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Finishing the layout came first...

Journaling Reads:
What do you get when you combine a curious little boy and a package of Reese's Pieces? Trouble, of course! We gave you boys a few Reese's Pieces after dinner on Sunday. You were both over in the lounge chair. We heard you crying and started asking Ryan what had happerned. After picking you up, I saw that you were picking at your nose. It had something coming out of it, which I thought might be blood. But it was orange. Then I figured it out. You had put a piece of the candy up your nose. How you got it up there, I'm not sure. It's bigger than the inside of your nose. At least they melt, or we probally would have been at the ER. Goofy boy!

Kraft Paper by Chef Susan Bartolini from Spooky Kit. Patterend Paper, stitches and tag from Heck Ya! by MandaBean and Holly McCaig. Square Date Stamp by Christy Lyle. All from here at the DigiChick Boutique!
"M" charm from A Charmed Life (retired) by Holly McCaig. File tab and Duct Tape by Kate Pertiet. Safety pin by Michelle Coleman
Font: CK Quick


You know that movie...

that one with Michael Keaton, Multiplicity? The one where he multiplies himself to get things done??? That's what I'd like to do today. I want a Double Michelle to take care off all the laundry, wash it, fold it, put it away. A Double Michelle to sort through the boys clothes and remove all the ones that are too small. Put away all the ones that I just dug out of the plastic containers for Matthew that were Ryan's. A Double Michelle to clean the kitchen. Actually I just put away all the dishes, so maybe not that. A Double Michelle to re-organize the pantry closet and garage and laundry room and closets and such. Have you ever noticed that when you decorate, you realize just how messy and disorganized your storage places are? Or is it just me??? As I was digging out decorations yesterday, I tried to put some of the everyday things away for now. I can't. Because the spaces were all just a mess. So I had to re-organize as I was going. Why does it come with doing more work??? The Double Michelle needs to clean out my Mommy Van from when Ryan spilled an entire soda on the carpet on Saturday. She needs to put in the bigger careseat into the van for Matthew. The Me Michelle washed it already - she just needs to put it in! The Me Michelle wants to do all the fun things while the Double Michelle is doing all the no-fun work. I want to alter some candles, work on an organizer for next year (who am I kidding - I won't REALLY use it, but I want to make it), finish the layout I started on Thanksgiving, take more Santa pics of Matthew, get my Christmas cards started and done, make more layouts, print out the layouts for presents, and so on.
I didn't have to go to Diane's today. I was so excited at the things I would get done today. Has it happened??? Heck no! I ended up at WalMart shopping. Granted I did get a present for my mom and got Ryan's BIG present purchased. But then that goes back to the organizer, because I need to start keeping track of what we purchase, so I don't go overboard!!! LOL! We kinda seem to be ahead of the game in that area, but we'll see when I get it all written down.
I printed out the layout from yesterday - WOW! It looks so good printed! That kit was so perfect for those photos! As soon as I saw it - I knew!
Somehow, when we returned the videos to the library yesterday, the Treasure Island DVD stayed behind. Silly mommy - what was I thinking that the kids would actually put it back where it belongs when they were done. So there's a nice $35 fine on my account till I can fess up the DVD at the library. Nice. And $35???? How do they come up with that amount? Matthew must have played with it actually - it was in the CD player when I put a Christmas CD in yesterday. He hide one of his Elmo DVD's in there too. Silly boy!
Ok - so it's 1:45 and Ry will be home at 3:15. I better get going on something. I have so many things started and so many things to do, I'm not sure what to do next. Oh well!


a layout and a big bunch of shtuff...

This is for the Andrea's scraplift challenge of alb52. I lifted this one .
Credits: The fabulous new kit, Bubble Flip, coming out on Dec. 1st here at The DigiChick Boutique by MandaBean and Holly McCaig. Black paper from Holly's Ooh La La Kit. Eyelet from Heck Ya Double Up Kit by them also. Photo Frame by Rhonna Farrer from the DWD CD. Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush.
Fonts: Linenstroke and Pollyanna

So - keep scrolling on down, because this is the all-in-one holiday update! Lots of pics. We took WAY more than these, but these are what stuck out so far. Gosh - let's see if I can remember what happened...
Michael got off work and was at dinner only about 1/2 hour after we started eating - so not too bad. We all got to go to the airport in our van to pick Paul up. Food was good, we watched Polar Express again. Then we all went to bed. LOL!
Friday - I did some online Digi shopping (good sales). And that was it. Oh - we did end up at WalMart at like 5pm that night. Got a couple of presents. Nothing too big. We went to the green belt at the end of our street and the boys shot off Ryan's rocket. Till it ended up in a backyard across from the park.... Oh well. They did get it back during the weekend at least. :) There's a cool pic below of it taking off.
Then it got cool and windy on Saturday, so it became kite time instead of rocket time. And stayed that way till Sunday. All air, all day! :) We did take some pics at the park. Ryan wasn't very co-operative in the family pics, so Matthew and I took some together, hence to layout above! The greenbelt is usually dry, so we're not sure where the water is coming from. It is the drain off spot for when it rains, but we haven't had rain in over a month. And it kept getting bigger all weekend. Made for a very pretty background though - like a lake! haven't messed with any of the pics, so some may be kinda dark.
Got all my layouts done for the De-zine! Here's a sneak peek!

Can't wait for this to come out!

So - here's a poll for you... Christmas cards. Do I put the picture of the whole family from the park below, or do I use the shot of just the boys in the santa hats??? What do you think???


The family


Awww - aren't we cute!


Uncle Paul and the nephews


He actually did it!


kite flying


What a ham!


can you see the rocket?


light bulb in your ear, big bro???





um - yeah - and I'm at my computer! LOL!
Of course, Ryan got off the bus yesterday looking peaked!!! He got sick once last night before he went to sleep and then sleep all night. They both woke up at 6:15 am this morning and are ready to go! Go where, I don't know... Matthew is Wiggling, of course, and Ryan is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is a tradition that I remember so well as a child growing up. My family was not into sports, so football watching didn't really happen. But the parade was something we looked forward to every year! And I still try to watch it. This is the first yeat that Ryan has asked to watch it. They talked about it in school yesterday apparently. So, somehow that cemented it for him!
Michael is at work. He's supposed to get off at 5pm. We're supposed to eat then at my parents. If we waited on him - he would be late getting out of there. Hopefully since we're not waiting, he'll get off on time, or maybe even before. It's the 1st major holiday that he's had to work. He's arranged to switch with someone, because he's scheduled to work on Christmas Day this year too. THAT I can't even imagine! Christmas without Daddy here. I know there will be some years that he may have to, but it's just going to be so wrong!
So the house is quiet - and I want to work on layouts! I need to clean a little more and make the salad for today. I decided to wait on the boys bathroom once I saw Ryan! LOL! Good decision too, I might add!
I am thankful for so many things this day... my wonderful, silly sons who bring such joy into my life, my wonderful husband who loves us endlessly and works so very hard to provide for us, that we are forunate to have the things around us to make our lives comfortable - a house, cars, heat in our winter and air conditioning in the summer, that my family lives so very close and that Michael's family can visit often, that my brother and I get along so well and that he's coming to see us today, for my BF and her family and the love that we all share, for my newfound online friends and my scrapbooking. So many things, both little and large, but they all work together in this wonderful life that I have. For all the things that make up my life... sometimes fun, sometimes not so much, but it's my life and I'll keep it gladly! :)


You gotta love it...

Yeah - I'm procrastinating, but you gotta love it when the kid sees the camera in your hands and runs for the "sweet spot" in your house to have his picture taken! So here's the shots!


This is the turkey he made with Miss Lynette the other week. Very cute!


The day before T-Day updates...

Well, Matthew and I are felling much better today. I don't know if I had a touch of something, or was just too exhausted. We were all in bed by 8:15 last night. Matthew and I were up at 9 , 10 and 11 - of course. He wanted milk and I didn't want to give it to him. I gave in at 9, which is why we were up at 10 and 11 - he was throwing it back up. His stomach doesn't handle milk after he's been sick. Luckily he has started to like apple juice from having it at school, so he has some of that and water now. And now that he's older, he understands a little better ( a little) when I say no milk! It usually takes him a full week to get over having a stomach virus. His little tummy is so sensitive and his throat gets that way too. So he will puck at the slightest thing for the next week. ok - enough of that talk - yuck! And then he was up again at 4am when Michael was up getting ready for work today. I ended up throwing him in bed with me, but we didn't really sleep well after that.
Christmas is alive and well in the videos in this house. This weekend we bought Matthew a 3 pack of Wiggles Christmas DVD's and yesterday it was The Polar Express for Ryan. I'm singing Christmas songs in my sleep already.
So today is all about getting what I didn't get done yesterday done today. Already made a cheesecake for tomorrow (thanks Amanda) and am working on Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes (thanks Heather Ann). The only thing I'm disappointed with the potatoes so far is that I wish you didn't have to cook and mash them ahead. Isn't that what the beauty of a crock pot's all about? But they sound yummy - so we'll see tomorrow! I'm so prone to food suggestions - I bought CoffeeMate Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer today, just because Gina made the creamers sound so good! I don't even drink coffee usually! It was good though! I'm a flavored coffee kinda girl, while Michael is a plain old kinda guy. So maybe we can fire up the coffee pot and compromise with this creamer for me. And the cheesecake is all Amanda's fault, cause she talks about it alot!

Here is a pic I took with my camera on Monday. Have been playing with it a little more and finding out new things. This is a tall grass plant - with the fuzzies on the top. Do you know what kind I mean? I should have taken a pic of the whole thing too, I guess. It makes me think of my Grandpa. He would always come along at my parents house, in his last years, and pull all the fuzzies off of them. He just didn't like them, I guess.
I have 2 layouts in progress, one I will share when it's done and one for the DigiChick De-Zine. I'll have at least 4 layouts in this issue! I'm sooooo excited! I have so many things I need to do in the next few days, of course. I need to take some Christmas pics of the boys to do my final De-Zine layout and try to do some projects using digi products printed out on my printer. Will be doing the Tacher gifties with these printed out digi products. Can't wait. I have 9 to make though! LOL!
Not to mention I need to clean my house today! I got the laundry caught up and put away yesterday, but didn't do any cleaning. So today's it!
I'm off - see ya! :)


What is it about Thanksgiving and my family???

Last Thanksgiving, I was totally sick and out for the count by Friday. So, so sick! The Thanksgiving before Matthew was born (or the one before that) Michael and Ryan were sick. Last night we put the boys to bed and Matthew wouldn't settle in. He kept signing what I thought meant he needed to go pee. I kept saving no - lay down and go to sleep (I didn't want the habit of being able to get out of bed with this request to start.). Low and behold - out it all came. We get everything all cleaned up and him back in bed. You never know - it might be a fluke puke with him. No it was not to be. He was up every 1 to 2 hours all night. It was dry heaves after about 2am sometime. We put him in bed with us, so I could caught him and run to the bathroom. So we were not very comfy to begin with. Poor Michael was tired and in bed at 8:30 anyway, but then with all this - didn't get to sleep until after 10. He had to get up at 4am to get to work today. At some point - I started to not feel very good either (and still only feel so-so, no throw ups yet though~). Needless to say - he stayed home from school today. He is perkier thatn heck, but I didn't want to chance anything. I just got him down for a nap, so maybe he'll get some good sleep now. Now I have MORE laundry to do - I got 2 loads in during all this last night, but need to do our bed and such now. I don't want to be sick this weekend! It was last Thanksgiving that I saw my brother and I was so sick then that I didn't really see him much. He comes on Thursday and will stay through Monday morning. YAY!
On to other news! I just have to share this here...

I have very slowly been losing weight over a very long period of time. I'm down about 7 pounds and want to still lose 5 more. I was very pleasantly shocked to find that I fit into these jeans this weekend! They are the jeans that were my target clothing back on week 5! I have not been able to fit into these since before kids. And not only these, but I also have fit into another 2 pairs that were in the back of the closet. I'm not done yet - still too much of a pooch. And knowing my body - by the end of this week, I won't be able to fit in them again! LOL!

Journaling reads:
They are at least 10 years old and so out of style, but I haven't had these jeans on since way before kids. Imagine my surprise when I tried them on this weekend, they fit! I'm not done yet... there's still a pooch there that needs to go! But I am soooo excited! Go me!!!
Credits : Snow Day by Holly McCaig from the boutique. Love the colors in this kit!!! Staple is from the Splish Splash Contest Prize. Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush.
Fonts: CK Higgins Handprint and Stamp Act Jumbled

So that's my big news for the week! It is still really nice here... Right at 80 degrees, but pretty chilly at night. We've shut our windows, but it's still a chilly 68 in the house right now.
We are going to my parent's house for Thanksgiving (we have Christmas here). I still need to go to the store for supplies. I'm going to make crock-pot mashed potatoes (recipe from Heather who got it from someone else), corn (canned), a salad of some sort, and I *think* I'm going to make a cheesecake. See what I mean about not fitting into them by the end of the week?

I need to send a big shout out to my Goddaughter today - she turns 10 today!!!!! Yay and Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Hopefully you all made it through the sleepover!!! Love you bunches!

Ok - I'm off to start more laundry! :)


Page 2 of my Trick or Treat layout

Gina's sketch for the Sketch Challenge at The DigiChick was perfect for the last few photos I had from Halloween. So that was tonight's project! :) You can see page 1 at my Nov. 5th entry or here.

Credits: Spooky Kit by the Chef, Susan Bartolini from right here at The DigiChick Boutique!; Staple from Living Simply Kit also by Susan. Stitches from Holly McCaig's Biggie Stitch Pack from here at the boutique. Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush.
Fonts: Embossing Tape 3

Not much else going on. I worked in Ryan's classroom Thursday. After I got Matthew, we went back to Ry's school for they were having BBQ day and parents were invited to eat. Ry was happy that we came back. We ate picnic style on the concrete. Ry's final baseball game is tomorrow morning! Yay!
Matthew has been eating more ans more things for Miss Pat at school. Cheetos, Pigs in Blankets (vienna sausages in crossaints), & Pancakes to be exact. Of course, he doesn't even want to try at home, so we still need to work on it! He did have flavored applesauce at Ry's BBQ, which was cool!
Michael worked nights this week. He didn't get home til 2am this morning and then turned around and went back in at 4:30 for a day of overtime. Can you say no sleep??? I don't like it when the overtime shift comes after his regular night shift, anyway, but this was extra bad. He will be off for several days now at least.
I ran into one of the mom's that lives at the very end of our street at the BBQ. We hadn't talked in awhile. They are re-modeling their house right now, and had a robbery on Monday... in the daylight again. She (and the kids) were gone and the construction people left for lunch. Apparently they pulled down the garage door and left the front door unlocked. For some reason they came back 10 minutes later and there was a truck trying to take off with their trailer loaded with equipment. And something about there was a lady walking away from the front door saying "oh - they're not home - I'll come back". They had been in the house too - got a laptop and a camcorder. Not quite sure what happened about the trailer, they must have driven off before they could catch them. Scary - that's 2 DAYTIME robberies in the last 3 weeks within 2 blocks from my house. Not good.
Ok - I've got to go round up the last of the stuff for the game in the morning and hit the bed. Nite all! :)


Dugans Dairy Layout

I did the layout about the dairy today, so I thought I'd share!

I based the layout on a Becky Higgins Sketch to get lots of pics in and get it done quick! :)

Journaling reads: Matthew, your class got to take a trip to Dugan’s Dairy Farm this year. And Mommy got to come along! We got to see all kinds of animals, like a baby cow, a horse, a goose, a bunny, a pig, a donkey, baby goats, chickens, a turkey and lots of cows. There was even a cow giving birth in the maternity ward. You got to pet most of the animals, milk a real cow, go on a hayride around the farm and even got a carton of chocolate milk to drink at the end! It was a very quick trip, but we had a great time!

Credits:Nantucket Cottage Kit by The Chef, Susan Bartolini, from right here at the DigiChick Boutique."dugans" from Worn Denium Alpha by Holly McCaig available here at The DigiChick Boutique also. Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush.

Font donnys hand



So it occured to me that I never posted pictures of the play and the little party that was held in his classroom on Halloween. So today's the day! Grandma had something before coming over to watch Peanut for us, so she was late getting to our house. So I went ahead and Michael came after she got here. So, I was the only one there for the play, which left me with the choice of video taping or photographing. The video won out. Michael came right after the play of course! I took this pic after the play. Mrs. Michael, Ryan's teacher, did such an awesome job organizing the party! The play was really cute and the kids were so excited to be doing it! She then had several games and activites lined up to do. Very fun!

Ryan as pumpkin 3 during the play on Halloween.


The kitties that were a craft during the party.


Ryan wearing the spider hat they made.


Lots and Lots of Photos...

I was in the mood to take photos today. I filled up my CF card! :) I brought my camera to Diane's to see about getting some shots of Camelback Mountain. Then I ran all around her wonderful yard and snapped away. These are just a few of the fun shots I got today!
These are all un-PS-ed shots. If you waited on me to fix them, you would never see them! LOL! So if they're a little dark and such, enjoy anyway! :)

Diane's Piggies


more cactus






Yes - We all have geraniums right now! :)






Camelback Mountain


I drank the juice...

I gave blood again today. A very nice lady called me this weekend and told me it was time again. It took forever to get to the give-the-blood part today (1 hour 15 minutes) and in 6 minutes I was eating cookies and drinking juice. Yes, I drank the juice!


A Little Update...

ha ha ha! This will be a long one! So bear with me!
Wow - so it's been a week. Sorry!
Lots have gone on again. I have crossed alot off my list again, which makes me happy! Of course, there are new things added to it too!
Let's see if I can break last week down somehow.
Michael was gone all last week. I felt kinda funny put it out on here, 'cause you just don't know who's out there anymore! He went to school in NH last week and since it was only 3 hours from his parents, he went early to see them. So he was gone from Friday the 4th till Friday the 11th. Last time he was gone, Matthew was 9 months old and he was gone for 2 weeks. That was a long time. This time went fairly quickly, other than Sunday dragging on. We have so many things going on with the boys and school and therapies and baseball and such, that we had plenty to fill our time. Matthew missed Daddy alot and asked about him. Ryan was very upset when he left. We called each other 2 to 4 times a day, so there were plenty of chances to talk to Daddy. Both boys were so excited to pick him up from the airport on Friday, though! Really cute!
Thursday, I got to go on a field trip with Matthew's class to Dugan's Dairy. The kids got to milk a cow, pet lots of cute baby animals and had lots of fun! Here are some pics:

Matthew and a friend!

This little calf licked us to death! My jeans were wet when we came out!

Matthew loved this horse! He was so much taller that the Doodle!

Milking the cow!

With Mommy and his milk snack! And yeah, he spilled it!

Friday, after we picked up Michael, everyone left again.
Ryan and Michael went to PIR, this time to watch the Truck races. Last April they went to the actual Nascar race, but with 100,000+ people there, it is a little much. A little too much money, too crowded, too tiring, too long, etc. So they went to te truck race, but got there early enough to see the Busch car and Nascar pratices runs and see most of the race. The cost to get in was so much better and there was no one there, really. They had a BALL! They could get in to all the fun stuff to do. Came home with a mountain of freebies and very reasonablly prices items. And didn't have to fight all the crowds inside the track and on the way out of the parking lot! (It usually takes at least 3 hours to get out of the parking lot after the race + the time to the highway + the hour long drive home!)

They purchased a Alltel truck replica for $5 that is signed by Ryan Newman

Ryan with the apron that he got from the Home Depot booth along with the tool box he got to MAKE!!! He painted it on Sunday, but I haven't taken a pic of it yet.

All the loot they came home with. They had to go to the truck to empty out their bag and go back for more! LOL!

I actually got to do some girly things this week.
While the boys were at play on Friday, Mommy took poor Peanut to Grandma's (he had a new Wiggles video from Grammie, so he was not upset!) and I got some Michelle time!

A fellow DigiChick CT member, Lisa, aka Vania16, came down from Tucson with a friend of hers Marie. We met at Memory Lane to see what we could find there. Really kind of sad, because they are going out of business and the store was so empty. It was such a great source of inspiration for so many people. We then went to Macaroni Grill and got to have our lunch on the patio. I then took them to Scrapbooks Etc to let Lisa shop some more! Marie isn't a scrapper (YET!), but she was game enough to let us browse around and even found a few things for herself! I had SUCH a blast with them. There's not too many oportunities for me to hang out with friends lately. And to meet a friend form online and one that knows digiscrapping was such a treat. Hopefully we didn't bore Marie too much! Marie is planning her wedding and they were working on her invites!

I found this fun Heidi Grace bracelet at Scrapbooks Etc earlier this week. When we went back, I bought a few more charms to put on a necklace. very fun!

I also bought a Heidi Swapp lipgloss for another girlie treat.

Heidi made these fun blue jeans using her stamps and paint at a recent scrapbook show. I saw something about these in our local paper (she lives here in Mesa - somewhere). They look very cool and I may have to do something with a pair of mine, just for fun!

And for the final girlie thing - I got my hair cut on Sunday! Donna (my friend and hairdresser) and I looked - I had it cut last in JULY! I knew it had been awhile, but geez! It's shorter and flippy! Now most of the highlights are gone, and I'm trying to decide if I should put in more, or just let it be.

So the final things are scrap related. Big things are a happening at the Chick. We will be putting out a very nice newsletter in December. The de-zine will be a little newsletter and a little e-zine all rolled into one. The DT at the Chick is designing a fabulous kit that will be included in the issue. So hurry on over and check it out! I'm so excited, because, this is like the 1st time I'll be published per say! VERY cool to me! The 1st issue is complimentary, so go sign up!

Holly has also announced her Creative Team. Check it out on her blog! I'm as so happy to be working with this team of talented women! Be sure to keep an eye on her personal site to see the updates for what we are working on for her.

And last, but not least, it was my mom's birthday today! Rather thatn fight the snowbird crowd to go out to eat after 6pm,they came here and we grilled burgers and had cake! Ryan and Matthew helped her blow out the candle. Actually, Ryan helped her blow it out and then we re-lite it to see if we could get Matthew to blow it out. We ended up giving him a straw and he actually did it! He usually blows with his nose and that doesn't do anything. While we were out this weekend, we figured out he could blow the cover off a straw, so we tried it with the straw and he did it! Very big thing for us, because he hasn't been able to blow the candles out on his own birthday cake yet! This year will be the year!!! Yay!

Alright all! I promise I'll try to not wait a week to get back here to update! I've done some work, but it has to wait until the zine comes out to share! Ok - off to snuggle with my hubby in bed! Night! :)


Hi Yah!

So, I did actually knock things off my to-do list today! Boy does that feel great!!! I finished 3 - yes - 3 things and am working on the mailing list for Diane off and on today. Need to have it finished by tomorrow.
Ryan had baseball pratice for the last time tonight (thank god!). They've still been having 2 practices a week and there's only 3 of the 10 boys who are coming. They only have 2 games left anyway. I need to work on the pages for the team after tomorrow so those will be ready to go.
Am on the go all week. Always something to do around here! :) Worked at home this morning. Have done - what =- 6 loads of laundry. Had to go get cholrine for the green pool, stamps so Ry can mail a letter, 2 therapists, 1 trip to 2 video stores to look for Herbie for Ryan (still didn't find it in stock - poor Ry!), and 1 baseball pratice. Tomorrow I'm meeting with Matthew's teacher to go over his IEP for the meeting on Wed. I'm also meeting a friend to get beads and teach her how to make a bracelet (that will be fun!). Wed I work. Thursday Matthew has a field trip to the dairy farm!

On another note...
Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to have drama in their lives no matter what they do? It's not anything that they can control (usually), but things just happen over and over to them. Why is that, I wonder??? It's really not anything they can do (kids getting sick, house problems, parents sick, etc.) but it seems to happen to them with greater frequency. I have (at least) 3 friends with this going on in their lives. It's just so strange to think about sometimes. I know that they would prefer this "luck" to move on to other people, but it just seems to stick to them. I don't know why... but it makes me wonder...

Well - I'm off! Nite! :)


Matthew's Team

I've wanted to do a layout with Matthew's therapists in it for awhile now. Gina's challenge at The DigiChick was very similar to what I had wanted to do for it, so it was the extra push I needed to get it done!
Credits: Sara Carling's Silly Little Man Kit from here at The DigiChick's Boutique. I love, love, love the stitching elements in this kit! SO cute! Chipboard Alpha from Gina Miller here at The Boutique also. The twill ribbon (ring removed) is from Holly McCaig's My Friends Kit (retired). Fonts: Artistamp Medium & CK Higgins Handprint

I'm busy printing out all the layouts that I haven't been able to lately. I ran out of photo paper, what, a month ago? So fun to see them come out of the printer! So pretty!

Yes - I did read today. Fun just-for-fluff Nora Roberts Harlequin type. After Matthew went out the dog door for the 14th time, we went out! So I read some while they played in the backyard. (What was so sad was this book was written 11 years ago and she has a scene where a plane hits an apartment building and no one survives on that floor and 4 firefighters are killed. I sat and silently cried in the backyard while they played.) Some 3 hours later, we came in. I think that they have an inner sense of when I want them to go to sleep fast so that I can watch a show. Last night, nothing on, they went to sleep at 7:30. Not a peep. I walked out and never had to go back in. Tonight I let them stay up till 8pm so Ry could watch Extreme Home Makeover and I was in there til 20 after. I had to lay in the bed with Matthew so he would settle in and sleep. I'm going to have to stop doing it, but it's the easiest way to get him to sleep. He woke up at 6am this morning and I had to do the same thing, basically pin him to the bed with my arms - I mean hold him, until he can settle down and go back to sleep. Time to figure out something else.
WOW! Are these print out gorgeous! Have I said recently how much I love digital!

Don't forget about Holly's Creative Team call.

She also has a very fun contest going on at the Chick that's jsut too fun. I'm going to have to take time to do it too. It's funny, because Ryan found a dead butterfly in the backyard tonight, and I took out my camera to photograph the wings for jsut that reason. Then when I checked the Chick, Holly had posted this. So cute!

I still have things that I NEED to do and no desire to do them. Soon. Nite! :)


2 by 2

Holly found this on Rhonna's blog and snagged it. LOL! And she tagged me! Jenn tagged me a long time ago, and I let it fall to the wayside, so I'm doing this one right now. So here goes...

2 names you go by
Rynonut Mom

2 parts of your heritage

2 things that scare you
My kids getting really hurt
My husband getting hit on his motorcycle

2 of your everyday essentials
my computer
my mommy van

2 things you are wearing right now
bunny slippers
my glasses

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment)
Kelly Clarkson

2 favorite songs (at the moment)
That song about the Mommy who lives in the 80's - KWIM?
Behind These Hazel Eyes

2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love)

2 truths
I hate having so many things in my brain that I need to do
I don't want to do any of it! :)

2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex)

2 of your favorite hobbies
reading anything - books or mags

2 things you want really badly
a R/W DVD drive (I have a R only one)
the new SSDigi4 Magazine

2 places you want to go on vacation

2 things you want to do before you die
See my boys grow up happy and be all they want and can be!
ride my own motorcyle

2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick
I love having my nails painted
love reading romance novels (with a little mystery thrown in!)

2 things you are thinking about now
that the banana bread I made smells really good
that it better hurry up and cool off so I can eat it!

2 stores you shop at

2 people i would like to see take this quiz (just two??? is right!)
Christie (I just found her blog this morning)
Robin (cause she's a new chick like me!)


Trick or Treat

Journaling reads:
Ryan wanted to be Batman at first this Halloween. But when we got to WalMart, we found this Special Forces costume and he liked the mask! I wanted to get an Elmo costume for Matthew, but they where gone by the time I went looking. Our next door neighbors had ths alligator costume from their son. Matthew had so much fun walking around and "roaring" at people!
Credits: Spooky Kit by the Chef, Susan Bartolini at The DigiChick Boutique; "Treat" alpha from Autumn Bliss Kit available here by Susan! Staple from Living Simply Kit also by Susan. Stitches from Holly McCaig's Biggie Stitch Pack from The DigiChick Boutique. "Trick" Shmootzy Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz at Scrap Artist; Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush.
Fonts: CK Higgins Handprint & Embossing Tape 3
So here's my little guys on Halloween night. Not the perfect photo, but since it's Saturday already and I haven't gotten them back into their costumes to take a cheat pic... I'll go with this one! I like how it turned out though! Ryan had his baseball game again this morning! It's kinda cool for a little while out there, which is nice! They played with Ry's best buddy this afternoon for awhile. They are getting closer with having their house down and his parents are coming over alot to check on things and choosing details like counters tops (today's choice).They are hoping to be in by the end of this month. So fun th see their house come back to life again after the fire. It will be nice to have them next door again too!
Kinda ho-hummie tonight. Didn't feel like doing anything and was going to "gasp" read for awhile. Then I sat down at the computer and got inspired. I NEED to do some work for Diane and some other stuff for my dad and Matthew's teacher, but just don't feel like doing any of it! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!


I'm only 7 for a moment..

This layout has been in my head for several days now and it feels good to get it out! LOL! I took this photo of Ryan at the pumpkin patch last week and I couldn't get over how grown up he looked. Of course, if you were to see the next two photos, you would see the moment was fleeting! Back to being a kid he was. This song - "100 Years" by Five for Fighting, came on the radio and I started to think about it and it all fell into place. I love it when that happens! Of course, I took a slight creative license with the lyrics, but oh well!
Journaling reads:
You are growing up right before my eyes, it seems. After bringing up this photo, I had to pause. You look so big, so tall, so grown up. Where is the time going? Where is my little boy going? Slow down a little, okay?

Credits: A Colorful Fall Kit by Holly McCaig just released in the Boutique! Can you say Gorgeous?!! The washer says - I am thankful for you around it - love that!
Inked edge by Gina Miller from a chat freebie. Brush from The Signature Collection by Holly McCaig.
Fonts: Edwardian Script ITC and CK Marissa

Well, another busy week is almost over. Matthew's case manager is coming tomorrow, but other than that, it's just school for Ryan. He has early out and will be home at 1pm though. I got to help in his classroom today. I made patterns for 25 turkey cutouts and 25 turkey hats for crafts for them for later this month. It's all put together - all she'll have to do is pass it out to them!
Where has the week gone? Where did October go? I've got the holiday decor all switched around. Pumpkins and a turkey. I don't have very much Thanksgiving type stuff, but they don;t really make much either. I'm still in one of those - I have so much to do and so much I want to do - thing goin' on. I've had to do alot of the have-to stuff the last couple nights, like mop! Hooo Hum! But you gotta do what you gotta do! At least 'til you can hire a maid! Wednesday I left at 9am and didn't return until 7pm. Busy days! It's going to be a busy week next week too. But lately, I think we have nothing but busy weeks.
Lets see - Matthew had his hearing test this week. He passed within the normal limits. She said the same thing about his eardrums not moving as much as they should. They want to keep re-testing him every 6 months for now - just to monitor him. Have to see if I can find out more info on eardrums in all my spare time! I wonder if there's a genetic problem of some sort - or if it's fluid build up. Fluid makes the most sense, but you never know.
Ryan may be going back into ST at school also. He is saying "f" for "th" at the ending of words and he writes it that way sometimes too. The school is in the process of deciding if they are going at accept him into the ST or just monitor him. It's just a habit that he has gotten into, and it's going to take awhile to re-train the habit!
I thought I had something else to blog about, but for the life of me - I can't remember it! Oh well! Ok - nite all!
I remembered!
For all you scrapper's - I have to just bring up a layout that is in the Dec. CK. It's on page 88. First - I'm always thrilled with seeing a published layout (or anything published for that matter) with a child with down syndrome in it. It was one of the pushes that talked me into scrapbooking, because there seem to be alot of special needs children published in the scrap magazines. The kids, womens, home, etc magazines don't tend to publish children with special needs in them very often. So I like that I saw more. Second - the little boy looks so much like Matthew in one of the pictures. I just found it to be a beautiful layout! Of course... it is paper though! LOL!


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