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Wanted to post the results, cause I have family wanted to know the outcome! Well - I'm top 40, but not the final 7. Kinda bummed and kinda glad that I don't have to come up with a new trend for this week! Oh my! The Ultimate 7 - Olive Juice, cfordrun, Robin Carlton, dmogs, aneal, frankcassiesmom & nevache - I work or have worked with 4 of these ladies and had 6 of the 7 on my personal "who's going forward list"! Just amazing stuff from these women! I can not wait to see what new trends for digital scrapping they come up with for us all to learn!
Off to bed! We were at BBQ/swim #2 today! Matthew fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep. Of course, he and Ry were up at 6am this morning and we were "doing"all day long!
Have a great night everyone!


Sales and Prayers...

DigiChick is having a sale this Memorial Day weekend! Some of the Designers have their items at 40% off too! ;) Click here to shop!

Holly has a few things on sale at her shoppe too. and although it's not on sale, don't forget her new collaberation kit with Kristin that's available now!

Prayers... if everyone could please help me send thoughts and prayers to Steph Krush (Digital Paper Tearing). I'm not going to state why for her privacy, but her family needs your support right now! Thinking of you guys, Steph!

Ok - we're off to my parents to swim and for a B-B-Q!!


Some new layouts...

This one is from Holly and Kristin's new collberative kit, All About Me! Yummy! Fabric touches in this that are fabulous! I also used one of Holly's Ribbon Flowers, that you can get for free, for a limited time, when you spend $5 in the Shoppe.

My wonderful friend and neighbor, Bonnie, brought these pretty flowers over to me because I was sad about De's death.
Journaling reads:
I was so sad about De. I went to see her in the hospital and she passed away an hour after I left. I know she's in a wonderful place surrounded by her loved ones that passed before her. But I'm still sad. Bonnie knew this and brought me these sweet flowers. It's so nice to have good friends in this world to help you through rough times.

Credits: All About Me Collaberation Kit - Holly McCaig & Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Holly McCaig Designs. Ribbon Flowers - Holly McCaig, Holly Mccaig Designs.
Fonts: Jenns Pen

I scanned in the charm from a bracelet that I made years ago for De and her daughters (and me) when the breast cancer resurfaced in her liver.


I went really simple to get this done. My creativity is kinda sapped right now! :) I did have fun doing this and I really want to do a day in each of my sons lives when school starts again in fall.

Journaling reads:
7am - get up, shower, check e-mail, get boys going, trace Ryan�s foot for school, make his lunch
7:54 - leave for bus stop
8:18 - home from bus stop (bus was late due to crash on Southern), make Matthew�s oatmeal, surf net
8:47 - finish getting ready
8:59 - Take Matthew to school
9:15 - drop Matthew off at school
9:20 - Stop to get gas 44.91 dollars for 14.68 gallons of gas!!!!!!!
9:30 - Ryan�s school for Writer�s Workshop morning
10:10 - call LSS in Parking Lot looking for Designing with Freestyle book - nada
10:15 - Shop at Kohl�s for outfit
Credits: Little Black Dress Kit - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick.
Fonts: DSP Pollyana, Jenns Penn


Page 2 -
11:45 - pick up Matthew from school, drive home
Noon - Lynette, Matthew�s OT
1:00pm - Make lunch, surf internet
3:00pm - Bonnie brings flowers, outside to see Ry walk home from bus stop
4:10pm - downtime for everyone
4:30pm - Outside, boys
�fish�, find tiny praying mantis
5:30pm - Daddy home, inside, rest, put away dishwasher
6:15pm - start dinner
6:40 - eat
7:30pm - boys bath
7:45 boys in bed
8:05 - Michael asleep, layouts (Ultimate contest!), surf, e-mail
11:30pm - shut down computer
Midnight - sleep!
Credits: Little Black Dress Kit - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick.
Fonts: DSP Pollyana, Jenns Penn


These 2 layouts are the ones in the May issue of the DeZine. The 2nd one is the one from the cover.

journaling reads: We are in the process if figuring out what to do with our pool. So, right now, we only have a little water in it. It’s kind of nice, actually, because it’s just the right height for you boys to have a ton of fun in! And fun you’ve had, as you can see by the big grin on your face!

Credits: Funky Stuff Kit - Ashley Olson, SBB. Blue & orange tags made from tag in kit, using other papers from the kit. Paper tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears. Circle stitch - Spring in St. Louis Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs.Font: Donnys Hand


Journaling reads:
As I flipped thru my baby book today to find this photo, I realized that I need to thank you. For I think my love of scrapbooking can be attibuted to you. You totally treated my baby book as a scrapbook with things cut out and pasted in and descriptions written out. So very cool! So, thank you for teaching me to be creative, teaching me all the things it takes to be a mom, by being my example to look up to, for being there for me now when I need you. For a million reasons, both big and small, I am so very thankful to have you for my mom...

Credits: Remember When Kit - The DigiChick Designers Collaberative Kit, May DeZine.
Extras: Flower paper tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Circle stitch - Spring in St. Louis Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs.
Fonts: Donnys Hand & CK Maternal


I did it...

it is posted. I had posters remorse immediately, but it is done. I was so happy and confident in this layout. It materialized in my head and translated to paper (LOL) almost the same way I invisioned it. I was at the point that I was shifting something around a millimeter this was or that, so it was done and I was tired of playing with it. I also had nothing else coming to the front of my mind begging to be scrapped. The 1st week I did 2 layouts, the 2nd week - one, third week 2 again. But this one the one formost in my mind. Then I posted it and the doubts creep in. That's what sucks about a competition, submitting - any of that stuff. It causes you to doubt what you've done. Is it good enough? Is it what they want? But then I keep reminding myself of how much I love this layout and how I've done it for me and that ultimately is what matters. It's very dark and not at all like anything else in the gallery for this week. And man - the other layouts - WOW! Such creativity has just flown out of this competition, through all the weeks. Amazing to see. Amazing to be a part of. Amazing. Stressful, but amazing. There are, *I think* (I probally missed someone), 7 other DigiChick girls still in, 5 other Fairy Chicks and at least 5 other girls that I "know" online left in this 40. Do I keep good company or what - LOL!
It's also kinda hard, because they posted it as a Freestyle, anything goes challenge for this week.

This week’s challenge is Free Style – get creative and funky - this is all
about your personal style and whatever it is should shine through. No rules -
just scrap from the heart. Any topic or theme is ok, so get creative! Judges
will be looking for: Creativity and Uniqueness
Credit of materials used, even if they are your own creation

And most of us interpreted it as a Freestyle-type layout. But now I see they posted that they

want you to be free and scrap the way you want, no rules just scrap
Of course, I didn't see this until 15 minutes ago. I might have scrapped something different if I hadn't thought it was a true Freestyle prompt.
The good thing is - I really did a layout that's totally me. It's one that I might have done at some point. I didn't add frilly, swirly things, because that's not normally me. I have boys. I am a simple girl, most of the time. Is it a layout that would have come out if I hadn't have been given a freestyle prompt? I don't know, maybe, but it was very influenced by the thought of the Freestyle movement. I did manage to get the book on Tuesday afternoon, but the layout was all the way thought out and 75% done by then.
I'm just really tired now. My mind has been on overload all week. I dreamt layouts all night Sunday night. Teachers presents were done last night. De's Memorial Service was yesterday. I have to work tomorrow and yet again - I haven't scanned in any of the slides I need to have done for her. I stayed up til midnight everynight since Monday night. Just tired now. Still have so many things to do - Chick's Life layout. I have at least 1 layout to do for Holly and there are several others I should do for her too.
It's the boys last day of school today. Got the teacher gifties all done and given.

Microwave popcorn, Snickers bar, M&M's, gum, Twizlers, peanuts, Pepsi and a Blockbuster Gift Card. I created the card digi and then adherred it to cardstock. Ry's bus driver is retiring this year, so he's getting a card and Blockbuster GC too. They were well recieved, so that's good. Went to Ry's school this morning to help her take down everything from the walls. She's going to teach 7/8 grade science next year. Gonna miss seeing her, but we ARE going to keep in touch, right Robbyn??!!! We are to inherit the goldfish from Matthew's classroom for the summer. Ryan will be estatic when he hear's! He wants a pet sooooo bad. Hopefully it'll live! Ha!

This is what you get when you live in AZ and have two little boys with imaginations. They fish in the street - LOL! Cute though, huh?
I'm just going to post a bunch of photos, unedited, because I haven't in a while.

A baby Praying Mantis we found outside on Monday.
He was REALLY tiny - only an inch or so long.

From the SDSA Playgroup last week.

This last one, I've sone a layout with for the June DeZine, so I'll share it when I can. It turned out sooooo very nice!
Ok - both boys are home now. Matthew's teacher has someone to do both the morning and afternoons, so far, so I won't be working in his classroom. We're going to explore making me an Instructional Assistant Substitute, so we'll so how that goes.
Have a great day! :)


Can you say pressure...

or stress, or both? Well - I can.
Ultimate Contest - they are down to 40
Ok - so add shocked to that too.
I am so shocked at the wonderful, talented ladies that got knocked out this round. I am in awe of the company that I'm scrapping against this week. I know that it has to Ulimately come down to 1 scrapper, so they have to keep whittling away at those who are left. That's just the way it goes - it's a contest after all. I've tried to remain practical about all this. For at some point I will be out. I've poured my heart and soul into my layouts. Dreamt them in my sleep. But does that make me any different from all the other talented scrappers? No. So I try to remain settled with myself and my layout. Next week it goes down to 7.
This week's assignement is:

Free Style - This week’s challenge is Free Style – get creative and funky - this
is all about your personal style and whatever it is should shine through. No
rules - just scrap from the heart. Any topic or theme is ok, so get

Judges will be looking for:Creativity and Uniqueness Credit of materials
used, even if they are your own creation

Ouwzers! There is a new book out by Autumn Leaves with the same name. I had it in my hand last week and put it back - silly me. They have a blog too. It's all about being creative and anything you want it to be - you own true self.
Yeah - that's really helpful, huh?
Hopefully the LSS will get a copy in the next few days and I can thumb through the book. I'm already stressed about this one and I have at least 4 layouts swirling in my head. Not sure which direction I'll take. At least I have done masking tape - funky type layouts before. There's talk out there about staying true to your style - but I'm not too sure if I have a true "style" yet - so we'll see what comes out. I have a REALLY funky layout in my head of me, but it's still swirling and I worry that it's too much and not true to me. But then - is there a "me" yet? LOL!

A HUGE shout out to Steph at Digital Paper Tearing and her family! Congratulations on the birth of Aubree!!!! She e-mailed me over the weekend to say they were on their way to the hospital. They are home now, very tired, but doing well. I can't WAIT to see photos! Or even better yet... meet both of them (and family) in real life sometime! I really want to get together all the Chick's and Sugar Babes and Peas and whomever and have a luch of the AZ girls sometime. Hopefully this summer, since Stephanie is moving!

Lets see - we went to Ryan's teacher's house for a swim/BBQ party on Friday night. Had a fabulous time! I really like her! Got the boys to bed way too late and all of us were grump pots on Saturday.

Today I am recording my day for Chick's Life. Our prompt this week is "A Day in the Life". And silly me picked today. So busy. Went to Kohl's after being at Ry's school for a special writer's workshop hour. Got a skirt, t-shirt and shoes. HAd nothing to wear to De's memorial on Wed. Hopefully I can wear at least the skirt and shoes to the wedding in 2 weeks. Maybe the shirt too.

I have 1 layout done that's due tonight and 1 more that I still need to start. And I'm a slacker and haven't done anything new for Holly recently. I'm just totally tapped with the contest. It's sapping all my engery.

One of the new fish did die last Thursday night. The one that's left looks fine, but he also looks loney. We'll let them sit awhile and maybe we'll get a new one.

I have the lot - minus GC for teachers baskets. Went with a movie theme. I'm dissapointed in myself again, because I love to do some fabluous homemade gift for just the 2 teachers and I highly doubt that will happen this year. I want to do soldered necklaces, so it might, we'll see. I have almost everything to make them, so at least that's good. Everything has to be done by Thursday, not enough time in my week.
Ok - now it's an hour later, Ry's home and Matthew's ST is here. We'll go outside next for probally the last time for awhile. It's only around 80 today, when it was 105 yesterday. And will be back at 100 again tomorrow!



I still need more... got any extra you can spare?
I'm going to swoop in here and try to update real quick since it's been a week and I won't get back to do this until next week sometime.
I'm still in the Ultimate Contest. They knocked us down to 100 contestants this week and only 40 will move onto next. We'll find out who on Sunday night. This week's challenge was "StorytellingThis week’s challenge is a multiphoto/journaling combo. Choose at least three photos that are in some way connected (could be by from an event, could be in theme, be creative etc) then journal and tell us about them. The journaling should be at least 40% of the layout and should clearly connect to the pictures and tell a story. Emphasis is on the story rather than grammatical use of English." I wanted to do the story I ultimately did, but thought it would be a bit much. A bit, hum, something. I did a page about Michael and the boys and how their names overlap. but my heart wasn't in it, so yesterday this one was started. Everytime I post, I think of more things I could have said, or said differently, but it is done and I am at peace with it.
This week's Chick's Life was about our mom's. You can see the prompt here and the gallery here.

Journaling reads:
You grow up thinking that you want to be just like your mom when you grow up. Little do you realize just how much that can come true! The older I get, the more I realize the ways that I am just like my mom! I like change, but it takes me a day or so to adjust to it... just like my mom. I gain weight in the same places that my mom does... and I know that puts me more at risk for diabetes to hit me later on too, just like my mom. My algae green eye color comes from my mom too, although that’s something we have shared since the beginning! When I hear myself talk to my boys sometimes, I hear my mom’s “voice” coming thru mine, whether it’s in it’s tone or the words I say or just in the way it’s said. And now that I’m a mom, I wonder just how she did it when we were growing up! How did she keep her sanity on certain days? How did she manage to get things done when she lived so far away from her mom and mother-in-law? Which makes me realize that there are still many things I can learn from my mom!

Credits: April Day Kit - Andrea Burns, The DigiChick. Hanging tags - Summer Whimsy Kit - ScrapArtist.
Font - Donnys Hand.

I still have 2 layouts to do sometime this weekend for June's DeZine. And speaking of which...

That's my layout RIGHT THERE on the cover! I've waited since December to get mine on the cover and this one was it! Woo Whoo! Maybe not a huge toot, but it's a big enough one for me. You can purchase and download your very own copy right here. And don't forget, if you have a copy of SS DigiScraps 5, there's a coupon code in there for the DeZine! I'll come back and repost the layout here after I post it round inthe galleries. I'm just too lazy to type out the credits right now.
I work at Diane's tomorrow. We have a BBQ at Ryan's teachers house tomorrow night. Playgroup on Saturday (we went last Sat., cause Mommy had the date wrong - oopps!). Michael has been at work since 7am this morning. It's now 12:19am and he's not home yet. He's had 2 schools and normal 12 hours shifts all week. He's home for 3 days starting tomorrow, but he's home with Matthew while I'm at work. Still not sure if I will be a teacher'sa aide in Matthew's room next year. His teacher is trying to get someone for both mornings and afternoon's, sincce I can only be there in the afternoon, when he's there.
We bought new fish (clownfish), snails, and a crab last Friday. By Sat. morning, the fish were sick and we took them back. Got new ones Wed. but now one is picking on the other. *sigh* Hopefully they'll stop. And the crab has eaten 3 snails already. Greedy little crab. He's really cool looking though. I have photos, but havenot downloaded them yet.
Matthew had water day at school today. Nope - haven't downloaded those either. Saw the mom that we talked about our camera with at last year's water day and she was taking photos with her new XT DigiReb today! Cool! And we were talking another mom into getting one. Wonder if I can get them into digiscrapping with me.....
Ok - It's 12:30am and I've had a very long, emotional day. Michael just came home and we're to bed! Night!


A friend of the family passed away tonight. She had been sick for such a very long time now. The cancer eating away at her. We met when we lived next door to each other at our last home. Right after Ryan was born. Her husband was still alive then and we replaced her fence, one part that connected to our backyard. And friendship was born of that day. Her kids are around my age and have become real friends too. Ryan & I were in one of her daughters weddings 2 years ago this summer. Her other daughter and I were pregnant at the same time. I had Matthew a month after she had their daughter. That last year before we all moved, we were all back and forth between our houses so much that we joked about putting in a gate in the back fence between our yards. 4 years ago, we all decided to move on. Our houses were both for sale at the same time, sold around the same time and we moved about a month apart from each other. Slowly we have seen less and less of each other, for they ended up moving farther out. Our lives just changed and refocused and took us in different directions. It started out as breast cancer many, many, many years ago. And went away only to resurface forever later and reek much havoc in other parts of her body. She had slowly been declining over the last few years. She ended up in the hospital a few weeks ago and didn't make it out this time. I went to see her and say my goodbyes tonight. And to see the friends that I've let time and distance get too much in the way. I will miss you, De. Go and have peace and be reunited once again with your husband! God Bless....



I already forgot something!
I recieved the link to the photos from the wonderful professional photographer that shot the Easter Egg Hunt today. It you're so inclinded to take a peek at what all my fuss was over - click here. Then, obviously, click on the Easter link. He caught some really cute shots and there are some really adorable shots of Matthew's MT as the bunny! Too cute! The other photos are from the Buddy Walk back in October. There's at least 2 shots of my little dude and myself in those too.
OK - night!



post since it's 10:30 and I want to go to bed!!!
I wanted to share a couple of layouts that I got done today. Been working on Chick's Life since Monday off and on. I once again could have done more with the journaling, but forgot it all until after it was posted. I'll just have to save it for another layout! :)

Gosh - I felt like I wasn't ever going to get this done! Life kept getting in the way, LOL!
When I thought about this, I wanted this huge towering image of all the things going on in my life. But somehow, a couple of distractions, turned it into a lovely still life! LOL! And I forgot my car keys and something to represent my job as a watercolor framer. But oh - well. I think the point is given anyway...
Journaling reads:
I seem to be constinately seeking balance in my life lately. Either the house is a complete mess and I'm very happily creating, or I'm not so happy, but the house is spotless. More often than not, it's the fomer lately. Then add into that 1 husband, tired from working, 2 onry little boys, therapy appointments, laundry, a cat wanting some attention once in a while, cooking, getting the dishwasher loaded and unloaded, driving Matthew back and forth from school, grocery shopping, doctor appointments to make, books to read, magazine's too, checkbooks to balance, photos to take, trying to eat healthier - me and the boys, and I feel like I�m teetering out of control.
And in the corse of making this layout, yet another layer of balance looks like it�s going to be added. For it looks like I might re-enter the job force next fall with a position in Matthew�s classroom. And I've been asked to help out with the Sharing Down Syndrome newsletter.
It all gets better at some point, right? Somebody please say yes...
Remember when Kit by The DigiChick Designers for the May DeZine.
Digital Paper Tear Alpha - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font: Jenns Pen

Then Hello flaked out on me, so I know this one's going to be at a different size, but oh well! This is made with the collaberation kit that will be avaiable on Saturday at the Chick.

My son bought me flowers with his very own money this last birthday. I was VERY touched! TFL!!!
Journaling reads:
You may see a little vase of mums from WalMart for the low, low everyday price of $3.88. I see a vase of beautiful flowers bought especially for me by my oldest son. His very first purchase for me with his very own money. Yes... his very own. Lovingly purchased and given to me on my 39th birthday. Sometimes even the smallest things can brighten a day...
Credits: Lovely in Lilac Collaberative Kit by The DigiChick Designers, coming to this Saturday's Treasure Hunt. Digital Paper Tears by Stpeh Krush.
Font: Jenn's Pen

Sorry to post and run, but I'm off to bed. I haven't gotten a complete, uninterupted night of sleep in week's. Someone or something wakes me up almost every 2 hours. Not fun...
Later gators!


You know...

I really need to go straight to bed some nights...
Otherwise I see stories like this on shows like Nightline and I cry. They ran a story on Romanian orphanages and the poor babies left there basically to die. Not all babies, some as old as 24. Left in cribs, because there's no one to take care of them, no one to hold them and love them. Alot of them with special needs. I didn't "see" any of them with down syndrome, but I didn't need to. And I cry...
That, but for the grace of God, could be my baby.
And I want to run there and scoop them all up and love them, help them, work with them to their full potential...
God bless them and keep them...

He must have known mommy needed him. He woke up and toddled out for a drink of milk and I hugged and hugged him. Love him so much...

Night all...


He went from this...

to this...

with many, many tears. I took him to see Donna, a family friend and the girl that cuts my hair. He was fine til he realized that we were acutally going to do something to him. And the fit began. This is why I haven't taken him anywhere to get his hair cut. He totally makes everyone upset in the shop. He gets upset no matter where I do it. I've done it at home and fought with him the whole time. But he's getting too strong and I don't have enough arms to hold (pin) him down and cut at the same time. He knows it doesn't hurt, he just doesn't like it. So, yeah, it's still a little butchered up and I will still have to even it out some. And it will grow out and in a month, he'll need another one. *sigh*

And yes, I used my new 50mm lense on the shots! :)


Have you seen this?

Yep - we chicks are not of the norm. We scrap to the beat of our own drum and we are celebrating scrapbooking not on National Scrapbook Day (which was last Saturday), but on this Saturday! Superifically fun things scheduled all day long and I am in the process of playing with the super cute kit as we speak! Make sure you get there on Saturday and come have fun with us!
And guess what? My layout was chosen for the cover of The DeZine for this month! I'm so excited! I'll show yo the cover as soon as it's released. And if you got your copy of the Simple Scrapbooks Digital 5 magazine... there is a code in it for a free copy of the DeZine! Woo Whoo!
And guess what else? I made it to round 2 of The Ultimate Scrapbooker Contest! I about had a heart attack because I was looking under Michelle and they had me listed under my Rynonut name! This week's assignment is an All about Me page. Um - hello! I feel that's all I've been doing lately with Chick's Life! Double Woo Whoo! We can't psot our pages ANYWHERE until the contest is over, so you'll have to go here to see it. I felt really serene about this one, til I posted it - LOL!
And guess what else... I am the scraplift challenge at The DigiChick this week! How fun to see your layouts redone by others, totally awe inspiring! You can see the challenge thread here and the gallery here.
Still have to do my layout for Chick's Life this week. My prompt was Balance. You can see the thread here and the gallery here! These gals blow me away each week with the things that the prompt sparks for them! Very cool! I have my photo taken and the layout designed in my head, but it's not done yet. I got side tracked by my Ultimate layout. It's going to be using these fabulous new alpha paper tears (item 31) by Steph, check 'em out!
Ok - I know it was all digi today, so sorry. My munchins are hollering, so it's time to throw them outside for a bit. It never did make it to 100 yet, but they are threatening with it by Thursday again. It's still getting quite warm out there! Michael took Otter Pops to work! :) And speaking of him - he's going to school in OH in July for like 4 days... Lord help me! :) I'm feeling much better - oh I guess I hadn't said anything here yet. I got the sickies this weekend. Michael felt bad starting on Wed., felt horrible on Thursday at work. I started feeling bad on Friday and was aweful on Sunday. I have really bad heartburn yesterday and today, but feel much better, just tired still. Hopefully that will be the end of it! Ok - they are screaming - time to throw them out! LOL!
Later gators! Wish me more luck for the end of the week. We find out who makes it to the next Ultimate round on Sunday night!!! :)



I did it. I posted my layout for the Ulitmate Scrapper Contest, right next to Amy Martin's no less! LOL! I had done a totally different layout with a different photo, but just wasn't satisfied with the photo for this challenge. The photo of Matthew from a couple weeks ago jsut wouldn't go away in my head. Ten last night, as I was waiting for Matthew to go to sleep, the layout I wanted to create with that photo emerged in my head. So when I got to the computer, I just had to do it! I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! Totally satisifed with it for the challenge. I need to figure out a "formula" to save layouts for their site though, my layout is not as crisp as I'd like. Anywhoo, click here to see it!
I'm sure I have way more things to share, but Matthew's MT will be here shortly, so I'll just leave it at this right now!


Monday, Monday...

I thought I'd pop in and show you my layout for this week's It's A Chick's Life Workshop. You can see the prompt here, the gallery here and my layout here!

Journaling reads:
I started my blog a little over a year ago. Mainly because it seemed a “thing to do”, looked fun, was free and I thought it would be a fun way for my family and friends to keep in touch with our family. Wow - what a difference a year makes! I started out in the beginning just stating the things the boys were doing and sharing a few photos. Slowly as I got more into digiscrap - I shared my layouts. Soon, I found myself telling more and more of my thoughts along with all the rest. It has become my place to vent, to voice my feelings, to speak my mind. It makes me feel better to get on there and ramble away. It has become my sounding spot, my place to be heard, my voice.
Credits: Patterned Paper - Creative Being blog freebie, Jen Wilson. Paper for "voice", stapled journaling tag - Living Series/Being Kit - Jen Wilson, SBB. Paint Swipe - Summer Memories Kit - Holly McCaig, The DigiChick Designers Chat Freebie. Painted Background Freebie Brush - Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals.
Font: Donnys Hand
I signed up for the Ultimate Digital Scrapbooker Contest at Digiscrappin.Biz. There are some 370+ scrappers competing in this contest! Crazy! And some of the bigger names out there to boot. The 1st prompt is to showcase your best photo. This bums me out just a little, because the 1st photo that came to mind is the one of Matthew in the layout below. They say you can scrap a new layout for a photo you've already scrapped, but I don't think I want to do that. We have until Friday at midnight to post our layouts, so I may just wait a bit and see what transpires this week. You never know! I have a few in mind that I haven't used yet... so we'll see.
And speaking of photos...
My wonderful husband managed to once again blow me away and surprise me with my birthday present. He managed to find and buy me a Canon 50mm 1.8 lense for my camera! Yay! So, needless to say - I took a few pics this weekend. These are straight out of the camera - no editing (or you'd never see them - LOL!)

Somehow - Ryan came up with the idea that he needed to have a lemonaide stand this last weekend. I kinda shook my head - but Michael let him go for it. But it did get morphed into a Kool-Aid stand instead. The little booger made like $3.50 too (mostly the neighbors)! The funest part was the UPS man who stopped while driving by and bought a glass from him! Way to go - UPS! We want to drive the truck! LOL! (Nascar referrance)
I had a really nice birthday! I tried to buy more RAM for my computer, but came to the decision that I needed more info before I purchased. So I called my little brother for help and I think I can safely buy some in the next few days. Need to back up my stuff still! Michael and I had a nice day on Friday while my mom watched the boys. Went to lunch at Old Chicago's Pizza - yum! We basically just did alot of running around, but it was nice to go in and out of stores and not drag around the boys. I'm looking for a new camera bag now too - anyone have any suggestions? I had a very nice calls on my birthday from my BF and Lee in Australia! Very nice days!
We'll be attending a wedding in June - so I have to start hunting for a nice outfit - nothing too fancy, but nicer than the shorts and blue jeans that are my current wardrobe! I've found a pair of shoes that I kind of like at Wal-Mart of all places, but we'll see what I find to wear 1st! My sweet next door neighbor gave me a GC to Kohl's - so I'll probally look there soon!
It's that time around here again... the air is one during the day and the blinds are beign shut. It was offically 99 degrees today. We're supposed to hit 100 this week.
Well - it's almost midnight and I think I hear Michael coming home right now - so see ya later alligator!


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