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3 layouts...

I had 3 layouts to share! I forgot about the April DeZine layouts.

I took this photo of Matthew the other day, kinda on accident. I was trying to get a shot of his face, but he moved. When I got it out of the camera, it was pure magic to me. I am in love with this photo. I am in love with this layout. I am in love with this little guy!
Journaling reads:
You are my wish come true. The one I didn't even know I wished for. I can't imagine you being anyone other than you & I can't imagine not having you in our lives. Keep growing, keep shining, my little one...
Credits: Papers & stitch - Spring in St. Louis Kit, Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Numbers - Spring is Coming Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Fiber Star - Holly Mccaig, Holy McCaig Designs. Glitter Strips - Blog Gift, Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. You are my wish come true - Living Series - Hoping Kit, Jen Wilson, SBB. Blue stitched wave - Afternoon Lagoon Kit, Jen Wilson, SBB.
Font - Jenns Pen

Then these 2 are from April's DeZine

We have 3 fruit trees in our front yard and I had a blast photographing them and the bees that came to eat! Tracey Lee's kit was PERFECT for these shots!
Credits: Bumble Bee Kit - Tracey Lee, The DigiChick Boutique. Paper Tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Font: CK Fairytale

This is using the fabulous Spring Fever Kit that's included in this month's DeZine! I didn't even scratch the surface of the kit - so much fun stuff! And I love that it's not a pastel-y kit, much more boyish colors!
Journaling reads: You have played with chalk outside since you were so very little and I have watched your chalk masterpieces change so much over the years! They have gone from little scribbles to a sunset ocean scene you did earlier this month. Most of the time though, you are drawing road signs, roads and pathways for you and your friends to follow. Hot Wheels car tracks on the backporch. Baseball diamonds in the street to play ball with Dad. Although what you draw has changed, I am glad that drawing with chalk is still a favorite thing that you like to do!
Credits: Spring Fever Kit by The DigiChick Designers. Paper tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing.
Fonts: Journal and Eraser



Trying to come in and do a quick update, for I know I won't get back here till probally next week. Well - I probally have 1 more layout to share by the end of the afternoon.
I'll start with the 2 layouts I did on Sunday. We went to the DSNetwork's Spring Party on Saturday, both boys and I. I ran around with my camera (imagine that!) and caught these great shots. Ok - this 1st one isn't absolutely wonderful, but they were together, their arms around each other and I love the water in the background.

I took this photo today when we were at the park. Not the best poses or expressions, but still a photo that I love of the 2 of them together! Just something simple (with no journaling - oh my!) to let the photo shine!
Credits: All elements from Book Bag Essentials Kit - Gina Cabrera, Digital Design Essentials - EXCEPT - inked edge and silver alpha from Little Black Dress Kit - Jan Crowley, The DigiChick
Font: LB Angela Fancy

This one I took with the telephoto lense while Ryan was LAUGHING at the magician that gave a show. It's so rare to catch him on film (well - you know what I mean!) actually smiling. See above photo for proof! This layout was done with the new collabrative kit by Holly McCaig and Gina Miller, Summer Home and it can be found here. With these two super talented ladies designing it - I'm telling ya - how can you go wrong??? I also used these fabulous new tears (items 24 & 25) from Steph Krush that I had been holding onto for just this layout. LOVE those tears and I love how it turned out! More on Steph next.

Another photo from the park today.
Journaling reads: I try so hard to get you to smile when I take your photo. But you usually just don't co-operate any more! At the DSNetwork party today, you were just cracking up at the magician! I stood way back and shot away as you laughed and laughed and laughed! Always remember to laugh, ok?
Credits: Summer Home Collaberative Kit by Holly McCaig and Gina Miller.
New April Paper Tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears.
Font: Jayne Print

So I had such big scrapping plans for this week. It's the 1st week I've had the house all to myself for a couple hours on Mon & Tues mornings, while the boys were at school and Michael at work (yes, he's switched back to weekdays). But you know what they say about the besxt laid plans, right? Well, Monday, I couldn't stand the house and spent the entire time cleaning it and doing laundry. So I thought, ok - Tuesday, I'm there. Not. Matthew got sick Monday night and was in the hold me all day mode yesterday. My poor little sweetie. He even took a nap in the afternoon and still went to sleep at 8pm. Of course, when he fell asleep, it was right when Ryan came home. sigh. At least he's feeling much better today. I would usually be at work for Diane today, but we've switched the day that I'm going there and I brought work home with me for this week. Like 100 slides I need to scan in, color correct and save. It was to be today's work, but not happening so far. sigh. I have 4 layouts that needs to be done. 2 for the DeZine and 2 for Chick's Life. The 2 for Chick's Life may have to wait till next week. The other 2 have to be done now. I have the 2 DeZine layouts designed in my head, but need to start them. And then there's the one that's practically finished that I will do 1st.
So back to Steph... She has a really fun contest going on at her site right now! You see, she's quite pregnant and so she's having a guess Aubree's birth contest. The prizes are her fabluous paper tears, so you can't go wrong! So go check it out and give her your guess! She has aslo just come out with some new fabulous tears that are flower shaped (itmes 27, 28 & 29)! OMGosh so very cute!!! One of the layouts I have in mind for the DeZine uses these! Love them!
I am so food susceptible! Diane had made homemade spaghetti sauce last week and so, of course, that's what I'm craving this week. Wanted to make it yesterday, but we all know now what happened instead. So I made it today. Gravy that is! Homemade meatballs and everything. And yes, Tara, it's your Guarino recipe - except - don't tell Ray's grandma - I used dried up bagels for the bread! Ha! Had them on roll as a sub for lunch! Yum! With spaghetti tonight! And then Stephanie had a sun tea recipe on her blog last Friday, so yep, you guessed it, I made sweet tea today. I didn't have a sun jar (need to get one), so did it in the microwave. Double yum! Now I need to clean the kitchen... the house smells like meatballs!
Tomorrow, I work in Ryan's classroom in the morning and am supposed to meet my parents, after I pick up Matthew, for my birthday lunch. I'm thinking Chinese, but we'll see tomorrow. I'm hoping mom will be able to watch the boys on Friday afternoon, so that Michael can take me out. That is, if Ryan doesn't get sick by then. :) And then it's the weekend and we're all home together again.
Ok - I'll probally be back in a bit with the layout. It's 95% done!


Looky what I got today...

how totally fun is this? Of course, Matthew's in cookie heaven! And no - he has to wait till dinner!
A van pulled in out front a little bit ago. Then I realized it had stopped. Then I realize someone was coming to the door. Then I realized it was for us. Then he said my name! And I'm like - huh? Maybe for my birthday... Then I open the card and it's from Gina and Sue and SDSA for helping with the Easter Egg Hunt! How totally sweet is that! Thank you so very much, guys! Yummy!!!

He's saying "more" because he just had an Oreo, and now he wants one of these!


Ryan's story...

Credits: Black paper - Happy Haunting kit, Gina Miller. Cork - BYOBB Kit, Gina Miller, SBB. Paper, torn paper, staple, tab - BYOBB Add On Kit, Gina Miller. Straight pin - Sweetie Pie Kit, Gina Cabrera, DWD CD. Fonts: Jenns Penn & Donnys Hand

I finally finished my layout for this week's It's a Chick's Life Workshop! I worked on this Monday, but didn't do the journaling until tonight.
Journaling Reads:
Your due date was December 29th, but you decided to come out 2 weeks early. At around 3am the morning of the 15th, contractions started. It took me a little while to figure out that it was the real thing! I got up & tried not to wake Daddy by going to the couch. When his alarm went off at 6:30, I went in & told him that I thought I was in labor. We callled the Luke AFB hospital & decided to go ahead & leave at around 8am. Of course, the hospital was an hour away & it was right at morning rush hour! Daddy was a little stressed on the way! When we arrived on base, we were put in a room & checked. I was only at 2 cm, so they couldn't admit us. We went to Burger King to get Daddy some breakfast, but I was in no mood to eat! We walked around quite a bit, but I was really uncomfortable. At 1pm, we went back to the hospital. They checked me again & I was at 6cm. They also decided that your water had broke, so they admitted us (finally!). I had asked for an epidural after this at some point, but I was too far by then & they said it was too late. We had called Daddy's work when we left that morning and called
my work right around when I should have been there at 3pm. It was around this time that it was time to start pushing. I pushed for almost 5 hours! Part of the way thru- they sonogramed you & figured out that your shoulder was stuck on my pelvic bone. I pushed some more. It was a full moon that night & we were 1 couple out of 5 that were there giving birth. They were stopping some of the other couples, because we had everyone in our room to get you out! They got out the suction machine & it slipped off your head. They were going for the forceps. I'd had enough, I pushed with everything I had & you finally moved & out you came! The doctor cut your cord & they wisked you over to the table. They were keeping you from crying & suctioning out your mouth and nose. As we would talk to you & call your name, you would quiet down and listen for us. When they finally brought you over to us, they took off your little hat & showed us your head. Where the suction had slipped off, your poor scalp had pretty much been taken off. You had a big, nasty looking sore on your head & your whole head was really swollen. We called Grammie & Grampy 1st & then Grandma & Grandpa. They were all very surprised, because we hadn't called any of them to say we were at the hospital! We had the video camera, so we did get to video you. But the film camera was in the car, so photos didn't happen till after 11:30pm, when we were put into a room. We were in a room that held 4 patients & there were 3 of us in there! When they brought your name plate for the bassinet, they had run out of boy ones. Everyone that came in kept calling you Michelle & we had to explain. The next day, Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Paul came to see you! We got to bring you home on Thursday, the 18th.

Will have to do Matthew's story next. there's so much about their birth stories that I already don't remember, I want to get them done before I forget more. I had a pregnancy journal with Ryan, but as I reread it today, there's alot that didn't get documented in it. I know that Matthew has a bit more involved story and will probally have to have 2 pages to it! Soon, I hope!
Ok - off to bed! Nite all!


Too stinkin' cute...

How cute is this? Matthew's Vermont Teddy Bear (present from Grammie and Grandpy 2 Christmas' ago) got new clothes! Aunt Sherry, Uncle Rick and Cousin Reba sent him a Pit Crew Outfit! Very appropriate too, since Nascar is in town this weekend! Cute, huh?
Matthew says "Thank you, I love it!"


Happy Easter...

bunny! Bhalk, bhalk!
I'm here... I'm alive... I survived! The SDSA Easter Egg Hunt can be called a success... I think! Yay! Totally tired - mentally, physically, everythingily! It went really well... there were a few blips, the hunt still didn't go right - kids in the front got lots, kids in the back - not so much! :( WAYYYYYYY too much food - probally by half! The raffle seemed to go well and people liked how it was set up. Have hardily any photos, but the proffesional photog that was there will have the pics posted soon and I'll link his then! Totally bummed, because I wanted to ask him some qeustions, and didn't have the time! Ran my butt off! Asked him 1 question about a 50mm 1.8 lense and saw his eyes light up that I was asking, so it would have been fun to pick his brain a little, but oh well! He's the offical photog, so I'll see him again! Will try to come back and post some more specifics on the Hunt later, but just don't feel up to it right now.
Wanted to get this updated a bit though and try to get a little caught back up on things!
I also wanted to thank each and every one of you who commented on my last post. And I still hope to! :) I just needed to get my feelings off my chest and get on with that day. Not things that I worry about each and everyday, all day long, but sometimes they surrface and have to be worked out some! And it's so awe inspiring to know that I'm not the only one out there with the same fears and concerns on some things! I'm finding the interenet is just so good at making me feel I'm not the only one sometimes!
We spent the morning here. Michael went to work at 10:30 and we went to my parents. Had lunch, went for a swim (bad mommy - we're all a little sunburnt on our backs!) and took photo with Easter Bunny up there. We missed last year, but I have photos of them by it for the other last 4 years, I think! Fun! Had a little dinner with them at Village Inn (not that good of a dinner) and then came home.
OK - so cute thing today that I want to remember. I was in the shower this morning, and Matthew came to the shower door. He had Ryan's Tony Stewart orange "caution" tape wrapped around him and kept saying and signing fish to me. I was like - yeah, yeah - go find your daddy! After I got out, Michael asked me why he was totally wrapped in the tape and saying fish. Then it dawned on me... Nemo (the Disney movie) is his new favorite movie lately. And what's Nemo... an orange fish! He had wrapped it around himself to make himself and orange fish, all on his own! How very cute and clever is that???? And yes, I took a photo, but they didn't turn out so very good! Oh well!
So very much more I want to say. I feel like I've been in a whirlwind the last 2 weeks and that I've just flown out of it. So much I want to do, so much I need to do, so much I just don't want to do. I still have a few "clean" up things to do for the Hunt and then maybe I can get back into the swing of things.
We're still trying to wrestle with the pool. Have it drained and cleaned, but have to be there to smooth out wrinkles as it's filling. Kinda hard with 1 little munchkin and 1 a-little-too-hlepful bigger one! We'll probally work in it on Tues. We'll see. I work Wed. all day and Thurs. morning will be in Matthew's classroom.
I've posted the new prompt for Chick's Life in the forums here. It's a literal one for the theme of the month - birth story. I haven't yet done my layout(s), so that is something I hope to accomplish by tomorrow night. See last week's prompt layout in the next post down!
Watched "What About Brian" tonight. Kinda like it! Will watch it tomorrow night for sure. My next door neightbor has been taping Sopranos and Big Love for us, so hopefully we'll have those to watch by Wed.
ok - too much rambling - I'm off to get ready for bed!


me at 39...

This is from last week's It's A Chick's Life prompt which is your age. I didn't have time to load it here, so here it is now! You can see the full prompt here.

I was inspired on this layout by the Altered Kit that's available at Designer Digitals by Jackie Eckles. It really had the feel that I wanted for this layout, but I didn't have the money to purchase her kit. :( So I dug around in all the stuff that I did have and came up with this! I shared this, because I want to show that you can find inspiration in new kits, yet still use what you already have! :)

Journaling reads: I turn 39 this year, only 1 year away from the big 4-0! I actually find this kind of interesting, because I sure dont feel it! You always think that you are going to feel a certain way when you reach a certain age, but I dont feel like I thought I would! I often find myself wondering just how I got here... did I blink and suddenly I went from entering my 20s to being almost 40? And how did it happen that I am the mommy to 2 wonderful sons & not going home to my mommy? But most times I feel I am right were I am supposed to be! I have grown comfortable in my skin. I no longer worry about someone seeing me without my makeup and have actually gone a few days during the weekend with none on. I have slowly gone to less makeup than in my 20s too. I have also gone to wearing glasses all the time, which I thought I would never do! I forget I have them on most times! Of course, when Oct. rolls around, youll probally find me in contacts again! I dont find myself worrying about turning 40. I am kind of curious as to what the next decade of my life will bring... The last one brought my 2 sons to me. A new hobby too, not to mention new friends all over the world via the interent. I know that more changes and evolving are just around the corner with the next decade and I embrace those changes.
Credits:Patterned paper - Dirt paper pack freebee, Kim Crothers, Creative Snaps. Notebook paper - Bug Jar, Kathryn Balint, SBB. Duct tape, file folder label, Painted Background Brush Freebie (used behind photo) - Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals. Blue Jean Belt loop - Grungy Boy Kit; Frayed bow - Simply Spring Mini Kit - Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. April - Art Diary Calendar, Kristy Kerness. Silver paper clip freebie - Laura Burger, 3 Scrapateers. "39" - silver alpha freebie - Andrea Victoria. "m" - A Charmed Life Kit, Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Dragonfly doodle - Spring Doodles freebie - Digital Design Essentials. Silver brad - Petals Bundle Kit, Ali Folendore, SBB.Font: Journal



Yesterday morning as I surfed through 2Peas, I came across a thread that was a vent for a mom of a son with special needs. She was venting at the use of the phrase "being on the short yellow bus" that was used in an article at a different online scrap site. She was just a little fed up with the phrase and the term "retared" and how they are just thrown around lightly by society so very much. Of course, this has sparked a great debate among posters and I jumped right in. I usually stay away from the threads that can get heated, but this subject is just so personal to me. I have thought about it off and on yesterday and through today. And apparently - it's still not off my mind. So here I am...
I watched a little of Oprah one day last week. It was a 20 year recap show and they were going back to some of the guests. She had one a man from the deep south that she had a discussion over the "n" word back then. He was back on to discuss it with her again. He truely felt that he was not insulting people by using the word. He was using it as an umbrella word for a class of people that don't care and let things get run down, etc., regardless of their race and/or color of their skin. I got from him that he was using it as a description, not an insult. Oprah was trying to to get across to him just how offensive that word was to her. That to her the word was said as an insult and was derrogotive. I guess that's as good of anything that I can use to get across what the "r" word and the phrase mean to me as the mother of a child with down syndrome. The word is not used in it's dictionary meaning anymore. It has become an insult and a word to use lightly to make fun of something. I now find it offensive. I didn't think as badly of it before I was Matthew's mom. But now with all the misconnceptions of any child with special needs, I think people need to have it brought to their attention that certain things are just not ok.
I hate the fact that Matthew will fight prejudice all his life. People will not expect much from him, that they'll just look past him and ignore him. I don't want that for ANY child and yet I worry about it happening to him.
Awareness is the key. I hate the fact that I have to stand up for my child and defend him. But I totally see that ignorance is not bliss and education is the key. Educating people that my son is so very much more than an extra chromosone in his 21 gene. That he is so much more than a "happy person". That he is a little human being with feelings and emotions and POTENTIAL! That he has a life and his life has value. That he will contribute to society and go on to do so many great things.
I know that things have come to very far and that people with down syndrome are valued so much more than they were 50, 40 even 30 and 20 years ago. But I still think there is alot to change out there. Alot that we still have to fight for. Alot that needs to change.
I still struggle when faced with someone who's different, sho has special needs or is hadicapped. I still want to just try not to stare and turn away without making eye contact and go on with my day. But I'm learning (Matthew's teaching me) that is just not ok. That they deserve to be SEEN and talked to and asked how their day is. Said Hello to. That they matter. I still don't always do it, or do it right, or do it gracefully without making it sound super forced, but I inteed to keep on trying to do it, no matter how uncomfortable I could get. For I would want people to do the same with Matthew.
We haven't had much instances of discrimination with Matthew yet. Some people see his extra chromosone and some don't. And he's just so very cute, that generally that's all people see. But I worry about it everyday as he grows up. It worries me. I wonder how things will be as he gets older. Will people brush him aside because he's different? We want him in regular classrooms. Will he be more of an oddity or less of one then? Will they make fun of him behind his back or in front of his face? Or will they accept him as their friend and co-student?
You add all these worries on top of the usual worries that you have about your child and it's alot sometimes.
I think so many people just sometimes don't think about what they say and how they use certain words. The someone else might take offense at what they say. Which comes back around to awareness...

Now maybe I can get bad to the other million things I needed to be doing right now!



My "sings of spring" layout was picked by Melissa for the Pick of the Day! What an honor! Yipee! Made my whole day today to find this out 1st thing in the morning!
She mentions the 'm" flower - thinking that it stands for March, not realizing that it really for Matthew. But it's really cool that it works both ways!
Yipee! :)


signs of spring

The prompt for this week's It's A Chick's Life workshop is "Signs of Spring". You can find the full prompt here and the gallery here! I have a lot of spring signs around my house right now. I had planned to do the orange blossoms out front, but after we drained our pool this last Monday, I changed my mind! Our boys had so much fun playing in the water and something just spoke to me about this photo. Matthew's shorts were so full of water that they were falling off of him. And just the fact that he was in shorts and sandles says spring. And then there was the water factor... the fact that it was (slightly) warm enough for them to even be able to play in it says spring!
Journaling reads:
We drained the pool to get it ready for summer & the boys couldn't stay out of it, of course! Can you tell from the water soaked shorts? Yes - it's that time of year again!
Credits: Spring in St. Louis Kit - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. "of" & flower alpha - Bubbleflip Kit - Holly McCaig and MandaBean, retired. Staple - Thank You Kit, The Archives - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. "spring" made with Atomic Cupcake Chipboard Action using paper from Spring in St. Louis. Inked Edge Action from Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts: Janet

Ok - I'm off for now, but I may be back later! :)


I think...

that I must be trying out for the "most time between posts" award or something... :)
We've been busy doing various home projects around the house still. It's been really nice here this week, but you can feel the heat starting in the afternoons and it's pushing us into action. It's been about mid-80's which is really gorgeous, but they say it may get to 90 early next week. Then the air will be coming on! Michael installed a ceiling fan in our living room this week. We bought the fan a few weeks ago. Michael's parents sent us money for our annivesary and we found one that matched the one in our dining room pretty perfectly. It took him 3 days to get it finished. And no - not because he didn't know what he was doing - LOL! It's just hard when you have a preschooler trying to climb the ladder to the attic with Daddy and an 8 y/o that wants to "help". So it took way longer than it would have and should have! LOL! But it's up and it's purdy!
And we also drained the pool. We put a new liner in it last summer and didn't take our time getting it really smooth. So we drained it so we can clean it and get it smoothed out.

It started out innocently enough. Jsut wadding through it and playing in the water. but it didn't take too long before they were soaked!

2 against 1

Uh Oh!

get him!

He was having a BLAST!

I love this one! The tongue out and the water droplets!
At 1st I was trying to keep them out of it, but then I figured out it was a losing battle. Then it took me another 10 minutes to figure out I needed to get out the camera. I took 108 photos of just that brief time outside! Alot of fun stuff! You'll see another shot in tomorrow's Chick's Life layout.
And speaking of layouts... did you notice my new Slide shows at the side? I spent the good part of today getting those all set up and working. I wanted to have one for my regular layouts, one for Chick's Life, one for Holly's Stuff and one for Susan's stuff. When I first tried it - it wouldn't work, but then when I went back later, it worked! Woo Whoo! And then while I was at it, I switched around alot of sutff on my sidebar. Still need to make a new header, which may be next on my list! :)
The boys were restless, so we ended up at the park today for over an hour. They had fun running around and playing in the sand. So nice outside today!
I'm beginning to stress out over the Sharing Down Syndrome Easter Egg Hunt again. It's 2 weeks away and I'm worried about every little thing with it. Matthew hasn't been sleeping very well, so several nights that he's woken me up for whatever, I've not been able to get back to sleep! Not good...
We were hoping that Michael's parents might be able to come down for Easter and bring Reba with them, but the flights are already overbooked in several instances. And they would only be able to stay like 2 days in order to make sure they could get back there. So probally not happening. We're going to have to get them to schedule their vacations on off times, so they can fly. It's Easter weekend then AND it's Spring Break for up there. Not a good combination to be able to get them here...
Ok - I'm off! Good night!
oooo - I forgot a little (not-so little) something!
Valerie at The DigiChick has designed this wondeful benefit kit to raise some money for her church. So if you're in the mood for a new, super cute kit - you can't go wrong with this one. Double the fun - help a great cause and get a cute kit for a steal! Her son is also raising money for the cause in his own special way! Check it out here.
Ok - back to your previous programming!


It's a Chick's Life - Week 12 - March Review

Here's my March Review... finally! :) I started out doing a French Memo Board Style, but floundered for a while until I figured out there were just too many photos for that. So on to a 2 pager! It's based on a Becky Higgins Sketch.


Journaling reads:
3/2/06 - Mommy & Daddy return from spending 3 days in Vegas! Sherry�s Birthday!
3/3/06 - Matthew got new arch supports for his shoes.
3/7/06 - Matthew has his birthday party at school.
3/9/06 - Matthew turns 4! Ryan has a field trip to Worldlife World Zoo with Daddy as a chaperone and Matthew has a field trip to The Hall of
Flame with Mommy! We have a small party at home that night for Matthew. It was also Karen�s, Matthew�s PT, last day.
3/11/06 - Mesa gets 1st rain in 142 days. Matthew has SDSA playgroup at The Little Gym.
3/12/06 - 4 Peaks & The Superstitions have snow on them for the 1st time in a long time.
3/13/06 - Spring Break begins! Mommy & Daddy paint and spruce up their bathroom.
3/18/06 - Cousin Reba�s 11th birthday!
3/19/06 - Wierd weather - we get hail!
3/23/06 - We take Ryan out of school at noon and go to the Angels/Athletics Spring Training game with tickets given to us by our neighbors.
3/25/06 - We go to Theo�s birthday party next door.
3/27/06 - Drain the pool and boys play in the water

Other March Noteworthys: Matthew is saying more and more words and I am hearing 2 & 3 word sentances from him. Still working on the potty training. We did alot of home projects this month - I hung up new photos and we put up a ceiling fan in the living room! Still outside everyday, it�s been in the low 80�s for the most part.
Credits: Chick's Life March Mini Kit - Heather Roselli. Inked Edge Action - Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts: Marydale, Linenstroke and DSP Pollyana


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