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i love u...

Well, I managed to squeak out one layout today. Probally it for today, but we'll see! :)

I was trying very hard to get some really good shots of the boys together for my wall, but wasn't succeeding. When I got them out of the camera, this gem was there though! I gained much inspiration from the cover of the April issue of BHG Scrapbooks Etc. for this one! TFL!!!

Journaling reads:
After getting this photo out of the camera, I wondered just what it was that you were thinking at that moment... were you pondering life in general? Were you tired? More than likely you were just wondering when mommy would be done trying to take pictures of you! Whatever you were thinking, this turned out to be one of my favorite shots from that day. i *heart* u!
Credits: Spring in St. Louis Kit (coming soon!) - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Straight, round and heart tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears.
Font: Donnys Hand


I'm here...

I think.

The jury's still out as to if these little beauties are what's causing me to feel ick. We have sat under them for serveral days while the neighborhood boys are all playing, and the last couple of days, I am feeling ick. So I don't know if it's a cold, or if I'm now allergic to them. Yuck! All 3 trees in our front yard are just covered with them and they smell so divine. But I am all stuffy and my ears are plugged and just feel uck...

No - this was not taken with a zoom lense. These were our actual seats to a Spring Training game on Thursday. Tempe Diablo Stadium, Angels vs. Athletics. Some nieghbors of ours have these seats, right behind home plate - to the 1st base side a little - and in the 1st row. They are moving this week (which is very sad) and gave us all 4 seats spur of the moment on Thursday. Since we hadn't done anything fun on Spring Break last week, we took Ryan out of school early (He hadn't missed a day yet this year - so I wonder if they count 1/2 days????) and went. Of course, the rosy family-time glasses came off quick! Ryan wanted nachos and to get something from the gift shop and Matthew just wanted to climb the stairs and check out the bathroom. Although he did go when we went to the bathroom, so it was all good, I suppose! My poor husband never gets to just sit and enjoy a game anymore...

Thank god for these little beauties. The Elmo Aquadoodle Mini Mats and pen fit right into my purse and kept him content thru some of the game. The gentlemen behind us were thoroughly entertained too - they couldn't figure out how one pen gave so many colors! LOL!

A friend hosted a At Home America party of Friday night (Hi Laura!) and I went! It was fun just to get out and do something for a little bit. Lots of really, really cute stuff and yummy food and drink and women to talk to! How could I go wrong, right? I received this very cute little bowl for a candle since I traveled the farthest to get there. Her new home is almost 1/2 hour away! I also gave into peer pressure and bought a tart burner from the show.

Now I can't wait for it to get here. Hopefully it won't be so hot by then that I can't use it! LOL! Gotta go to the Yankee Candle store and get some tarts too burn too!
It's been mid-80ish here the last few days! you can feel it coming - the heat that is... We've all been in shorts (well- jeans and flip flops for me!) and have to turn on the ceiling fans again.
Tuesday, we worked more on the bathroom. ta da!

I painted the french door and the cabinet white. I still need to touch up the green paint some more in places, but here's what it looks like! I love it! I still want to get nice little containers for our q-tips and cotton balls, but at $12.99 each - $25 of accessories is not happening! LOL! I do have a nice GC from Kohl's - so I may see if they have them there!
Still need to print out something to hang in a few spots. I still have 3-6x6 frames from Target $1 Spot that are like the ones I used in the family room. I'm thinking I'm going to use shots of the orange blooms, but we'll see. Maybe 2 over the toliet area, under the shelf and 1 over on the blank wall next to the door. hmmmmm And still need to find something new to cover the french door.
So this has taken me over an hour to get done, I think. The computer virus program was running and it slows the computer down so much. and then there's 2 little boys who are interrupting me every 5 minutes for something!
Speaking of little boys...

Kinda cute shot from yesterday. He's so into his burpie right now (the white cloth in his mouth)! He brings it out and wraps it around his neck and chews on it. He had gone into my bedroom and gotten our pillows and place one behind his head. He laid like this - away from the tv - for awhile, content. Then I looked down and he had drifted to sleep! LOL! I got him up quickly!
So recap - Tuesday, we worked on the bathroom all day, Wed. I spent all day at Diane's working and Thursday was working in Matthew's classroom and baseball game. Friday was Catch up day for me. Yesterday, we went to Target to buy the birthday presents for the party we went to in the afternoon next door fro Ry's best buddy! Today I have to do my Chick's Life layout and have 2 more new kits to work with. Don't know how much I'm going to get done, because Matthew keeps coming and pulling me away from the computer! Ugh! We have to go to WalMart and get a few things, do laundry and mops the floors... again. yeah. is it done yet?
And then Michael will be home for the next 4 days. Good, but not much computer time.
Things are getting there slowly for the SDSA Easter Egg Hunt. We're just working on the food now, but alot of the other is in place. Weeshu! I will be glad when it's all done! :)
All right - I'm off to get things done! :)


family is forever...

My cool Aussie friend, Lee, always makes sure she has someone take a photo of her family on each of her boys birthday's. I thought this was a great practice to pick up and so we did it on Matthew's 4th birthday.
Credits: Family Moments Kit - Holly McCaig and Kimberly Giarrusso for Holly McCaig Designs (coming soon!). Heart and straight paper tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. All stitches - Splendid Kit, Shabby Princess. Spring Pin - Holly McCaig, Blog Gift. Date Pin - Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs.
Font: Jayne Print

I told you I was going straight to play! Now I'm going to bed! Night!



Magical - isn't it? :) Night after night - at least right now! :)
I have SEVERAL posts from today, actually, so just keep scrolling! I was just too lazy to get it all into 1 big post tonight. I think that I had more to say too, but I can't remember now.
I have in my hot little hands - the newest Holly McCaig Designs Collaberation Kit, and so I'm off to play with it right now! :) You can see a preview of it here.
Oh - yeah! Steph at Digital Paper Tearing (you know I love her tears!) has a very limited free paper tear at her site right now. It will only be up until Wed. or Thurs., so go grab it at the shop quick!


He played in shaving cream today. He actually dug right in! :) Lynette (his OT) and I didn't think he would, but he did. He even tasted a little... yuck!


This is a space that's been bugging me for awhile now. (But see one of my Dad's vases and the Elephant layout on the mantle!) Those big blank walls just needed something! I was browsing thru Tara Whitney's blog and looked at her photo a day stuff and there was this photo of some frames that she put up in her daughters' room. I REALLT like them and they were on my mind perculating for serveral days. Then it came to me what to do...


I had these frames from the $1 Spot at Target that I have had FOREVER and hadn't done anything with yet. I did the bottom row 1st and then knew it wasn't going to be enough for that space, so I did the top 3. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! :) They are a little more graphic than the rest of the room (everything else is framed in wooden frames), but I like it! The bottom row has "Adams" written across it and "family" across the "s" part. It also says "established 1995" on the photo.


You can kinda see! I used paper from Holly's Memory Kit and the initals on the top photos are from Holly and Kristy Ann's Create Kit, both at Holly McCaig Designs. The alpha on the bottom row is SHMOOTZY Shmootzy Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz at ScrapArtist.


So, let me indulge my digi side for a moment...

Today the Creating Keepsakes HOF winners were posted. HOF = Hall of Fame. It's a prestigious (in the scrapbooking world) contest that is held every year. In a brief nutshell - The list a set of rules (of sorts) and you have to do lots of layouts, keep them unposted and send them in. This may not be anywhere near accurate, because I've always not thought much about it and just gone on. I didn't even buy that issue last year. But this year, somehow, I got caught up in the hype. The 2P's digi board was trying to figure out who was on the list for this year and they counted at least 4 digi girls. Turns out there are at least 7 who were at least part digi and there were at least 3 Honorable Mentions that were digi. WOW!
Now for the fun part...
2 of these women are ladies that I am PROUD to call my cyber friends. I chat with these ladies, I read their blogs (Hi guys!), we e-mail each other, we "talk" at various forums. I have tried to emmulate each of them in various ways with things that I have done in my scrapping and photo taking. I am just so stickin' proud to call them my friends!
So a huge shout out to Jenn Olson (CK HOF '06) and Andie Smith (CK HOF HM '06)!
You girls RAWK!!!!

It is JUST so cool to flip thru Scrap mags lately. I don't think that I haven't seen and issue lately that there hasn't been at least 1 person that I "know" thru the internet somewhere. It's just so very cool! It also makes me think more and more about actually submitting some of my stuff. I've only submitted 1 layout and so far nothing. I've always said to myself that I do this for me and my family, and I didn't want to get caught up in all the hype. But it's just so cool to see your friends layouts in the magazines and it's making me want to be in there with them. For the 1st time, I'm wanting to submit. So, we'll see.
And I just let my CK subscription run out. The 1st issue I don't get (March), my friends, Robin, Suzy and Sara, (Robin and Suzy were in the Apprentice with me and Sara was a Designer at The DigiChick at that time) were in. They had a nice, large digi article that caused quite a stir among the paper scrappers. And now they have at least 10 new fresh HOF related faces coming in for the next year. I think I'm going to go sign back up!!!


And today...

it did this! hailed! What's up with that? It was sunny this morning when I got out of bed at 7am (after going to bed at 2am, I might add! Michael got home really late and I just couldn't sleep.), but quickly clouded over and then this!

It's still raining ever so nicely. I'm stir crazy though, but I don't know if I really want to drag both boys out in this! I just want to go SOMEWHERE! Target, the library, JoAnn's, Michael's... somewhere! I've resisted the new BHG scrap mag, but I just don't know if I can keep resisiting.

This week's It's a Chick's Life prompt is all ABOUT green! You can see the thread here and the gallery here!
I've had this kit by Carrie Stephens for quite awhile now and it's just so perfect for these pots. You would think they were made for each other, LOL! You can find her kit here. Carrie's stuff is the 1st thing that came to mind when I looked at the photos I took - the perfect mix of color and grunge for them. And I'm really pleased with the softness, the velvetness, of Gina's alpha contrasting with the clay! These pots are ones that my daddy made and I wanted the boys to be able to KNOW that and remember it. And to have a few of my memories along with them. I had one taller vase with a lid of Dad's, but somehow the vase was lost over 11 years ago and all I have is the lid. So I'm VERY happy to have some more of his stuff! :) I have them on my mantle right now with a maroon candle and the Elephant layout that I did... looks nice!
Journaling reads:
These are the pots that your Grandpa made back in the 70's. You see, he taught pottery at a college in AL back then. I can remember going to see him at the college and watching him kneed the clay, readying it for class. I can remember everyone there thinking that Paul and I were twins, we looked so much alike and were almost the same size. I was thrilled when Grandpa unearthed a couple of boxes of his pottery from under their house last month! I only have a lid to a pot (that's missing) in my possesion until now, so I'm extra glad to have these to cherish!

Credits: Velvet stitched Alpha - Gina Miller, from her blog. "x" stitch - Splendid Kit, Shabby Princess. Paper tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tearing. Glass Slide and red ribbon - Come Together Kit, Carrie Stephens and Michelle Coleman, Fish Scraps. All other items from Virtue Kit - Carrie Stephens, Fish Scraps.
Fonts: Jenn's Pen and Susie's Hand

So - I'll probally be back later at some time today.... maybe! :)


The sky....

was even more gorgeous today than yesteday. It's what I miss the most about living in TX... the big puffy clouds. We don't have them here very often at all :( No more rain here yet though. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it does something in the moutains! :)

Did get a few cutie patootie shots today though. I did print this one out to put in my scraproom. Or maybe the bathroom. Hum..... I've done a project for a blank wall in the living room today, but I don't have them hung yet, so you have to wait on that too. Tomorrow.
I got a surprise call from a friend (speaking of the "old" days in TX) tonight! Hi Tara! (no - not that Tara, Lee!) I was sooooo happy to hear from her! We have waited entirely too long to talk to each other. They will be in Vegas in early May and maybe (crossing fingers) just maybe Michael and I can leave the munchins with Grandma and go for a quick day trip! We are also hopefully going to get together next summer! Yeah! Love you guys and miss you! :)
No - I did not work on the bathroom today. Gotta muster up the mind set to get the paint and such out again. I did clean the pantry (which is basically the craft closet) and get it reorganized. I also made homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast. Yummy! :)
I kinda dreaded going out today, cause I knew it was going to be a free for all for the neighbor hood kids and little ol' me. It was... 7 kids, myself and 1 big sister (and i child and the big sister were only there for the last 20 minutes). LOL! It wasn't toooo bad though, for a change. They all get along well, which is good. They are also fairly patient with Matthew, which is nice, since he's the littlest one. So and hour and 20 minutes spent out there wasn't too bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be fine too. If it doesn't rain! :)
Ok - off to work on Chick's Life again. I keep putting things off still. *sigh* Still have to finish it up, figure out the Hunt and write everyone an e-mail, do the checkbook. And, oh yeah, there's laundry still! :)
I leave you with this...

This is the view I have been savoring each night as the sun is setting. I think it's one of teh prettiest times of day around here right now. The sun sets just enough that it lights the tops of the trees on fire. And then tonight there was the added stormy cloud bonus. Just beautiful...
Night! ;)


It's a beautiful day here today!

At least for today! :) They say that another front is coming in and it will rain again. I'm VERY happy about that and let's all hope that it's cold enough for snow in the mountains again. We went to dinner on Sunday night and were driving right towards the Superstition Mountains, which were covered in snow, and the sun was setting. Everything turned purple behind the moutains and the sun lit the mountain up. Gor-G-EouS!!!! And I, once again, didn't have my camera. *sigh* If it snows - I am sooooo taking photos this time! :)

We have a lemon, an orange and a grapefruit tree in our front yard and it's starting to smell like heaven out there right now. Yummy....

Can you see me in the reflection??? Yes - this is why I've been missing all week. Somehow or another, my thinking and planing turned into reality. We have spent the last 4 days remodeling our master bathroom. The color is not quite what I wanted - a little too sweet and springy, but it's all good. It looks REALLY nice - even Michael said so! It's not completely finished yet, so I'm just giving you a sneak peek. I still need to find some finishing touches and something for the french door. Also need to go touch up the paint and paint the french door and the cabinet. We are also going to take apart the shower door and re-chaulk them (yucky!!!). But we'd had enough for this week, so we saved some for next week!
Here's just a few more quick shots that I took today while we were outside taking advatage of the weather!

I have sooooooo many things I could and should be doing right now, but I'm here. I've gotten quite a bit done in the last few days while I was ignoring everything. Very nice! But I know that I can't stay missing forever. It's just hard because I'm so in the mood to just go thru everything and everwhere in this house right now. Clean, purge and refresh. I have ideas for several walls in my house that need photos, but I haven't sat down to do them. I have the pantry that irritates the heck out of me right now - it needs to be re-organized. I want to shop and get Yankee candles (thanks, Gina - you made me want more and it's going to be too hot here to burn them soon. I have Garden Cucumber burning right now - yummy!). I want to go to a nursery and photograph a sign for someone who's daughter shares the same name. I want yummy artistic photos of snow on cactus in front of a snow covered mountain. I want to keep painting - all that fresh paint just looks soooooo yummy. All my walls are just looking blah - they didn't paint when we moved in 4 years ago - just touched up. And my walls are looking like 2 boys have lived here forever! I look around my home and right now all I see is the dirt. I've kind of ignored everything since I became digital, and now I see the effects of it. Yet, what did I do most of the day today???? On the internet. I did get some stuff done - went to WalMart within 45 minutes start to finish (I don't think I've EVER done that, I was SPEED walking, baby!), cleaned up the playroom with Ryan, did 4 loads of laundry - including the sheets on all 3 beds, cleaned up the kitchen, living room and computer room - again, played outside with the boys for 2 hours, etc, etc. I had to catch up on the Chick's Life layouts that came in this week. I still need to go over everything for the Easter Egg Hunt, the lady that's in charge of the crafts hunted me down today. I felt so bad, she realy needed an answer and I had totally ignored all of that this week too. Then I need to pay bills and work on my next week's Chick's Life prompt and layout.
So - can you see where my mind's been this week?
What else happened this week? It was kind of a nice family week. All we had to worry about was therapists (one Mon, one Tues and one Thurs.). (Which reminds me - I have to call and get Matthew a new PT, take him for blood work (annual CBC), call for an eye appointment and a dentist appointment - LOL!) We got the bathroom mostly done even if we had to work in shifts until the boys went to bed. We haven't done a nice, big project like that for quite awhile and we love to do these kinds of things together. Ryan went to Grandma's on Wed. night and spent the night. Of course, he wasn't very happy when he came home and saw we had done most of the painting! :) Michael, Matthew and I went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse on Wed. night and we took the boys to Fuddruckers on Thursday.
ok - Michael's going to be home soon... I'm off to make the bed! (or surf some more ;)


Janet - this one's for you...

I know you remember - I know you do!
Journaling reads: I found this shirt while shopping at WalMart the other day. I immediately looked for my size and put it in the cart. You see - I have very fond memories of this show. I used to make believe with my friends that we were Charlies Angels. I always asked to be Kelly - she inspired me the most. We would run around the bottom floor of the house on Broadway and dreamed of the things we could do if we really were Charlies Angels. In the last few years they have re-made the show into 2 movies. While they are not quite the same, they are still some good kick butt girl movies!
Credits: Create Kit by Holly McCaig and Kristy Ann for Holly Mccaig Designs. Notebook paper - Art Chick Kit by Kristy Ann for The DigiChick. Pin Dates - Holly MCaig for Holly McCaig Designs. Fonts: Journal and Embossing Tape

This is a lift of Holly's Happy Boy layout.
Thanks for the great inspiration, Holly!
Credits: Everything from Block Party Kit from ScrapArtist, except stitch from Create Kit from Holly McCaig Designs.
Font: Jenn's Pen

So for someone who wasn't feeling scrappy - I scrapped - huh? I've been working on the Charlie's Angels one since Friday. I finally realized that I wasn't finishing it because of the journaling. I wasn't getting any quiet moments to get my true thoughts down. I'm still not sure if I did, but at least I pushed past it. The other one came together really quickly with it being a scraplift. Super fun!
Ok - I'm off again!


Can you feel the joy?

We had a SDSA playgroup yesterday. It was cold (45 ish) and rained all day! Perfect day to go to The Little Gym with your buddies! We took Ryan to Grandma's to let him have a little fun one-on-one time with her and off we went. Matthew had a blast jumping and climbing and doing the activities that they had planned. Very fun! Ryan got to bake cookies with Grandma - so he had a blast too!
It rained ALL DAY yesterday. I can't tell you how much it was needed. Not only for the actual rain, but to clear the smog and such from the Valley too. There have been high pollution allerts here almost everyday lately. This big brown cloud just hangs over everything. I hate it because I know that Michael, working at Sky Harbour, is right in the middle of all that - breathing it in!Everything is bright and sunny and CLEAN looking today! Yeah! It is just gorgeous outside - the sky's so blue and things smeel clean again. It was even cold enough that there was snow within an hour from here. It was all over the news and I've seen actually photos of it on Stephanie's blog! I really want to take the boys and go in search of it - but let's face it - it's still AZ and I'm sure it's already melted!
In digi news -

This week's It's a Chick's Life prompt is to use the color green in your layout. As simple as that for this week. I had figured, when I mapped out this month while in Vegas, that everyone needed a less unstructured week every once in awhile. So this is one of those weeks. And since the remodel bug has struck me this week - I did one about our bathroom!
You can find the prompt here and the gallery here.
I have another layout started for the fabulous new kit - Create - by Holly and Kristy Ann, but it's still not done yet. I WILL finish it today. This has to be the layout that's taken me the longest so far. It's TOTALLY not the cool kit (really - run to get this one - did you see the alpha? and the cool charm? - Yum) - I'm just kinda stuck. And it's not really that I don't have it planned out in my mind - it's even pretty close to being done, but I'm just kinda in a rut. I'm finding myself actually wanting to sit down and watch tv - read a book - organize and spruce up my home. And I also know that this feeling will be fleeting - so I'm trying to take advantage of it while it lasts!
And speaking of tv - OMG! Extreme Home Makeover, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and last, but definately not least - The Sopranos are all new and on tonight! What a glorious night of television! LOL! Good thing I'm in the mood to watch it! ;)


It was on a Saturday...

that my little peanut pie came into this world. I can not believe that he turned 4 on Thursday! How is that even possible?

He came lickedy split - 20 minutes after reaching the hospital. I was still in my own shirt - 3 pushes and he was out! I scared them by saying "He has down syndrome" on the 2nd push and they went quickly to get the NICU staff. He turned a little blue after an hour or so and ended up in the NICU. I scanned in these photos and just noticed that the date stamp on the old point and shoot camera was wrong! the date was the 9th, but it's the 10th on the pics! Weird - huh?

I went home on Monday and he didn't get to come home until Tuesday. That sucked. Big time.
But now 4 years later... that's all forgotten in the glory of him! He has been saying so much more and dropping the signs as he realizes we know what he's saying. Uncle Paul called last night and he got on the phone and said "Hi Paul!" plain as day! I think he made Uncle Paul's night! :)
We spent the morning at the Hall of Flame Museum. It was a quick trip - only an hour there after driving. There was so much more we didn't see, but with these little guys - we saw enough!

He picked out "The Incredibles" for plates and cute little party favor masks (over Elmo - I might add!). He opened each present and said "wow" and "yeah" and then went on to the next! So funny. When he was done opening, he went back to each present and inspected it again and played with it.

A new bubble blower, little plastic golf set, Stuart Little movie (the 1st one - he's been watching SL2 over and over again), a new Elmo puzzle, 2 new shirts, a pair of shorts, 2 sets of big boys undies - Elmo and Nascar, Little People Spinning Sounds Fun Park and wooden lacing cards(Holguins), 2 Elmo and 1 Curious George movies (Grandma and Grandpa), new PlayDoh and PlayDoh numbers set (Diane and Bill), money from Grammie and Granpie. Fun stuff!

He actually blew his candle out on his own this year! I was so excited - I missed taking a photo of it!
I took a cue from Lee and had Diane take a photo of all of us together. I love how she always does that on her boys birthday's!

And I will leave you with a photo of 2 monkeys in their Incredibles masks! I was trying to get a photo of the 2 of them in their matching shirts that say "It's my brother's fault", but it wasn't happening!

In other news, I've decided that I'm going to finally paint our bathroom. I have the redo, refresh, remodel bug really bad right now. I decided that my $50 Vegas winnings would certainly help fund some of that. So Peanut and I went to Target yesterday to get curtains for my kitchen window. I wanted a nice maroon color. I found 1 set in blue (that would match the wall color) and 1 set in the red. I bought both and brought them home. I liked the red color, but the make of the blue ones. I also found some other stuff on clearance, but more about that in a minute. So after Ryan got home, we went to a different Target to find the blue curtain in red (the store I was at that morning was out of stock). I returned those 2 sets - which is a whole nother story - the girl rang it up wrong and gave me back too much money - then it took 10 minutes for them to figure out how much I got back! LOL! I found curtains and more on clearance at that store! So here's what I got for the low, low price of $51.46 + tax. I found a valance in the maroon color for $3.24. Then I proceeded to get new curtains for our bedroom that will match the new Martha Stewart green that I'm going to paint it and the bathroom - $3.24 for the valance and $4.98 for the floor length for either side. I bought another floor length set for $4.98 in cream to put in the bathroom on the french door - possibly. I found a PS2 Spiderman game for Ryan for $7.48. 2 new bras for $2.48 each. A fabulous denium table cloth for $6.24, a maroon one for $3.24 and green one $2.48. A bottle of OPI nailpolish for $1.87, and 2 new kitchen towels for $1.38 each. Wow, right? I was stoked! I *heart* Target!
Oh - yeah - and Gina, I bought a set of the dollar spot coasters to alter like you did!
Make sure you see toady's big news around here in the next post!


We woke up this morning to this...

It may seem like a weird things to anounce to some, but Phoenix set a new record of 142 days without rain. Around here - it's news. The sad thing is - is that there will be so many wrecks today. The street will be so slick and it's going to be nasty to drive. And yeah - I've got to go out at 2. Matthew has a playgroup and Ryan will go to Grandma's. Hopefully everyone will already be at the Malls and it will be smooth sailing. It's a nice slow gentle rain so far and hasn't let up since we got up, really. It's good it's slow, because the grounds so hard we would have floods otherwise. We already have standing water in spots in our backyard. Nothings like last years flood yet (scroll to Aug. 9th), but it's supposed to rain all day!
****edited ***** And it's only 44 degrees right now to boot! Brrrrrr!


pretty vegas

So - I had a million other things to do tonight - but I wanted to play. A very simple layout - but I wanted it to stay kinda graphic and magazine like. I wanted to do a page of just the pretty photos that I took of Vegas. 2 pages did them better justice! I knew that I wanted to use this title before we'd even gone on the trip - knowing what kind of photos I wanted to take. I didn't channel Andie Smith or Tara Whitney enough, because most of the photos didn't turn out like I wanted. And I wanted to be with my DH, not glued to the viewfinder! LOL! But I did get these shots that I love. And they're enough!

Journaling reads:
I'm always kind of surprised at how very pretty Vegas can be. All the lights, the water fountains, the extravagence in the casinos themselves - it can be literally breath taking...

Credits: Paper - Living Series Hoping Paper Pack, Jen Wilson, Jen Wilson Designs. Alpha - Love Ya! Double Up Kit (retired), Holly McCaig and Manda Bean. Bling - All That Glitters, Laura Alpuche, The DigiChick. Circle Stamp - Refresh Kit, Collaborative Kit of The DigiChick Designers with Jen Wilson and Shabby Princess.
Fonts: Porcelain, Jenn's Pen


Page 1


page 2


101 ways with a pot roast and other things...

Not really 101 ways, but I'm on #4 right now. My crockpot is my friend my Michael is a work. I can put something in and have meals for the next 3 to 4 days. Last weekend it was the Creamy Black Bean Salsa Chicken - Yum-my! This weekend it's Chuck Roast with potatoes and carrots. Night 1 was was just that. Meal 2 was all 3 cut up, sauted in a little oil with some greek spices and wrapped in a warm tortilla with some sour cream, cheese and BBQ sauce. I love that meal! But that was my 1 and only flour tortilla, so last night was just a potato with the meat on top with cheese, BBQ sauce and sour cream. Kinda like a baked potato. Today I cut up more, added a little cheese, wrapped it in corn tortillas, put enchilada sauce on top with more cheese! Wa-La! Instant enchiladas for the next 2 meals. Very yummy! I still have more of the original left - so will have to see what strikes my fancy for tomorrows meals! LOL!
I FINALLY have the house clean! Ugh! I still have several loads of laundry, but everything is clean again. I vacuumed yesterday, then broom sticked and moped today. I do still need to wipe off my kitchen counters. And put everything back into it's place after moping! Yesterday, we cleaned the playroom and I tackled the *junk* drawer in the kitchen. It now closes again! :) I went thru the old newspapers and found the cartoon I wanted for a layout and threw the rest away. The stack was over 1.5 feet tall! So - lots of little clean up spots. I still need to go through and re-organize the pantry. It's where we keep all the craft things, the boy's backpacks, jackets, all the candles and etc. It's getting to be a big fat mess again - so time to get back in there.
The boys have actually played fairly well together today. It was rock band first thing this morning and restraurant after that. Ryan played restraurant most of yesterday afternoon in the clean playroom yesterday. He made menus, wrote and collected bills and asked for money! LOL! Michael went to get donuts this morning and Ry went with him. He promtly counted the change back for Michael and knew that he had gotten 2-$20 out of the ATM and that was $40! So fun to hear things clicking with him! Matthew is saying so very much more and dropping more and more signs. He still signs as he's saying a few things - cookie, more, chicken. He's still enthralled with Stuart Little 2 and will say/do the motions seconds before they do them on the screen. He will turn ****4**** on Thursday (I can't believe it!) and he's getting the original Stuart on DVD for one present. I don't think I mentioned it - but both boys have field trips on Thursday! Ryan is going to the Worldlife World Zoo and Michael will be going as a chaperone. Matthew and I are going to the Hall of Flame - a firefighter museum. they have been studying community helpers this month - like postal workers, policemen, firefighters and such. We will probally have family over on that night for cake and a small party. Maybe I'll make that casserole! :) We will bring goodies into his classroom on Tuesday to celebrate there!
I think my mojo has renewed itself with our trip too - but I don't have the time to do as many as are floating in my head! Doesn't that figure! One at a time - I know! I need to write all the ideas out - so I can remember them! Michael's on the late shift - so I've got from 7:30 or so until at least 11:30 to work! The DigiChick chats with Jen Wilson and Shabby Princess, Kristie David went very well. They were a little different of chats than most - for they were interview style. But both designers were there before and after the "alloted" times and chatted freely with us for awhile! So cool to hear their responses, but it did take some doing to not type back things at them!!! LOL! They were both so very nice! So fun! The links to the treasure hunt kit that they both contributed to will still be active thru at least Monday. I know Laura said she would extend them some (the sites's been CRAZY busy!), but I don't know until when.
There are also 2 new workshops at the Chick! Lisa (Vania16), whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, is hosting the "Life is Better Shared" workshop and Valerie (ValGal) will be hosting the newest one - Emotions Anonymous - that starts tomorrow! Both sound wonderful and offer something a little different to spark your creativity and explore new things!
It's a Chick's Life's prompt for this week is money! LOL! I mapped out this month while Michael and I were on opposite ends of the plane on the way to Vegas and was going to scrap my 1st paycheck (of which I have the stub too - being the packrat I am!). It wasn't until after we got home that I decided to do my big Vegas winnings instead. It just felt more current right now! You can see the full prompt here.

Journaling reads:
On Wednesday night in Vegas, we decided we’d had enough of the strip and went back to our hotel. I sat down at the Nickel slot machine that I had played a little bit the day before, without luck. Michael gave me a $10 bill and I kept saying I didn’t want to put that much in, but finally relented. I’d win a little, lose a little and then it started beeping! We watched to see if I’d won the progessive amount (over $2000), but it stopped at somewhere around $65. I decided my cut off amount was $60 and played it down to there. I was totally thrilled with my earnings of $50 and not willing to gamble it back away! When we cashed out, everyone came over to see if I’d won the big one. Apparently it’s the machine that the people who worked there play, and they knew it was “due” soon. When we left the next morning, it was still at the same amount, so no one had won it yet (another couple sat down when we cashed out), which made my decision to stop all the sweeter to me!
Credits: Refresh Grand Re-Opening Kit - The DigiChick Designers with Shabby Princess and Jen Wilson. Paper Tear - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears. Inked Edge Action - Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts: Jenns Pen and Barbaras Hand

And here - finally - is my February review layout from last week! I finished it up last night.

Journaling reads: 2.04.06 Lexi’s Birthday Party at McCormink Park 2.10.06 Ryan goes to a play at Dobson High School 2.17.06 Matthew goes to the doctor for 4 year old check up and referrals 35.8 pounds 37 inches tall Mommy and Daddy’s 11th Anniversary 2.18.06 Ryan goes to Grandma’s and Mommy and Matthew go to Gymboree for a SDSA playdate 2.20.06 No School! 2.21.06 Matthew’s appointment at the Orthotics for new inserts 2.24.06 Meeting with Miss Pat and Miss Karen 2.28.06 Mommy and Daddy go to Vegas!!!! Grandma keeps Ryan and Matthew
Credits: It's a Chick's Life February Mini Kit - Heather Roselli, The DigiChick. Paper Tears - Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears.Fonts: Linenstroke, Jayne Print and Amazone BT

I have one more layout that I managed to finish up this weekend so far - but it's for the upcoming DeZine - so you can't see it yet!
Ok - I'm off to do all the other things I need to do today!


Honey - I'm home...

from Venice?


Nah - Vegas, baby!

The Bellagio

Water show at the Bellagio


The view from our window - at the Greek Isles

Volcano at Mirage

Sirens Pirate Show at Ti (Treasure Island)

Me and the 50 bucks I won at a Nickel machine! Woo Whoo!!!!

The bad attempt to get a photo together in front of The Mirage

We left on Tuesday morning, flying standby (we fly for free since Michael works for the airlines, but it's standby). Of course, the flight was super full, and we didn't get to sit together. How romatic, right? See?

All I could think about was LOST and how the husband and wife went down on different parts of the Island because they were in different parts of the airplane! LOL! How silly am I?
So we landed, found each other again, got our baggage and got our rental car. The rain had just let up there, but it was windy-er than heck!!! We first went to the Hotel, The Greek Isles. My parents have a time share there and let us use it for the trip. We haven't been to Vegas in somewhere around 5 years (this was our 1st trip alone in that long!) and things had changed ALOT! The hotel has changed hands serveral times since then and we thought it was actually kinda nice now! We were able to check into our room and get things settled a bit. We decided to go downstairs and check out the new resturant there, and it was very yummy! We then decided that we would walk up to and the down the strip to where we thought we had seen some shops. They ended up being at the very end of the strip from where we were. We clocked it on Thurs. and it was 2.8 miles one way. So almost 6 miles round trip. This is not including the walking in and out of the casinos that we did.... Not a very smart way to go the 1st day! We were a little tired! LOL! Since it was sooo windy, none of the outdoor shows were on that night! We tried to sleep in the next morning, but our bodies are not wired to do that anymore! We tired to get breakfast somewhere down the road, but didn't find much, so ended up at McDonald's. We hit the Factory Outlet mall there and shopped for awhile. Michael got several things, including a pair of clip-on sun shades for his glasses that were custom made - very cool! I found a pair of shoes I liked, but they were size 8.5 for my size 6 feet - not a match. We drove around after that and tried to find the Nascar track, but found out finally that we were heading the wrong direction! We went to The Outback Steakhouse that's right there on the strip for dinner and got a window right by the front windows looking out on everything. We made the 1st viewing of the Volcano at The Mirage, since it was right across the street from there. Then we walked down to The Bellagio to see the fountains dance! Very cool! Then it was on to Ti to see the Sirens! Boy that show had changed alot since we'd seen it 5 years ago! It was about pirates back then - not the chicks! LOL! We got there over 1/2 hour early, which was good, for it was packed quick! We wandered a bit more and then went back to our hotel. We got a beer and I sat down at a Nickel machine and put 10 bucks in (the most amount we had put in yet). It took me up and then down and then back up again! It went over $60, but I kept playing until it got down to $60 - that was my cut off point. If you get too greedy - you lose it, in my opinion. So I was very happy with my $50 earnings! The next morning, we ate at the resturant at the hotel and then went back over the the Mall on the Strip to get the boys a little something extra. Then on to turn in our car and get to the airport. When we checked in, we found out the plane was full again, but that we should get seats. When we went upstairs, we went to the customer service to see if the other flight was any better ( there are 2 flights at the same time). The ladies there knew of a 3rd flight that only had 20 people on it that was delayed due to a medical emergancy. Leaving at the smae time and we were guaranteed seats (together even!). So we went to that gate to wait. Met a nice couple that was coming to interview here at America West from Phili! Michael had fun talking shop with him. Then they announced that the flight we were all scheduled on was delayed due to mechanical reasons. We went up to find out our chances for other flights since we knew lots of them were full. They were takling about sending us to Los Angeles then back to Phoenix as a last resort. We walk to the other gate that the 1st flight we were supposed to be on is leaving from and I called Mom and Dad to tell them we might be later. WE get to the gate and they look at Michael's badge from a distance and ask "Adams??? - oh we've been looking for you! Come on! We'll walk you to the plane!" And the next thing we know - we're on the plane sitting 25 rows apart again! LOL! And the plane left that gate within 5 minutes of us getting on it! Wow! Crazy! But we made it home to the munchkins!
Apparently Ryan had a hard night Wednesday night and was missing us - althought I think he was procastinating bed too! All in all everything went well here at home. I just have piles of things to do now - laundry, the house is so dirty, and I have piles of paerwork and mail to go thru. Not to mention over 40 e-mails. Matthew's ortho inserts were ready - so we picked those up today. He was so funny when I put them in his shoes and then his shoes on his feet. He hadn't worn his old ones in over a week, so he gets these on and stops and takes it off and looks in it! He couldn't figure out why it felt different! Once he got them on and outside - he was fine though!

In Digi News - The DigiChick has a new look and a Grand Re-Opening going on right now! There was a chat with Jen Wilson tonight already and one with Shabby Princess tomorrow! They contributed pieces to the fabulous kit that you can get by following the Treasure Hunt that's going on at the site and the forum right now (links stay up until the 6th) - GORGEOUS kit!

The entire Boutique is 50% right now as I type for all of today! Yummy stuff in there!

And this kit is available at A Cherry On Top! Yummy too! I haven't had the time to play with either on yet, or to finish my Feb review layout. I do have the next month mapped out for It's a Chick's Life Workshop, but need to do that layout too! I need more hours in my day!
Ok - so that was a long one again, and I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that's it for tonight!


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