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Buckle your seatbelts folks...

we're in for a long one again! I have several layouts to share and a little bit of updates. Michael is off now and we are going to do some yard work tomorrow and Tuesday while the kids are in school. If we wait too much longer - the heat will move in and it will be next winter before we get to it again! LOL! We're on day 103 today without rain. Sing with me - someday our rain will come..... It's been cloudy several days, so at least it's not the same every day. They're already talking draught again.
I'm loving having my new scanner! As you will see - I've used in a couple of times on layouts the last couple days! Very cool!
1st a couple of the layouts that were in the Jan. DeZine

Credits: All papers and elements from the Designing with Digital CD.
Font: AL Fantasy and Donnys Hand

Journaling Reads:
Take 2 little boys, 1 mommy wanting the perfect Christmas card photo and what do you get? 32 not-so-good shots and 1 that's cuter than cute! We tried so many different things for the card shot. We had candy canes, the Little People Christmas Train, 2 santas hats, lights, 2 different snowmen, with the tree, without it. Mommy was using the Nikon camera and the lag time made it so hard to keep with you little guys. Finally, everyone was tired of trying, you 2 and Mommy! Luckily, when I downloaded the pictures, we had one keeper!
Credits: Meredith Fenwick's SuperKid Paper Pack and Bonfire Beach Elements.
Fonts: SM_scriptisM

Journaling Reads: We had a very small party for you the Saturday after your birthday this year. Mommy & Daddy took you, Matthew and Theo to bowl. Grandma & Grandpa met us at our house for cake & presents after. We all had a great time bowling, even Matthew! Your funniest gift was a mouth piece that lights up from Grandpa!
Credits: Celebrate Kit by the DigiChick Designers. Diamond brads & paperclip from All That Glitters by Laura Alpuche. Staple from DigiChick HOPE Katrina Kit. Tab (recolored) from Celebrate Tranquility Kit by Holly McCaig. #8 from Challenge Prize by Andrea Victoria. Tag & tag top Templates by Nancie Rowe Janitz.
Fonts : Jenns Pen and DSP Pollyanna

Here's the layout from the Monster Truck encounter!

We decided to go eat at Wendy's last night. We pulled into the parking lot & right across the street was a Monster truck - Iron Outlaw - on display. The Monster Jam is here on Saturday
& thay were doing some promotions. We ended up getting to meet the driver, Linsey Weenk, & get his autograph. They also gave the boys 2 DVD's! We got to stand with our heads under the truck and look up at the engine and what's inside. We even got to see his start the truck & move it onto a trailer. It was a very Monster dinner that night, followed lots of Monster truck play at our house later. Santa had brought Monster trucks to you both at Christmas. Who knew how much more fun you would have with them a month later?
Red Linen Paper - Holly McCaig, Sunroom Kit. Photo edges - Rhonna Farrer, DWD CD. Staple - Amy Jo Smith, Angie Kit. Art Diary Calendar by Kristy Kerness. Digital Paper Tear - Steph Krush.

Font - Linenstroke

This one is from Holly's Muse Dare today. Looking back to 10 years ago. This is using her new kit, Memory, that will be coming out this week! LOVE this kit! And the photograph stamp is AWESOME! The other stamp you can see is really cool too - it's a ruler that you write in the date and circle the month and days! Really cool!

We were so young,so in love, so newly married and so far away from home. But we were together for that brief 12 days, experiencing a foriegn land together.
Holly McCaig - Memory Kit coming soon to Holly McCaig Designs. Staple from Angie Kit - Amy Jo Smith. Digital Paper Tears by Steph Krush.
Font: Jayne Print

And finally my It's a Chick's Life layout for this week. We are doing a Month-end-review. I used Heather's super cute kit that she designed for us. Each month will have it's own kit for the participants who complete all the prompts and have them turned in time. These kits are just so fun and I can't wait to use them to create a calendar or a planner for next year too!

Journaling reads;
January can be pretty much summed up with one word - outside! Arizona is so nice in January and we all know that the heat is just around the corner again. We are outside pretty much every afternoon. The boys ride their bikes, the electric cars, Ryan is learning to roller blade and they love drawing on the driveway with chalk. It's usually a neighborhood event with the other kids joining us too.
Other things that happened this month were Daddy and Uncle Paul's birthday's, Ryan had his 1st experience with deception at shcool, and we saw a real Monster truck by accident one night! Matthew's verbal speech is growing with a new word every few days. Not always crystal clear like "santa", but we'll take it!
We have a feathered visitor almost every night too. The little hummingbird will come sit on our grapefruit tree and "talk" to us. We can get fairly close to him and we "talk" back to him.

Based on a sketch by Becky Higgins.
It's a Chick's Life January Mini Kit by Heather Roselli. Paper Tears by Steph Krush.
Fonts: Jayne Print and DSP Pollyana

Some of these layouts have been done for awhile, but 3 were from this week and I have another 3 that I did this week on hold that I can't show you yet! Busy busy, but so fun! I also did a web banner for Evan that I will link for you when I get the link!
The other exciting thing that's happened is that my parents have offered us their time share in Vegas and offered to watch to boys for us for our anniversary next month! We are sooooo happy! We can fly there and stay there and all but what we spend while we're there will be covered! SWEET! We haven't gotten away from the boys for longer than overnight for 5 years. Before Matthew was born. I can't wait!

Ok - I'm off to join my hubby in la la land. Thanks for hanging around to the end and have a great night all! :)


Twice yesterday...

Twice. I needed my camera and I did not have it with me.
I usually take it to Matthew's classroom with me when I'm there, but I knew I was going to work on a bulletin board and that it was not in the room. But we took super cute shots of all the class together in all their cowboy dudes. It's Wild West month this month. So now I need to borrow the teacher's CF card and download hers. She did JUST call and say how many compliments the bulletin board is getting, and it's not quite done yet! Fun! Justice O'Connor will be visiting the school next month, so they are preparing.
Then we went to Wendy's to eat before we were going to go to the SDSA meeting last night. We pull in and in the parking lot across the street at Del Taco is a MONSTER truck. So, of course, we go over and end up meeting the driver and standing next to the truck and looking under it and such. The boys got atuographed cards and DVD's and FREE taco's! Yum! And I had no camera. So we get home and I look up the truck online. Iron Outlaw and it's driver Linsey Weenk are hoping to make Phoenix their 6th win in a row! WOW! and we met him. The boys promptly came home to watch the DVD and play with the monster trucks that Santa had brought them at Christmas. By the time Michael and I had chased Matthew around there and dealt with both of them and then went to eat... it was time to stay home, so we missed the meeting. Oh - well. Next time. I did find stuff online, so will probally do a layout anyway.
After all - I did hool up the DVD burner and my new scanner yesterday (finally), so I can scan in what they got! LOL!
I'm going to have to start packing the Nikon camera in my purse.
It's after 11am already and I've been at the 'puter this morning catching up on all the blogs and sites. I had planned on doing alot of cleaning today, but that's no fun. I'll have to spread it out some. I have to get 4 layouts done this weekend for sure, so that will be alot of it. Now to just get off the internet! LOL!


Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Today is my "little" brother's birthday. He's taller than me, so little seems funny sometimes...
We called to wish him a Happy Birthday, and he's not feeling well. But today was a big day, for his brand new business had it's first transaction! Yay Paul!
Happy Birthday, little brother, and I hope that you and Diane are feeling better soon!
I love you!


Proud of me...

Holly McCaig had her new Muse Dare on her blog and I just couldn't walk away from it. I went straight to work. Now I gotta get off the computer and get some stuff done! LOL!
The Dare was 10 things that we are proud of ourselves about. Her layout is sooo gorgeous. It's so wonderful to see her stuff again! And, boy are you guys gonna get sick of me and this photo, LOL! TFL!!!
Credits: Jen Wilson - Papers, tag (altered), alpha - Laundry Basket
Holly McCaig - Pretty Petals, Bling Fasteners, Lil Petals, blog freebies.
ScrapArtist - word pebble-Christmas Magic Crop, stitch from MaryJane Kit and Shmootzy frame - Nancie Rowe Janitz
Font: Donnys Hand


It's a Chick's Life - Week 3 - All About Me

Journaling reads:
I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am a creator, a keeper of memories, a photo taker, a digital scrapbooker. I am a hard worker, a supporter, a loyal and honest employee. I am a orange chicken, pepperoni & sasuage pizza, shredded beef taco eating fiend. I am a Target-lover, a bargain shopper, an instant gratification kinda woman. I am a romance reader, a chick flick watcher, a music lover. I am a cook, a maid, a housekeeper, an interior decorator, a chauffer, a coach. I am a The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, LOST, Invasion, watcher. I am a comfort seeker, a denim-lover. I am a sports car driver stuck in a minivan. I am a soon-to-be 39 year old. I am a contact lense wearer who finds herself wearing her new glasses instead. I am a spouse of almost 11 years who is still in love with her soulmate. I am a stay-at-home mommy who doesn't always like to stay home. I am a mommy who can't believe how quickly her boys are growing. I am a woman who sometimes can't believe where her life has taken her. I am a woman who needs to step back more often and just be. I am a woman who is on her life's journey to find and be herself.
Credits: Ribbon, staples-New Chick's Thankful kit, DigiChick Chat. Charmed Alpha-A Charmed Life; Gingham ribbon-Signature Collection, Holly McCaig. Green Paper, safety pin-Grungy Boy, Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. Patterned paper, stitch, Geniune tag-MaryJane Kit; Shmootzy Alpha, Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist. Digital Paper Tear-Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears.
Font: Jenn's Pen

For this week's Prompt in It's A Chick's Life... Scrap It workshop. This week it's all about us. I feel we are always the one behind the camera as scrapbooker's, and that there aren't enough pics of us taken. So this week was all about remedying that! You can see the prompt here and the gallery here.


Awww Scrap....

I feel like I'm in catch up mode again today! It always happens that day that Michael goes back to work... I spend the whole day catching up on the things that I brushed aside to be with my family! So this is probally going to be a big post and I've already posted 3 others under this one today, so keep right on reading.
Me - busy, busy, busy! I'm going to be designing a web banner for Evan (see the link at the right) for his books! Should be fun and hopefully I can figure it out! LOL! I did a brochure for Diane and finished up the Garden Art Postcard this week. For a "non-working" graphic artist, I sure am keeping my fingers in it this week. I think that's one of the biggest perks of digiscraping - combining what I know and REALLY keeping me learning new things to boot! I used my Christmas money this week and am now the proud owner of an Epson Perfection 3490 scanner and a HP Light Scribe DVD burner. The dvd burner was on sale for less thatn the other ones there, so although I may not use the scribe part, I bought it. Of course, they are all still in the box. Have had NO time to play yet. I also figure that I'll blow up the computer putting in the new burner, just 'cause! LOL! Hopefully they are on the agenda for tonight. Had fun in Ry's classroom yesterday. Helping 22 2nd graders cut out healthy foods and glue them onto a headband to wear today! Wow! How does she do it? And then she goes home to her 3 boys! LOL! She called me Super Mom - I thought that was so fun, but made me feel like a fraud - ha! Then I went into Matthew's classroom for awhile in the afternoon to finish up on the backdrop for their Western Themed room. I got my hair cut last night and then stopped to ge Pei Wei's for myself for dinner. They don't have a drive-thru - so it's not somewhere that I'll stop with the boys. Since I was alone - I went! Holy cr*p they were busy! I placed my order to go and then she told me 15-20 minutes! Boy she wasn't kidding!!! But I scored because they gave me a free order of Honey Seared chicken, for some reason! Definate score! So I had dinner last night, lunch today and still have enough for 1 - 2 meals!
Michael - back to work today! Had 4 days off to recoup from the non-stop work last week. Although I'm sure he'd have a different story. The boys were out of school Mon and we went to Toys R Us and let them spend their GC's. Ryan got a new football, new rollerblades and a part to his Geo Trax system. Matthew scored the awesome Aquadoodle Board, a new Wiggles DVD and a cute little basketball. Then we had a therapist, went to eat at Fuddruckers and had a therapist. Tuesday I dragged him to Best Buy to get my stuff and then to WalMart after we got Matthew. Then he played with the boys while I got a few things accomplished for the postcard and at the Chick. Wednesday he was home with the boys while I was at work at Diane's. Then yesterday, he had the morning free but had Matthew while I was at Matthew's school and then had the boys while I was at my haircut and Pei Wei's excursion! I'm sure he was glad to go back to work today! LOL!
Ryan had a interesting time at school with his new football. One of the little girls in his class said she would watch his football for him when he went downstairs to speech. When he got back it was no where to be found! After a massive search, it was finally found in that girl's backpack! She had scribbled our his name and written in her own! Needless to say - all parties involved are floored! Ry's teacher has been so good about it. She called the parents and told them they needed to replace it for Ryan. Of course, Ryan being the kid he is, told the girl not to worry about it the next day when she finally apologized to him. She did tell the teacher that she thought she should still by one for him, but we haven't seen anything yet, so we'll see.... The girl was all nicey nice to me when I was in there on Thurs. I really just amazes me. I really didn't want to day anything to her, becuase I didn't feel that I should or that it was my place. But BOY did I want to! I don't really care if they buy another football, but I do hope that her parents are up on this and have some kind of punishment in store for her. She's a really nice kid too, or so I'd thought! Ry studied penguins last week at school and was spouting out all sorts of facts for us. They watched March of the Penguin, but didn't get to finish it. His friend next door had gotten it for Christmas and let Ry borrow it, so he watched that alot this last weekend!
Matthew - has still been saying new things. They are not perfectly crystal clear - but I understand him! Bubble, up, more... I just don't remember what all else. I REALLY need to write them all down. He can now jump off the ground with both feet and is even starting to move forward when he does. He favorite thing to do right now is to jump over the cracks in the sidewalk. He ate corn muffins with us this week too, which is a big thing for him!
Ok - time to let the kids burn off some energy outside before it's dinner time! I've got to decide what things I've got to get done when they go to bed tonight... banner, new layout for the prompt, hook up my cool new toys or....
Off I go! Remember - keep on reading down!


DeZine is here...

In case you didn't see it in the bottom post!
I made the cover of several of the articles! Way cool!!!


Muse me...

Holly McCaig is doing a Muse dare on her blog every Sunday. This week's dare really spoke to me and I started it right that day, but low and behold - didn't get to finish it until today. Her challenge was this: My Biggest Vice
We all have them-things to help us get through the day, the week, our lives. But are they necessity or just a vice? What are your biggest vices? It's your layout-get inspired!
I thought about this and wasn't feeling the physical everyday things, but then got to thinking of my intangible everyday things... and off it went. It's really crowded and has ALOT of things in it, but it's what came out. TFL!
Patterned paper, leaf, life stamp-Forest Glen; create, dream-Signature Collection 1, Jen Wilson. Shmootzy Frame-Nancie Rowe Janitz, Scrap Artist. Love Slide, red ribbon, tan ribbon-Come Together Kit, Carrie Stephens and Michelle Coleman. Crossed Staples-FIshScraps Freebie Kit, Carrie Stephens, Fish Scraps. xoxo-Sweet Sprinkles, Shabby Princess. Inspire word charm-SBB free area. Blue tag-Vintage Artistry Kit, SBB, Dana Zarling. Your Smile quote-Smile Sunshine Kit, Brenda Kempf. Purpose of Art and Laughter quotes, Metal plate-Life is a Bistro Kit, ScrapArtist. Nothing Worth More quote-Moments Kit, Michelle Coleman, ScrapArtist. RWB ribbon-Kim Jensen, RAK SCraps July Mega Kit, RAK Scraps . Silk flowers, Bling fasteners-Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Ejoy Life quote-2Ps, June 05 Mary Ann Wise. Happiness & Love quote-2Ps, March 05, Rhonna Farrer. Adore tag-2Ps, 9-05, Rhonna Farrer. Laugh & dragonfly circles-Dots A Fun, Michelle Shefveland, Cottage Arts. Hope oval-Compassion Kit, Shabby Princess & Gina Cabrera.

Fonts Used: Susie's Hand


A tag and a tiny toot!

That Holly tagged me again! LOL! So here it is...

What scrapbooking lines/products/etc do you DISlike?
Anything to cute-sy or cartoony - both paper or digi.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to scrap?
The Apprentice contest really made me scrap about myself ALOT. It did teach me to be better about it. My layout about Matthew at Halloween was interesting to type...

What technique do you use more than any other?
Torn paper edges, stitching

Ever been published?
In the DeZine! (It's out now - click the link!!!) Other than that - I've never submitted anything.

What’s the smallest scrap of paper you save?
Probally 2x2 inch square paper - not a problem in digi - no scraps!!!

Ever have any scrapbooking-related injuries?
Not that I can recall -

Finish the sentence… “If I wasn’t a scrapbooker, I would spend my money….”
At Target - of course!

Give us your best storage or organizational idea.
I have all my digi kits in the site's folders, then in Designer folders and then in kit folders

You just won a week-long scrapbooking cruise for 4.
hummmm... I think I'd be taking my boys (Michael, Ryan and Matthew).

I forgot my tiny toot! Melissa at the Digi Pick of the Day picked my "sweet on you" layout of Matthew as her pick of the day layout for 1/18/06! How cool is that! Very cool to me indeed!


Oh Yeah...

I've been tagged twice now and hadn't done them!
So here's

The A-Z's of me!
A is for age: 38
B is for booze of choice: booze - do they still make that?
C is for career: Domestic Engineer, chef, taxi driver, maid... (you get the drift???)
D is for your dad’s name: Loren
E is for essential items to bring to a party: A pinata -for kid's birthday parties
F is for favourite song at the moment: Pretty Vegas - INXS
G is for favourite game: hummmmm - right now we're been playing alot of baseball
H is for hometown: Mesa
I is for instruments you play: zero, zilch, nada
J is for jam or jelly you like: raspberry.
K is for kids: 2 - Ryan (8) and Matthew (4 in March)
L is for living arrangements: 1 nice ranch house in suburbia with my family
M is for mum’s name: Jeanenne
N is for name of your crush: my darling husband
O is for overnight hospital stays: only when my munchkins were born.
P is for phobias: I get really anxious when my house is a mess
Q is for quotes you like: Tomorrow is another day - Gone with the Wind
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: With my DH.... married 11 years in Feb.
S is for sexual preference: with my husband, please
T is for travel: (it was missing, so I added my own!) I wish DH and I could go anywhere alone together for at least overnight.
U is for underwear: not on my head please
V is for vegetable you love: broccoli w/ cheese
W is for weekend plans: Michael is working weekends now - so it's just me and the boys.
X is for x-rays you’ve had: humm - one when I was little I think
Y is for yummy food you make: I'm going to make cheese enchilada's later
Z is for zodiac sign: Taurus

Now I tag
Holly, tee hee because she tagged me!

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

  • Wendy's in HS during the "Where's the Beef" era
  • Customer Service at Service Merchandise
  • Graphic Designer at Thrifty Nickel and Pennysaver,
  • Domestic Goddess
Four movies you would watch over and over:
  • Gone with the Wind
  • You've Got Mail (any Meg)
  • Runaway Bride (any Julia)
  • What Lies Beneath

Four places you have lived:

  • Decatur, AL
  • Sedalia, MO
  • Abilene, TX
  • Mesa, AZ

Four TV shows you love to watch:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • L O S T
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Invasion

Four places you have been on vacation:

  • Korea
  • Las Vegas
  • Vermont
  • Santa Barbara CA

Four websites you visit daily: (God - what DON'T I visit is more like it!)

Four of your favorite foods:

  • Mexican (gooey cheesee)
  • chinese
  • pizza (gooey cheese)
  • lasagne (gooey cheese - see a trend?)

Four places you would rather be right now:

  • On a vacation with my DH alone
  • shopping spree (without kids - with BF preferably) with unlimited funds
  • Eating somewhere good - Pei Wei's, Julio's Too, Old Chigaco's Pizza
  • Snuggled up reading a book with a clean, laundry done, all projects done house (LOL!)

Four bloggers you are tagging: (forgive me all!)


My Intentions...

This is my week 2 layout for It's a Chick's Life Workshop. My intentions for 2006. You can see the full prompt here. I took the photo in the backyard of Diane's home (see link at right) where I work 1 day a week. I shot something like 130 photos that day. She has a beautiful yard and view!
Journaling reads:
I Intend:
- to get better orgainized this year. I want to actually use the cute planner I made. And I want my home to be better organinzed too.
- to continue on my weight journey. I lost 7 pounds last year and only have 5 more ot go. I CAN and WILL do it, however slow it goes!
- to learn my camera better. I want to know how to use all it's bells & whistles. And I want GREAT photos!
- to document my family's life more closely in this year, by using my planner, blog and my scrapbooking.
- to budget our money better and think ahead on things. Buy gifts a little earlier
and make a plan for holidays, vacations and birthdays.
- to find more balance in my life. More time to spend doing things I want , yet still doing the things I need to do.
Credits: Amy Jo Smith's Angie Kit. I am so loving the beads and wires in this kit! Green glitter brad from All That Glitters by Laura Alpuche. Metal alpha and numbers by Andrea Victoria. Weathered alpha from Shabby Meadows by Holly McCaig.
Fonts:Avante Garde Bk BT and Susie's Hand


The cutie returns...

sweet on you
I had this layout in my head last night. So here it is! :)

I was designing this in a vertical form and was really struggling with it. Light bulb came on and I swtiched it to horizontal and wah la! Done! Amazing what a difference something like that can make. A lot of inspiration from alb52 (Amy Martin) here!
Journaling reads:
When Mommy was volunteering in your classroom this day, I got to hide and watch you play for a little while. I got a few cute shots of you playing quietly with these soft people before you saw me! They had snowmen in the playroom & you guys had hats, scarves and mittens to pretend with. You were so cute with this silly hat on your head!
Credits: Sweet on You Kit by Holly McCaig, Holly McCaig Designs. Beautiful kit with just the right balance of pink for me! Paper Heart Tears (new!) by Steph Krush, Digital Paper Tears. Date Card from Signature 1 Elements by Jen Wilson, Jen Wilson Designs. Stitching from Mary Jane Kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist. File Folder Label by Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals.
Font: Donny's Hand


All Digital... (with a cutie thrown in!)

Yeah - an all digital post. Things have changed so very much in the site I frequent in the last couple weeks.
Gina Miller has made herself a new home at SBB and had good news today - she was asked to be on their Design Team! Way to go, Gina!
Susan Bartolini will be leaving the DigChick Boutique to focus more on her own website, ScrapKitchen. As in my previous post - I'm going to be a Master Chef there too! :)
SweetShoppeDesigns will be opening on Feb. 1st. My fellow Apprentice Challenge Alumni, Robin Carlton, will be opening this "sweet" site with the help of MandaBean, Christy Lyle, Andrea Victoria, Mindy Terasawa, Paula Duncan, Sara Carling, and Sandra Boddington. They are all such great, talented ladies and fun to work with, I'm sad to see them go! But I can't wait to see what they come up with! The teasers look amazing and knowing Robin, the site is going to be amazing as well! They have assembled an awesome team of Sugar Babes for the Creative Team headed up by Teresa Ferguson, another Apprentice Alumni and all around talented gal herself! Best of luck ladies! Can't wait to see your new site!
The DigiChick itself is undergoing some changes too! We are very excited about what's in store for the site. The DeZine should be issued sometime this weekend (or slightly thereafter). I'm excited to get to see the 1st issue!!! Kinda like I'm in print for the 1st time! LOL! And we are planning a Re-Opening for around mid-February. We have already added 3 new designers for the boutique, Andrea Burns (raggedy_andrea), Jan Crowley (jan) & Mari Koegelenberg (chrismaris_mommy). These are some talented chicks!!! Can't wait to see what they get into the boutique on the 19th! There is currently a call out for some new creative team members also. There is alot of talent floating around in the gallery, so I can't wait to see who the Chick Admin picks! We have lots in the works for the re-opening - a new look, new challenges, more workshops, lots of fun stuff!
And speaking of my workshop - here are the pics of my planner/journal that I have done to help me keep track of 2006. I *intend* to use it this year.

The cover says "enjoy the journey"

The dividers inside

The pocket pages

The calendar pages
It was one of those things that took on a life of it's own when I started it. I saw the binder at WalMart. It's 8.5x5.5 in size. I found dividers and notebook paper for it and home it came. Then I decided I needed to add calendar pages to it. Then I decided that a pocket to put things in it for each month would be nice. LOL! I just bought the binder, divider pages, notebook paper and the month rub-ons for the pockets. I had all the rest in my paper stash. Now it's a little thick, but it's super cute, if I do say so myself!

So I'll leave you with this -

Is he a cutie or what? All dressed up in a hat and scarf in the dress-up room at school. They were doing a snowman segment in school. I got this cute shot when I was volunteering in his room on Thursday. 1 more reason why I love being able to help out in his room... I get to catch cute shots like this!
Have a great night all! :)

Oh - Oh! One last thing digi! I e-mailed Steph at Digital Paper Tears to ask if she had any "heart" tears in the works. She had been thinking of some, and that was the extra nudge she needed! She was super sweet and sent me the set to try out and they are FANTASITIC! I see on her site, she's added some other new tears this week too. I'm gonna go spend more money! LOL! (Too many good sales out there lately!) Look for them in a layout coming soon! And Steph... thank you again!

And speaking of Sweet - don't miss these new kits by Holly, Sweet on You and Susan, the Chef, I "Heart" You. I used Susan's Kit for the layout of Michael below and look for a layout with Holly's coming up soon!


We switched today...

Daddy at home, mommy went to work. Poor hubby. He's worked 12 hr shifts since Friday and on his one day off til Monday, he had to stay home with the boys (Ry was at school til 2pm). It's just not the same for him as it is for me. I got to spend the day on the computer working the PS and Pagemaker. Kinda fun for me! Minus the hour long drive each way. Ugh!
I did buy the new INXS CD - Switch - this week and I listened to it during the drive. I like it! Pretty Vegas RAWKS! Of course, then I got to the last song on the CD. Sweet Suzy sings on it and it is just so beautiful. Andrew Farris wrote the song *I think* and it sounds like it's dedicated to Michael H. Very sad, vert sweet, powerful lyrics. Yeah - I'm a sap and cried when I heard it.
I finished my planner/journal last night, but I'm too lazy (& trying to get to bed) to post pics right now. I LOVE it! Uber cute! and hopefully I will USE it all through the year this year. I *intend* to do so (more on that later this week). I get so gung ho each year this time of year and get a new one with the intent of keeping up with things better, and every year the excitement wanes, and I end up not using it. I'm going to do better this year. Really I am!
My poor floor still hasn't gotten moped, but we have finished the laundry at the moment. I say we, because my wonderful DH finished the last 2 loads today! Yay! And put the dishes away. He must be getting sick. No - I kidding!
I was thinking of my BF yesterday (after giving my mom a perm) and was going to call her when we completely finished, and then the phone rang! Yes - it was her! We have this crazy ESP thing that happens quite often and one of will call the other, only to find out that the other was going to call. I just love her!
I was telling Ryan that he couldn't get on the computer the other day cause there were some nasties in there. And he says "oh - an e-mail virus, mom?" Huh? Why, yes, Ryan, an email virus. How do you know about that? And he tells me all about the People PC commercial on TV. Hummmm - that's really good, but am I letting him watch too much TV?
He's all started in speech again this week, Ryan that is. He's having some problems with this "th" in words and they want to work on it since he's spelling with an F instead. So back into Speech he goes. He really loves it though, and I like it makes him feel more special since Matthew has his therapies too.
Mr. Matthew's speech is just exploding! You have to really listen to what he's saying, becuase the words aren't crystall clear, but boy are there words! Kitty, cookie, candy (not too much of those, huh?), more, santa (we will ever get away from The Polar Express and The Wiggles Santa Rocks?), help, down, up are just a few of his words I've heard lately. He signs right at around 100 words, but seems to be dropping the signs as he figures out we understand his words. Super Yay! He's beginning to jump with both feet off the ground also. I am becoming a HUGE fan of music therapy! It is just so perfect of a therapy for him.
I think Michael vaccumed too.
Holly - don't look - I know you haven't seen LOST yet!
Could LOST BE any better???? OMGosh!!! What in the heck is that thing in the jungle??? and there was a face in it! I was jumping up and down in my living room with goosebumps! Literally!!! And Echo's story - wow! And Sun and ? brought Ann Lucia fish - awwww. I'm so glad re-runs are over and we're back to new episodes.
ok - I gotta go to bed. We havent' been to bed before 12:30 pm since Friday. And the boys get me up at 6:45. joy. So I gotta get going. But if you haven't checked out the It's a Chick's Life Gallery with this week's workshop layouts, in it, please do! There are some AMAZING year-in-review layouts in there! And more to come! :)
Night all!


I feel like I'm...

doing the same thing to my blog that I do when I'm overwhelmed with stuff at home... just ignore it and maybe it'll update itself! I have been working hard on lots of things the last couple days and am making good head way. At least 12 loads of laundry (why do we always talk about our laundry on our blogs???) with at least 6 loads done. I had to wash the boys sheets - Matthew got sick last night. I think he just swallowed too much air from his new Wiggles straw cup, because it was just once and he seems to be fine. Thank God!
I have been working on the postcard for a Art Show that Diane will be in and figuring at I had time still for it, when I was informed that they want it ASAP and not in mid-March like I was told. So I dropped everything I was going to do tonight and worked on it. I had it built in CorelDraw, but the printer likes PS better. Since I am better in PS now since a year ago, I re-built it. I love (sarcastic here) doing the camera ready for printers, because I remember how much we hated camera ready art in our dept when I had a *real* job! Oh well - I did the best I could.
I posted the 1st workshop prompt at The DigiChick today! It seems to be getting some response so far, which I just love! You can see the 1st prompt here. I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! And here is my layout for it:

This layout is totally inspired by Ali Edward's Christmas Art Journal Day 4 layout.
Love her layout! Totally loved the punched out circles!!! So that's what I did here. I punched out circles from the paper and floated my pics behind! So fun! Just random favorite pics from the months. I had no pics from Jan. gotta do better than that this year! Journaled events from each month pretty much straight from my calendar in the kitchen (the one with EVERYTHING on it!). Just little snippets of info that were important for 2005. TFL!
*** Edited to add journaling! ***
January - Michael's Birthday February - Michael & Michelle's 10th Anniversary, Matthew starts school March - Matthew turns 3, Easter April - Michelle's birthday, Ryan goes to 1st Nascar race May - Mother's Day, Last day of school, Michael starts new job June - Fire next door July - We vacation to Pinetop, AZ for 1st family vacation in 2 years August - School restarts and Matthew's therapies are reinstated September - Ryan starts baseball, we go to SunSplash with Michael's work October - 2 Buddy Walk's, Halloween November - Matthew has field trip to Duggan's Dairy, Thanksgiving, Uncle Paul visits December - Ryan turns 8, Grammie and Grandpy come for Christmas, Ring in 2006
Credits: Hot paper from I Heart U Kit by the Chef, Susan Bartolini at ScrapKitchen. 2005 numbers from Love Ya! Double Up Kit by Holly McCaig and MandaBean. Notebook paper from Heck Ya! Double Up Kit by Holly McCaig and MandaBean. Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush. Stitch from Holly McCaig's Biggie Stitch Pack. 2006 charm from Celebrate Kit * coming soon *. Safety pin from Grungy Boy by Michelle Coleman. Ring from Celebrate Tranquility by Holly McCaig. Duct Tape by Katie Pertiet. Photos run thru Virtual Photographer.

Font: Jenn's Pen by Suzanne C. Walker (my new favorite font - my friend Jenn!)

And then here's a layout I did about Michael. I think I'm going to put this one up on the mantel for a while! I love how it turned out and I love the pic Ry took. And it's slightly Valentine-ish! Tee hee!

It was my DH's birthday this week, and I already did a bad thing. We had this really nice night out and I didn't take a single picture!!! Bad journaler! Bad! So I used this picture that my DS (8) took! I think it turned out really good!
Journaling reads:
We had a very nice night out for your birthday! My mom watched the boys and we were able to enjoy a nice, uninterupted dinner at The Texas Roadhouse. We then wandered around the Chandler Mall for awhile (we didn't know what else to do!) and had an ice cream. It might sound boring to some, but we were together and were able to concentrate on each other fully, which was great! Happy Birthday Baby!
Credits: The new I Heart U Kit by Chef Susan Bartolini available at ScrapKitchen. This kit is HUGE! Kraft paper from her Peaceful Christmas Kit. Art Diary Calendar by Kristy Kerness will be available later this week! I HAD to have those! I knew I wanted to do the circle the date thing with them!
Fonts: Jenn's Penn by Suzanne C Walker and AvantGarde Bk BT

I have been designing for Susan at the DigiChick, but today she asked me to be on her Design Team at her site, ScrapKitchen. I'm thrilled! In my dream teams to be on - her's was one! I know that I already was, but somehow this seems more offical! LOL! ScrapArtist is currently accepting applications now too (another dream team), but I just don't feel I have the time to devote to another site. I like to be a part of the sites which I represent, and I don't want to spread myself out too thin. I "know" several of the gals that are currently on Susan's team, but there are a few that I haven't "met" yet! Should be fun!
I'm working on my planner/journal and am pleased with how it's turning out. I bought The Big Picture yesterday and loved her little envelopes inside so much that it lead me to create little envelopes out of my paper stock to put into the book! I have one done and it's way cool... if I do say so myself! When I get a little more done, I'll post pics. Love The Big Picture - it's total eye candy (CZ designed it - nuff said!) and I love her philosophy on scrapping. Kinda what I've thought all along. I knew if I tried to "catch-up", I'd NEVER get done. I do worry about when I don't get the major holiday's done (birhtdays', christmas), but have tried to not stress about it and just do what layouts strike my fancy. Andnow here's someone who seems to be saying the same thing! Yay! Since going digi - I have done way more layouts than with paper. It just clicks with me... And we know that I'm going to have at least 51 layouts this year - for sure! LOL!
I did do 1 more layout today - but it has to wait until the DeZine is sent out later this month! Can't wait to share it with you too! :)
Ok - and with that... I'm off to finish up things before Michael comes home! Night! :)


A quick pop in...

So many things to do... so little time!
Brief week recap (at least as brief as I can make it - LOL!). We took Christmas down this week. Took almost a full day on Tuesday.
I worked on Wednesday - some 6 hours or so. We FINISHED all 5000 letters for mailing - stuffed with 4 pieces, closed, return and adress stamped and postage done. Wheee Shuuu! Glad that's done! So's Diane! And our hubbies who got dragged into helping. She online store is now operational finally! Click on the Diane Maxey link on the side bar and go to shopping! The poor web desinger wasn't familiar with Zen Cart at all. I'm familiar with how to spend on it, but not how to do it! LOL! It's looks.... not how we want it completly, but it's working. So order something, k?
Thursday I had fun helping out in Ryan's classroom. Next week it's doodle's room. All his therapies are back this week, so that was added too.
My DH's birthday was this week too! He's getting old.... not really but we are having fun teasing him. My mom watched the boys and we had a night out. We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then went to Chandler Mall to wander and have ice cream. We were laughing, because we couldn't think of anything super fun to go do. Oh well!!! We did have a very nice time just being together and being able to talk without munchkins.
Today I'm trying to sweep some nasties out of my computer. yuck yuck and triple yuck. We'll see if I have it. I'm also working on my journal/idea center for my workshop. It's pretty simple, but will hopefully be a great place to keep all my stuff in one place. I'll try to post pics of it soon. When it's done, of course. Yeah -yeah - I know I keep saying I'll post pics and then I haven't. Soon, I promise.
I feel like I'm running up hill and not getting very far very fast. So much to do. Have to prioritize and just knock it out 1 by 1.
Ok - so that's my quick update! Back at you soon!


An apology...

It has been brought to my attention (and rightly so!) that I was not complete in my credits for the advertisement for this challenge. I feel extremely regretful about this oversight and hope that this will make up for it some!

I know that this is a problem in this industry, and I want to make clear that this was a simple oversight on my part, and not an attempt to take credit for this designer’s awesome work. I use her paper tears A LOT. Paper tearing was one of my favorite treatments for paper scrapping and I was so happy to find Steph's to use in digital. The paper tears are made by Stephanie Krush and she owns Digital Paper Tearing. I had 2 of her tears that I have been using and when I saw the awesome prices for the ones I didn't have, I scooped them up today. I use Photoshop 7 and these are so easy for me to use. I know that there are lots of other wonderful ways to do paper tears out there, these are just the ones that I have found work the best and look the truest for me. If you are interested, please go check out her site. And in addition, she from AZ too!

Once again, my sincerest apologies.

Credits: Marsha Zepeda's The Good Life Kit, Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush
Fonts: Linenstroke and CK Marissa


Happy New Year!

It's a new year and I've been a busy girl the last couple of days. Since The DigiChick has undergone a few changes in the past week, I've been brainstorming to come up with some new ideas.
And I came up with this...

I'm going to be leading a new challenge at TDC. It's a year long challenge that is geared towards getting us back to what we scrap for - the events, big and small, the everyday moments, the little touches in our lives, the significance of things.

Here's my promo for it:

It's a Chick's Life... Scrap it

We here at The DigiChick want you to have a memorable 2006 - not so much the things that you do during it, but in the way you remember it.

During this year-long challenge, I will give you weekly journaling prompts. This challenge will be all about the journaling, the journey of your life and those in it. Each month will have a loose theme for it and we will journal about the things in our lives. The everyday moments, the things we want to remember in our homes, the holidays, our lives around us. It will be alot of you, and something of everything around you. You will sometimes get an inspiration to go along with the journaling prompt and sometimes you can just see where your journaling takes you.

On the last week of every month, we will do a month-in-review layout, scrapping all those little moments and events that make up our lives during that month.

Join me every Sunday for a new journaling prompt for the week. You will have that week to use the prompt however it strikes you and do your layout. Our theme for the month of January is "yesterday, today and tomorrow" and our weekly journaling prompts will center around this theme.

It's your life and we want you to remember this year always. So please join us in this year long challenge. If you are not sure about journaling every week, then please just join us the last week of every month for month-in-review album to preserve just those memories. You can do as much or as little as you want - it's your life. Just make sure you scrap it!

I am super excited, but, I'll be honest - a little nervous too! So you all come participate so I'll feel better, LOL! It was one of those "have in the shower" moments and the plan all fell into place within a few hours. I love it when that happens. The beauty of it, I hope, is that the scrapper can get as elaborate or as simple as they want with the layout, it's the journaling that's going to have significance. After all, isn't that the real glue that keeps our memories around? I know we all have photos lying around that have nothing written on the back of them, and after awhile, you kinda forget the details. So hopefully the journaling prompts will help those details stick around. The challenges will be geared for anyone, kids, no kids, single, married - whatever. It will also be open to any medium in which you hope to create your layout in. Not feeling digital that day - create in paper, feeling art journal-y - go for it! It's all about you and how you want to express yourself. And if you don't have the time to do it weekly - then the last week of the month is going to be geared to a month-in-review type layout.

Ok - I promise that I will post pics of Christmas and such soon! Things are just snowballing and I'm not getting much done. Well - I did get laundry done today! Ugh! I have about 1/4 the Christmas stuff down - but am just not in the mood to finish it. Michael is working weekends now and the boys will go back to school on Wed. and Thurs. So far the break had gone fairly smoothly. I'm getting back into the "I want to scrap" mode - which is good! :) Still have envelopes to put stamps on (1500+) by the 8th. Plus whatever others I need to help Diane with. Double Ugh! I'm off for now - more later!


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