you.
Credits: Background paper, patterned paper and quote from Living Series, Being Kit - Jen Wilson, SBB. March 2006 Straight Paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears. Straight and ZigZag stitches from Mary Jane Kit - Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist. Grungy Edge Overlay - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. Torn Carboard Tab from Book Bag Essentials Kit - Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials.
Font - Linenstroke

Journaling reads:
The three of you are forever connected. You are father and sons, my 3 boys, forever family. But you are also connected through your names. Your daddy is named Michael John, with the John coming from his daddy Everett John. When we found out we were pregnant with you, Ryan, we thought that was kind of a cool tradition. We knew we wanted you to have the middle name Michael. We finally decided on Ryan for your 1st name, after Ryne Sandberg, the Cubs baseball player. Daddy even wanted to spell it the same way, but I refused. Growing up with the maiden name that I had, I knew what it was like to have a hard-to-spell name. Ryan means "little king," which we thought was fitting for our 1st son also. When we were pregnant with you, Matthew, we knew you would have the middle name John. We had picked out the name Tyler for your 1st name. Tyler means "maker of tiles." After we found out that you would have DS, it just didn't fit anymore. I started searching through the meaning of names. I came to Matthew, which means "gift of the Lord." That was it for you, for you are our gift from God. So that, my sons, is the story of your names. You both have many of your daddy's features and traits - your hair color is the same as daddy's when he was little, your body shape, Matthew - your eyes, Ryan - your nose. The three of you walking side-by-side are a sight to see - 3 peas in a pod! But of all the things that you share with daddy, your names will be with you always. You will forever carry with you a reminder of him, for you share with him a name. I hope that as you get older and live with your name, that you will wear it with pride and think lovingly of the daddy you were named for.
Credits: Background paper - Spring in St. Louis Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Patterned papers - Family Moments Collaberative Kit - Holly McCaig & Kimberly Giarrusso, Holly McCaig Designs. Digital Paper Tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font: Jenns Pen, Susie's Hand

For good or bad, I'm getting caught up in this new Windfall show. Takes some of the boredom out of the summer, I guess.
I won a gift certificate to Dani's store yesterday by being the 599th person to sign up at the new message board! Cool! Thanks again Dani!!! Got lots of yummy stuff that I had had my eye on for quite some time! Cabana Boy, Cool Aid, Fresh Air and her chipboard alpha! Thanks again Dani!!!
New stuff came out at the Chick tonight too! Yum!
Ok - I'm off to bed! Night! :)


Just as I am...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was approached a while ago about a digital kit being designed to benefit 3 different down syndrome groups. Since I don't design, there wasn't anything I could contribute, but I can get the word out about it! :)
It has been released and you can find information and previews about it at:
I also added the link into my DS bar at the side near the bottom, if you need to find it later!


What a day!

Not only am I the scraplift over at ScrapArtist, but my "the story of you" layout was picked as the layout of the day at The DigiChick! Check it out! And on the Chicks blog too! :) How fun!



It's me again! Can you stand it? LOL! Don't die of shock!

This is Reba. How stinkin' cute is she??? I can not believe how very much she's grown up and changed... since the last time we had seen her... since when she was born... since we 1st time we saw her. She is growing up to be quite the little lady!

Reba's Grandma's horse. Pretty horse. Everytime I brought up the camera, you could tell he was wondering what the heck I was doing...

This was about the best shot I could get of the 3 of them....

Have I mentioned how cute he is? Heard verbally from him today - k (for okay), push, monster (for Monsters Inc the movie), Matthew (slightly morphed) and me. P.o.t.t.y. is going well, but he just had his 1st accident today. And we had just gone. *sigh*

Teaching Ry how to wing it across the yard. They had such fun playing this together.
I have more, but I'll save them. Gives me something else to post another day. right?
Notice all the green? It's so amazing now that we're home. Michael and I wake up every morning a little snotty. We both noticed while we were there that it was clearing up. Back home and it's beginning all over again. I got to thinking about it this morning. All the smog in the air here. You can SEE it looking across the city. And Michael works right in the heart of it. Ugh. There was NONE of that there. It was hazy because of moisture, not smog. *sigh*
Today smells like:

Bath and Body Works had these for $5 each last Friday when we were shopping. So I smell like this today.

Today's tart scent that's burning - yum! It's 115 today and I have a tart burning inside. A little hot, yes, but sometime's you have to say what the heck and do it anyway...
Still working on laundry. Still have layouts to do. Still am not finding my balance. Tomorrow is another day, right?
I have some more layouts that were done before we left that I will probally be back to post later. Or maybe tomorrow! :)


bad blogger, bad...

I was 1/2 of the way done with a post this morning, when I decided to be safe and save it in draft mode. Gone, all gone. Now it wouldn't be so bad if I'd copied it before I did that, but alas. *sigh* I tired to update here a week and half ago too, only to have them go down for maintenance. Maybe they just don't like me. *sigh*
So - Here I am. I've forgotten most of what has happened between my last post and when we went on vacation. What you say - you went on vacation? Why yes, yes we did, but more about that later.
We went to a wedding. It was on my parents anniversary and they graciously agree to keep the boys for us so we could go. A buddy of Michael's that he used to work with got married. They were one of the couples we hung out with we did stuff with Falcon people. Very nice wedding. Nice to be able to hang out just the 2 of us. I brought my camera and left it in the van. I kept eyeballing their photographer and thinking "I could do this."
Got my hair cut before the wedding. The day before, which is a little too close to the fact for my hair. It tends to freak out on me for a couple of days after a haircut. Shorter for summer. It really freaked out in VT with the humidity, it's totally not use to it! LOL! Other than that - it was alot of therapy, getting all the sessions from Memorial Day weekend and our vacation made up!
I've done alot of layouts that I haven't shared here yet. I posted them below here with the credits, so just keep scrolling. There are alot, so just keep going (and going and going!)!
Let's see - vacation. We went to VT on the 9th to visit Michael's parents. I don't like to say anything before we go, because you never really know who's reading this. We used our flight benefits and went from Friday until Thursday. I was more than a little worried about how Matthew would deal with all this. He hasn't flown since he was 4 months old and it would all be new to him. He surprised me! We ended up puttin ghim a stroller to get to the gate, but then let him out since it was over an hour till we boarded. Then we just had to follow him around (and around and around!:). We made the flight, but had to sit 2 by 2 and rows apart. Michael asked a very nice couple to switch with Matthew and I, so we could all sit in the aisle seats across from each other, so it worked out. We packed the DVD player, but realized the day before we left that it didn't run on batteries like we thought, but on a rechargable battery. Approximate running time - 2 hours. Not good for a 5 hour flight. Matthew was to sit in his car seat (the one he can't get out of) but they wanted it in a window seat only, and we didn't have one. He figured out how to unbuckle the seat belt within 5 minutes. He went back and forth between Michael and I after we ran out of movie battery. He napped for about an hour on both trips too. He was really pretty good considering the on-the-go little guy that he is. We actually had compliments on both of them from the people around us bothe coming and going. Ryan about talked the guy next to him's ear off on the way home. He expressed an interest in trolley cars to Ryan (he was from San Fransico) and it was on! I appologized at the end of the flight and he said Ry was a delight! How sweet, huh? So, it was 2 hours early to the airport, a 5 hour flight, and then getting luggage (1/2 hour to hour) and then a 3 hour drive to their home. A very long day indeed. On the way up, about an hour into the flight, the plane STANK!!!! Everyone was asking the parents of babies if it was their child. Finally they figured out it was a CAT! A lady had brought her cats with her on board and one of them had stank up the place. She was sent to the bathroom (which then put one out of order for the rest of the flight) to try to clean it up. She came out several times, only to be chased back in there, for it still stank. The stewardess' sprayed Fabreeze, but that just made this yucky sweet smell that I could smell in my nose till the next day. Poor lady, poor cat - but oh - gross!!!!
*disclaimer - most of these shots are straight out of the camera, or I'd never get around to posting, so - most are dark!

So Vermont - so nice and cool! We were loving it! We were out everday doing something, which now that we're back in the 115 degree heat, we're not. It rained the 1st day and we were still out in it. We did some work around his parents place - made them a patio of sorts to step on before going onto their little porch to get into the house. To try to keep them out of the mud. Got their new BBQ grill assembled for them. Putzed some. Ate way too much. Drove too much. 30 minutes into town to eat, shop, etc and 10 minutes at least to anyone's house that we visited. We dream about moving there every time we're there though. We'll see.

The kidson the trampoline in the rain!

The waterfall by Michael's sister's house. We couldn't get down there this time - too much water and too dangerous with little kids! I wanted to go back (it was one of the things I really wanted to get photos of), but it never happened.
Tried to get a good shot of the cousin together. I'm going to have to work on them before I can post them. Got a few good ones of Reba too, because she would sit still, while my monkeys were off and running.

Michael - he went back to work today after having 10 days off. Back to the heat again. Last Friday, my mom watched the boys for us so I could take him shopping to spoil him for Father's Day for a change. He always gets shafted on his birthday with it being so close to Christmas. He always says he doesn't need anything. So I took him shopping and made him pick out the things I wanted to buy for him! :) He got new flip flops, new tennis shoes for work and new Oakley sunglasses. We also found him a Cardinals Baseball Pujols t-shirt. Michael has admired him for awhile and recently become more admired by us since finding out he has a daughter with DS. Then we went to Outback Steakhouse for an early dinner and then picked them up. So the boys gave him the shirt and the IMAX Nascar DVD and a Tony Stewart magnet for his truck on Sunday. We went to my parents to BBQ and swim that afternoon.

Ryan - he learned how to drive Granpy's lawn tractor while we were there! He loved riding around on it! He thinks he saw a snake too in the grass out back, but he's the only one to have seen it! Aunt Sherry, Uncle Rick and Reba took him to see Cars at the theater as a treat on Saturday night. He really enjoyed being there with them and the movie itself. We may go again with all of us later this summer some time! He was really goo most of the time on the trip. The whinning stopped to a certain degree. There was another little boy down the street that he played with some and he got to play with all Michael's old toys! Fun! He also got to see the Amtrack train go by, which made his day!

Matthew - such a good boy mostly too! I thought we might have problems with the quickness of going and sleeping in a new bad or just anything - but nothing! Grammie had Christmas videos there, so he was in 7th heaven watching Rudolph and such. We are full on with p.o.t.t.y training right now. He has been in b.i.g. b.o.y u.n.d.i.e.s since sometime on Saturday. Yes - we are having accidents, but not too bad. We did find out that he will have the same teacher so far next year! Yay! He goes to the afternoon class and will be riding the bus! Wow! He seems to have really blossomed in the speech department - daing cars just as clear as day and calling out Grammie and Grandpy and all sorts of other things! Seems leaps and bounds since last week! Go Matthew!
They both seem to have grown up so much in the week we were gone. *sigh*

Me - yeah - no new pics of me, so you'll have to make due with a pretty shot.

or 2.

or 3. I could have walked around taking pretty shots the entire time we were there, but not practical with 2 little monsters and a hubby! :) Let's see - I got new RAM for the 'puter before we left. Up to a gig now and it's really cool! Even better that I got it on sale for like $27. I also ordered a camera bag, another CF card and a remote for the camera. Sweet! Didn't take the bag, beacuse I only took the zoom lense and the camera. And a million other things to keep the kids busy on the plane. Being on vacation was very nice. It's really amazing what it can do. And yes - there's a layout on it's way about my feelings about it. I did all our laundry while we were there and had the house picked up before we left. I still have no less than 8 loads of laundry to do and the house is a mess. Ugh! It took me 3 days to get through the blogs on my bloglines and go through all the e-mails. I really, really want to submit and be published. I haven't heard if SS Digi 6 calls have gone out yet. So I really want to find out about that.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh yeah - I'm the scraplift over at ScrapArtist right now! Check it out! Really cool to me! I admire so many girls over there, and have friends there. What an honor to me! I love their stuff in their shoppe and it's another place that I would love to be on the CT at, if I had a million more hours in my day! Wishful thinking all the way around!
Well - this has taken me over an hour to get done. My fault for not getting to update it sooner, I suppose. I'll try to get back here sooner next time! LOL! See ya!


Week 4 of the Ultimate. I did a layout for my challenge recently that was about balance, and my lack of it right now. But the layout ended up a little too pretty and orderly for how I'm feeling about it. So this is what was born out of the truer feelings I have right now.

Journaling reads:
fragmented, yep that?s me. the way I feel lately. little bitty pieces of me scattered all over everywhere. I feel so pulled in every direction. everything needs a little piece of me. so many things to do & never enough time. I create and the other things fall by the wayside. I concentrate on all the other things & the creative me shouts out for attention. Where is that balance that will bring
the pieces all together & make a more complete me...

Now maybe I can concentrate on the million other little things I need to do this week. LOL!
Thank you for looking!

Credits: Kraft paper background, silver alpha & staple - Little Black Dress Kit, Jan Crowley, The DigiChick. Aged Swirl - Blessings Kit, ScrapArtist Creative Team, ScrapArtist. Notes Stamp (altered by taking off 1st line and duplicating), ink splot stamps, coffee stain stamp & Metal Binder Clip - Book Bag Essentials Kit, Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. Paint Brushes - The Digi Supply Closet Paint Brush, Meredith Fenwick, Scrapbook Bytes. Create foam stamp - Signature 1 Elements, Jen Wilson, Jen Wilson Deisgns. Dragonflies - Hoping Kit, Living Series, Jen Wilson, Scrapbook Bytes. Sodered Tag (background, glass & soldered edge) - Love is Collaberative Kit, ScrapArtist. Frayed Bow - Simply Spring Mini Kit - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. Duct Tape - Assorted Tapes Kit, Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals. Notebook paper edges - Holed Edges, Amy Martin. Straight Stitch (recolorized to black) - MaryJane Kit, Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist. Torn photo pieces - April Scrap Packs, Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Stitched x - Splendid Kit, Kristie David, Shabby Princess. Photo Border - Borders B, Andrea's Borders, atncentral downloads.
Fonts: DSP Pollyana, Stamp Act Jumbled, SF Happiness, Mechanical Fun, 4990810, blueBaby


Week 3 of the Ultimate. Journaling reads:
We were about 17 weeks pregnant with you when we learned 2 things. You would be a boy and you would have Down syndrome. We were so happy, but not too surprised somehow, that you were a boy. Ryan would have a baby brother! But the DS part scared us, so very much. We had your sonogram on a Friday afternoon and cried the whole weekend. We just weren?t sure what this would mean for our family. Within a few weeks the DS was confirmed, and we were in full research mode. I read any book I could get my hands on. We walked around scanning faces to see if we saw anyone who might know what we were going through. We eventually did by finding the Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona group and what a relief that was! We were able to see that we weren?t the only ones going through this, the only ones this had happened to. And we began to understand that it would be ok? We named you Matthew John ? Matthew means ?Gift of the Lord? and John is your daddy?s middle name. As you grew in my tummy, the fears and questions subsided some and the joy in your arrival began again! You were in a hurry to arrive and came 3 weeks early. You had a little bit of a hard time breathing which caused you to be in the NICU for a few days, and had a BIG bruise on your head that didn?t go away for a month and a half. We were so relived to know that they were right when they had found no other health issues through your sonograms. We surprised the hospital staff by being so well prepared for you at your birth. I think most of the time they are used to people not knowing until after the baby?s birth and we were quite a change for them. I had to check out on Monday and you couldn?t come home until Tuesday. I cried walking in the house without you. But then you were home with us and life moved on. There was a lot of change and adjustment that 1st year? We shifted from being a family of 3 to a completed family of 4. You were littler than Ryan had been (which is why we dubbed you Peanut) and were just such a floppy little guy! So quiet too, we really had to work to get you to eat that 1st month. I learned how to roll you around to strengthen you. We learned how to hold you properly to feed you to lessen any problems. We adjusted to having 4 therapists come to the house weekly to work with you and to teach us. We learned about you ? the things you did just like Ryan and the things that were uniquely your own. We learned you did everything; you just had your own timetable as to when you would do it. We slowly stopped wondering it people could ?tell? and just went on with our day. During that 1st year, I would say that if I could wave a magic wand, I wouldn?t change you, but I would take away the DS in a heartbeat. I just didn?t want your life to be hard. But then we hit your 1st birthday, and things began to shift a little. I realized how stressed I?d been, unbeknownst to me, that 1st year. And how much we were all starting to relax, per say, then. We just sort of felt the groove of our life and it all fell into place. And slowly I began to think about it, and I realized that I didn?t want the DS gone anymore. That I just didn?t think you could be ?you? without it. It?s all a part of you - all intertwined with that little extra chromosome. And we realized that?s it really, really was ok! Fast-forward to today and you are a happy, healthy 4-year-old. We still have therapists and pre-school thrown in on top. Life has gotten way busier. We still have lots of times when we worry about you and the things that affect you and times that are stressful. But we?re not scared anymore. And that 21 chromosome that caused all the fuss really isn?t the bad guy. We now know it?s not an easy road, but it?s not really so hard either. It is just a trip down a road differently traveled. It is a fun, cute-as-a-bug road and a road well worth traveling. And you are worth anything and everything to us. We love you so very much!

Credits: Background paper, patterned paper, hanging tags (the single tag was altered from the 2 tags), tab (made from Painted Blue paper) and swirls - Summer Whimsy Kit, ScrapArtist Designers, ScrapArtist. Stitches - Mary Jane Kit, Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist. Frames ( a double frame altered to make 3) - Mud Room Elements, Jen Wilson, Jen Wilson Designs. Paper tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Fonts - Donnys Hand

The 3 little photos are - me pregnant with Matthew with Ryan hugging my tummy, Me holding Matthew in the hospital right after he was born and Matthew at his 1st birthday.
Little tags read - Pregnant with you, Right after you were born and At your 1st birthday
Tab reads 4 years old


Week 2 from the Ultimate contest. Well - I just keep staring at this, but I am very satisifed with it and it is done, so I'll post it! LOL! I, too have done alot of AAM layouts recently, so was very excited about this assignment. I'm not afraid of them anymore! Yay! I WANT my sons to remember me and know things about me later in life. I honestly had to stop. I had more I kept thinking to add, but the type is already way small! LOL!

Journaling reads:
You see the usual ? a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom.
But look deeper... I see a daughter who lives 7 minutes away from her parents, yet doesn?t see them nearly as often as she should or as often as she wants to. I see a sister who misses her little brother terribly and wishes they lived closer. I see a woman who left a relationship of 5 years to be with her future husband and never once regretted it. I see a woman who married that man within 7 months of meeting him. I see a wife who still thinks her husband is hot after 11 years of marriage and craves more time alone with him. I see a mom who can?t believe she has an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old son. I see a mom of a child with Down syndrome, who never in a million years thought it would be her, but wouldn?t change a thing. I see a mom who would fight tooth and nail for her children.

You see a 39 year old woman.
But look deeper... I see a woman who doesn?t feel 39, who feels younger. I see a woman who has worn contacts for most of her life, but finds herself in glasses for the past 4 months and kind of likes it. I see a woman who is getting more and more comfortable in her own skin. A woman who doesn?t feel the need to change anything ? well, maybe she?d like her teeth whitened, but that?s it! I see a woman who weighs less than she did over 9 years ago before she was pregnant with her first son, but still needs to lose a little more weight. I see a woman whose mother and grandmother have diabetes, making her the next person in direct line for the disease. I see a woman who waits way too long between haircuts.

You see a digital scrapper.
But look deeper... I see a woman who has found her niche in digital scrapping. A woman who finds her degree in graphic arts combining with the hobby that she found so interesting, but had a hard time getting anything done in paper. A woman who never thought she?d ever submit anything, but now has a goal to do just that, and be published at least once. A woman who would lose sleep to get a page finished, and then go to bed dreaming of more layouts. A woman who has found a new interest in photography that goes hand in hand with scrapbooking. I see a woman who now asks for geeky electronic presents instead of diamonds. I see a woman who never likes to go out to eat by herself, yet craves time alone to scrapbook. I see a rectangle in a square world. I see a woman who is amazed at the friends she has made all over the world through this wonderful hobby.

You see a woman.
But look deeper... I see a woman who laughed at her future husband when she found out he listened to country music, but who rocked out with her son to the Dixie Chicks this morning and can?t wait for their new CD to come out. I see a woman who drives a mini van with a bumper sticker that says, ?Slow is not an option? on it, and wishes it were a sports car. I see a woman who enjoys driving with the windows down and the music really loud. I see a woman who sometimes feels invisible, who sometimes feels unappreciated, doing all those things that moms do. I see a woman whose husband still has the knack for surprising her with sweet gifts, but has a really hard time finding ways to surprise him. I see a woman who struggles for balance and remembering to ?live in the moment.? I see a woman who is content with her life for the most part and is blessed to be me.

Background paper - Summer Home Kit, Holly McCaig & Gina Miller, Holly McCaig Designs. Patterned Paper - Family Moments, Holly McCaig & Kimberly Giarrusso, Holly McCaig Designs. Paper Tear - Tear 27 & 31/May 2006 Straight Tears, Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears. Messy Stitch (1 darkened on patterned paper) - Spring in St. Louis Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Deisgns. Ribbon & Photo Turn - Memory Kit, Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Name/Date Stamp and Capture/Create/Dream Big Word Art - Book Bag Essentials Kit - Gina Cabrera, Digital Designs Essentials. Paper Edge - Noteworthy Accent Pack, Kristy Ann Kerness, Holly McCaig Designs. Stamped Letters - Toyna Todd Krasen.
Fonts: Jenn's Pen - Suzanne Walker

Self Portrait taken Monday, May 8th


This was my Week 1 entry for the Ultimate Scrappers Contest. I took this photo of my son a couple weeks ago. I was instantly smitten and scrapped it right away! I actually groaned when the challenge for this week was posted, because this is the photo I wanted to use and I felt I should use an unscrapped one. I even did a different layout with a different photo. But this is the photo I kept going back to in my mind. So last night, while I was in their room waiting for the boys to go to sleep, this layout emerged in my head. And 2 hours later, on the screen. Very simple with a wave of color on the side. I think I love this layout even more than the one I did orginally! TFL!

Journaling reads: We have drained the pool in an attempt to fix it for summer. We have just enough water in it for the 2 of you to have a blast playing in it! It made for one delightful afternoon for 2 fun-loving little boys!

Credits: Black canvas paper - Book Bag Essentials Kit, Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. "Delight" word art - altered from word "delightful", Delightful Kit, Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials. All patterned papers - Afternoon Lagoon Kit, Jen Wilson, Scrapbook Bytes. Memory stamp - Memory Kit, Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Design. Glitter strips - Blog Gift, Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Digital paper tears - April 2006 scrap packs, Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font: Linenstroke & Jenns Penn (Suzanne C. Walker)


Journaling reads: We visited Uncle Paul in Santa Barbara and went to the beach. He took you out on his surf board for your very 1st time! He had you sitting on it, stradling it. You weren�t too sure about it, especially the seaweed! Maybe next time we�re there, you can try it again!


These are actually the few photos that I took on Memorial Day weekend. I set the camera aside and spent time with my family instead. But I love how these seccession shots of Ryan turned out!
Journaling reads:
We went to Grandma and Grandpa�s house to celebrate Grandpa�s birthday and went for a swim. I got out the camera and asked you to jump in for me. Good thing I got these shots, because this was it! You were done jumping for me for the camera! At least it was a good jump!!!
Credits: Inspirations Collection 2 - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Curved Template used on patterned paper from Endless Summer Collaberation Kit (reitred) - Holly McCaig & Michelle Coleman. Glitter Alpha by Holly McCaig (resaturated) - Ultimate Collaberation Kit, DigiScrappin.biz. Inked Edge Action - Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts: Jenns Pen


From our Vegas trip. Journaling Reads:
For our 11th anniversary, my Mom & Dad gave us the use of their time share in Vegas. We were able to use your flight benenfits and rented a car when we got there. It�s almost like being in a forgein country with all the exotic casinos they�ve built. I just love this photo of you. We were in front of the Belliggio and called home to check on the boys the 1st night we were there. You were talking to Ryan. I�m so glad that we were able to get away together and can�t wait until the next time I have you all to myself again!
Vegas Baby Kit - Heather Roselli, The DigiChick. Charm - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick. Glitter border (only 1 line used) from Frameworks Gold Gliiter Sample - Laura Alpuche, The DigiChick. Paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Fonts: Jenns Pen


From the boys street fishing experience! Journaling reads:
You boys have such an imagination! On this hot afternoon, it was fishing in the street that kept you entertained for a while! Out came the chairs to sit in, the tackle box and the fishing pole. Ryan cast and reeled in the imaginary fish and Matthew played with the plastic worms. I hope the 2 of you never lose the ability to use your imagination!
Credits: Inspirations Collection 1 Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Just Words Boy Poetry - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. #2 from Spring is Coming Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Pin Dates - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Inked Edge Action - Atomic Cupcake. Paper Tears - April ScrapPack, Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Fonts: Jenns Pen, Kingthings Printingkit


May's review page. Nothing too exciting this month, but still some fun things!
Journaling reads:
May brought warmer weather our way and so there was lots of water play. We had a playdate with SDSA on the 20th and Daddy got to come with us. Matthew had Water Day at school on the 18th and the last day of school was on the 25th. We had 3 BBQ/Swim parties over the Memorial Day weekend and celebrated Grandpa�s 65th birthday.
Credits: May It's a Chick's Life Mini Kit - Heather Roselli, The DigiChick. Digital Paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Silver Alpha - Little Black Dress - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick.
Fonts - Jenns Pen


Week 23 of Chick's Life. Prompt was on the farthest from home that you've been. Journaling reads:
We were married in February of 1997. 6 months later, Michael left for a year tour in Korea, stationed at Osan AFB in Seoul. For Christmas that year, everyone in the family pooled together and bought me a ticket to Korea to go visit him for 10 days. What a long flight that was! While I was there we were able to go to the DM Zone and tour some of the buildings and sites there. A very strange feeling - you feel like someone is watching your every move! We also spent alot of time in Seoul walking the streets, shopping and just looking around.
Credits: Meadow Rain Kit - Amber Clegg, The DigiChick. Shmootzy Alpha - Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist. Digital Paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Fonts: Jenns Pen, Kingthings Printingkit


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