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The Patch and The Wall...

I'll have more Pumpkin Patch photos coming, but here's the 1st. Kinda a cover page of sorts. I was inspired by a Safeway element in their grocery ad.
Used Christy Lyle's Fall-abulous Falling for You kit! So perfect fot the patch shots! All elements from Falling for You kit except Date Stamp by Holly McCaig (retired).
Font: Bookman Old Style

We took our little digital Nikon to this event, just in case. The photo came out really bad for some reason (probally because the camera hasn't been used much lately, LOL!), but I'm sure glad we brought it. Ran the photo thru Virtual Photographer, and viola - it's saved! And yes, that's me!

Journaling reads:
We went to the DS Network's Buddy Walk and they had this climbing wall. I don't know what came over me, but I decided Ryan and I should try it! So we did. Harnesses on and up we went. Ryan went a little ways and then stopped. But not the Mama... up, up I went. All the way to the top of the wall and rang the buzzer! Such a cool feeling to know that I can do it!

Elements from The DigiChick's Holly McCaig's Shabby Meadows Kit. It went so well with the slightly dreamy feel that I wanted for this! Black inked edge by Gina Miller - a chat gift.
Fonts: SF-Remember and CK Marissa
MISC: PS7 - Virtual Photographer

Just wanted to post these real quick for tonight. Will have more pics and such tomorrow (& the next day too, I'm sure!), but wanted to get these up for tonight. I'm to bed now! Nite!


What a Day!

Monday was just one thing after another again. 2 Therapists, school for both boys and baseball pratice for Ryan. Tuesday was a little calmer - no extra stuff, just school for both. Today, I went to Paradise Valley to work. Got alot of organizing work done for Diane's 2006 schedule for workshops. Worked on her 06 schedule card that we mass mail out to get it ready to print. We like it to be amiled out by the end of Nov., but we'll see if we make it! Matthew went to Grandma's (he gets so excited on his way there - so happy to see her!). After work (it's a 45 minute drive each way - the only yucky part!), I picked up both boys from Grandma's (she picks up Ryan from the bus stop) and had to go to the store. We were OUT of milk - we go thru about 6 gallons per week around here. Both boys in the store is not much fun! And of course, since we were only there for a few things, I didn't buckle Matthew up and let him sit in the basket. So every few seconds, it was "Matthew, sit down please!" And then I was hungry, so I picked up lots of bad for me things - Oreos, Chocolate bars, frozen pizzas (the little ones at least), soda, etc!!! Matthew was so excited about the Oreos - he loves them! I called Michael (It's 5:30pm by now) to see where he was! Lo and behold he was only 5 minutes away! So that knocked one thing off my list cause he could take Ryan to Baseball practice and I could stay here with Doodle. It's very nice not to have to chase him around at practice. Tomorrow, school for the boys and I'm in Matthew's room to volunteer, 2 therapists and I get to take Matthew to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for a consult. Hopefully that will go well. Friday - Michael should be home and I'm hoping to go to the pumpkin patch after school. Saturday we're thinking about going to the DSNetwork Buddy Walk after Ryan's game. Oh yeah - I'm going to take photos of Ryan's team before the game. There's no formal pic taking for this season, so I offered my services. I'm sure Sunday will be Nascar day (go Tony Stewart!). Monday is Halloween. Ryan's class is putting on a Play!!! He is a pumpkin and has lines, but that's all we know. Michael and I are hoping to go (in between therapists again) provided Grandma can watch Peanut. You know I will have pictures from all events attended!

I acutally got to be there for the ScrapKitchen Chat to announce their Guest Master Chef's for the next 3 months! I was worried I would be at BB Pratice and miss all of it since it was at 6:30 our time. But since I was home, I made it. I'm sad to say, I didn't get a position. Big Congrats go to Dani Mogstad, Amy Tanabe, & Nicole Durtschi who did get the spots! Way to go girls! It's Chef's birthday tomorrow, so she has put all her kits on sale for $1.99 till Friday at midnight EST! (Hear that, Lee!) Go buy them up kids!
So, although I didn't get to be a Guest Chef, something else happened tonight that is WAY COOL to me. It is such an awesome opportunity and when I can share it, you bet you will be the first to know!!! ;)

And another thing that I can finally let out of the bag is here! Check me out!

Holly McCaig has asked me to be on her personal Creative Team! I am beyond excited about this! I absolutely love her stuff and am honored to be working with her!

She is looking for 2 more CT members, so check it out!

OK - it's 11pm and everyone else in this house has been in bed asleep for hours, so now it's my turn! Nite all!


I am a DigiChick Chick

This is my layout for the Newletter Team at The DigiChick. Each CT member has a All About Me type layout for everyone to see. This one ended up way to similar to the one I did for ScrapKitchen, but oh well. I liked it!!!! I used that same photo again, but did a different treatment to it.

Journaling reads:
I am a wife of 10 years.
I am a mother of 2 boys.
I am a SAHM.
I am a best friend.
I am daughter and a daughter-in-law, a sisiter and a sister-in-law.
I am a woman who likes her finger and toe nail polish to match.
I am a chocolate lover.
I am a blue jean, shorts, t-shirt, flip-flop wearing kinda girl.
I am a LOST, Nip/Tuck, Invasion, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewive's and Commander in Chef watching kinda girl!
I am a Mexican food, Chinese food, Pizza loving fool!
I am me!

Credits: All products from The DigiChick's Holly McCaig's Celebrate Tranquility Kit. Notebook paper and tape from Kristy Kerness' Art Chick Kit. Flower brush & stitching by Holly McCaig. Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush.
Fonts: CK Marissa, AvantGarde Md BT and SF-Remember
MISC: Digital Paper Tear by Stephanie Krush, PS7, DRebel, Virtual Photographer


2005 Buddy Walk

So Saturday was The Buddy Walk for Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona. Matthew and I went while Michael and Ryan went to Ryan's baseball game. They joined us with my mom after the walk part had happened. We didn't stay as long as we had in the past, but had a wonderful time! It was nice - in the mid 80's. One year it was right at 100, and that was just too hot. Chris Burke (from "Life Goes On") had his band there and played. They had food, games, a rock climbing wall, t-shirts, silent auction, raffles and all sorts of stuff there to do! Here are some of the pics I that I did take!

The arch we walked thru to start the walk.


You can see people all the way around the curve


My boys watching the band! You can see my mom with the stroller in the background!


My reason for the Walk!


Matthew dancing with Chris Burke's band.


Ryan playing one of the games at the Buddy Walk


I am me

Just some fun little tibits about me!

* I love the color of my eyes
* I am the mom of 2 boys
* I am a wife of 10 years
* I love to create
* I am 38
* I love to have fun!
* I always have my toenails painted
* I am me


Credits: Spooky Kraft paper from the Spooky Kit by Susan Bartolini at ScrapKitchen; Platinum ring and charms from Living Simply by Susan Bartolini at ScrapKitchen; green paper, ribbon, eylet and paperclip from Celebrate Tranquility by Holly McCaig at The DigiChick; staple from Splish Splash Kit by Holly McCaig at The DigiChick; paper, me alpha and masking tape from Art Chick Kit by Kristy Kerness at The DigiChick; Michelle done with Shmootzy Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz at ScrapArtist
BW photo run thru Virtual Photographer
Font - CK Marissa

I must be a glutton for punishment... cause I entered another contest! This is a submit once kindda contest at least that they are having at ScrapKitchen. I had fun doing this one though and was very pleased with how it turned out! I have been having so much fun with paper and tape and such on my layouts lately!


Happy Halloween

Journaling Reads:
The month of October brings about many memories for me. Trick or treating, pumpkins, candy. But now that we have you, there's another memory that Halloween and October bring for me. 4 years ago, I was 16 weeks pregnant with you when a routine test brought about questions. By Halloween night, we had had a level 2 sonogram, a FISH test, and a amniocentesis. The results were not what we had expected, and we were coming to terms with what we were learning. You were our son. You looked like your big brother in your sonogram. You were swimming around in there just as happy as could be. You were ours and we were yours. Fast forward to this year. That uncertain Halloween is a just memory. Sure we have therapies, and trips to the ER sometimes, but you are worth that and so much more! You bring so much joy into our lives! I just can't imagine you any other way. You are the perfect final piece to our family of four.

Credits: Gina Miller's Fabulous Happy Haunting Paper and Ellement Packs from the DigiChick! Digital paper tear by Stephanie Krush.
Font: CK Footnote

I get pretty reflective this time of year. This month has a lot of memories for me. Growing up as a kid and treat or treating, deciding what you were going to be, the leaves changing and playing in them. As I've grown up - there have been new memories. Halloween is a little different in AZ - no crisp mornings, can't carve the pumpkin too early or it melts. October now brings the Buddy Walk and Down Syndrome Awareness month too. 4 years ago - we were just starting our journey with Matthew. Just finding out and beginning to adjust. He was so tiny and safe in my tummy at that point. We weren't quick sure what to expect. We just knew that we already loved him. I can remember telling friends as we walked around trick or treating - telling them about what I was learning about down syndrome and all the what-if's that might happen. Now 4 years later, all the worry is just a distant memory. So many of the things we worried about seem so silly now. Matthew talks more than Ryan did at this age and is farther along in the potty training than Ryan was. He knows 100+ signs and learns new ones so very quickly. He's perfectly healthy other than getting croup 3 or 4 times a year and getting it hard. He's my imp. He gets into and does more things than Ryan ever thought of doing. But that's a second child thing to a certain degree, huh? There's therapists and school at age 3 (which isn't a bad thing!) and a few more trips to the doctor, but those are small pototoes in the scheme of things. He always manages to bring a smile to my face at least once a day. I used to think in that 1st year that I would never give him up - but I would wish the down syndrome away in a heart beat. Now I don't think so. I just don't think Matthew would BE Matthew without it. Would he still be a loveable - probally! But I don't think things would be quite the same. And I like things the way they are. We love him just the way he is!

On another note - I took this picture back in June. He looks so much more grown up now - I shoulda taken a new pic, but oh well! I love this photo and it's what came to mind when the layout formed in my head.
Have a great day all!


Michelle needs...

I saw this on Lee's blog this morning, and it was just too cute! You type in your name and "needs" into Goggle and see what you get. The funny thing is that Lee found herself down several pages! Too fun. Some of what "Michelle needs" were things that real people really need, so I took creative license and picked the funner ones!

Michelle needs:

1) your help (always!)

2) her own reality show (yeah, right!)

3) to move on to someone else since Tony's no longer around (from a soap opera!)

4) by rule (Michelle needs) to extend her right arm parallel to the ground (golf)

5) to compete more with the big boys (more Michelle Wie)

6) to increase her income (you betcha!)

7) to make another gospel album ( yeah - that's happening tomorrow - to increase my income!)


Busy, busy, busy

that's what I am. I made - I should say started - a list today of the things that I have been putting off lately. There are already 17 things on that list. These are things that are anywhere from things from last week (designing a form for my dad) to things from over a year ago (finishing a wedding/shower album (paper) for my friend Chris). And I know that there is more to go on this list, this was just all I could remember today! For some reason I have stressed about these things lately. I have accepted another position other than the DigiChick CT position and have had to turn down another wonderful opportunity because I want to be able to give these things my all. Boy was the turning down one hard to do. But it's time for me to get some of these things done - quite a few NEED to be done by Christmas. I also stress that I'll get that "scrappers block" or lose my mojo now that I have layouts that need to be done within a certain timeframe. I think I worry too much! LOL!
I really worked on staying off the computer this weekend and focusing on the family, but boy was I ready to get back on it today!
Yesterday I had the teacher's conference with Ryan's teacher for 1st quarter grades. He is doing so great! We are so proud of him. That was before school. Then we took Matthew to school. Michael went to work on my dad's truck with him and I went to WM to get groceries. Then we had 2 therapists and Ryan came home. They are out an hour early all this week. It rained and then we went out to play in the rain! Today was a little calmer, but not by much. It rained today off and on, but the BIG news is that it is only about 78 degrees today! We have open windows and I actually have candles lite right now! Very exciting new for Arizonians!!!
I definitely need to get a DVD burner soon! Maybe for Christmas. I haven't been able to back up the pics or any of the kits I'm accumulating and it's another thing that I stress about daily. We have a CD burner, but it will take too many to get them all on it, so I've been holding off. I know these are famous last words, so maybe we'll win the Power Ball tomorrow, and I can run out and buy one tomorrow!!!
On another note... who's out there??? I see the count go up, but I only know of a few that are reading, so de-lurk and say Hi!


October Awareness

This is the beautiful kit that the chick's made to benefit breast cancer at The DigiChick. Please go check it out and support a great cause. 100% of the proceeds benefit The Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. But hurry - it's only available until November 15th!

October is also the awareness month for something else very near and dear to my heart. It is also Down Syndrom Awareness Month. I wear these bracelets during this month as a reminder to myself and to maybe bring awareness to someone else.

Journaling reads:
October is well known to be the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But what is not as well known is that it is Down Syndrome Awareness Month also. So now - for the month of October, I wear these bracelets of awareness. One in pink and pearls that I made for breast cancer in honor of Dee and my Grandmother. Two for Matthew. The grey ribbon is the awareness color for special needs. But that was a little dull for my little guy, so silver it became. With DS alpha blocks and his birthstone added too. I wear these bracelets alot normally, but for this month they are worn everyday. My very own way to bring about awareness to 2 very special causes that are very near and dear to my heart.

Credits :DDE - Dirt Road Grunge Paper - Boys & Their Toys Kit; Red Flower - Delightful KitDigiChick's Holly McCaig - Zig Zag & Straight Stitches (now available in the boutique); Eyelet from Celebrate Tranquility Kit (now available in the boutique); Header from Holly's Hand Brushes Crop GiveawayScrap Artist - Red ribbon from Life is a Bistro Kit
Fonts: CK Plain Jane

So, this month as we are celebrating women and their strength, please take a moment to think about another special group of people that contribute and that bring alot of happiness to their families and those around them. They have hearts and minds and feelings inside their bodies. They may have 1 more chromosome than you, but that doesn't make them any less of a human being. It comes as a big shock in the beginning for so many of us, but as that shock wears off, the little one that's in our arms is not someone we would ever give up or change in any way. So during your busy lives and days, when you run into someone with Down Syndrome, or anyone with special needs, please take a second to say hello. You'll probally find that it's yourself that's blessed by doing so! I have a layout in mind to share a little more of Matthew's story, so I'll save that for a later post. Our Buddy Walk for Sharing Down Syndrome AZ is this Saturday. We will be joining a crowd of 2000+ people all celebrating someone with Down Syndrome. And believe me, what a party it is! And yeah - a layout will follow, I'm sure!


I'm skin n' bones... need more candy

He looked too cute in his halloween shirt today. Can you tell I love holiday shirts??? I couldn't get a cute pick of him with the front of it, but he was game to take pics today. He loves to "view" them on the camera after. So I remembered the craft that we hadn't taken a pic of on Monday. The layout went from there. I knew I wanted something simple and candy corn paper with stitching came to mind.
Journaling reads: That's what your shirt says today. I think it's pretty fitting... not because you're skin n' bones, but because you LOVE candy! You made this cute candy corn foam craft with your OT this week. You did such a good job putting it together (with a little help) and you were so proud of it!
Credits: White paper from DigiChick's Mindy Terasawa's Little Tomboy PP; Orange and Green(tab) Paper and the candy corn from Cashew Style's Alicia Hansen's Bump in the Night Kit; Stitching from DigiChick Holly McCaig (now available); Yellow paper from DigiChick DigiBoo Kit; Brad from Shabby Princess' Shabby Smiles Kit
Fonts: Bookman Old Style, AddamsRegular, Punch Label and 4990810

It's been pretty quiet here today. Ryan spent the night at Grandma's and now, at 4:30, isn't home yet. Matthew and I had 2 therapists and Daddy is at work and should be home soon. Little Doodle is very tired after his 2 therapy day and keeps trying to go to sleep. LOL! Ryan will probably be pretty hyper when he gets home.


Lucky #7

Ryan lost his 7th tooth last night.
Journaling reads:
You lost your 7th tooth while you are 7 and you lost it on 10/10. What a set of numbers! I don;t really know about them being lucky, but it couldn't hurt! You had been wiggling on this tooth for days. We didn't think it was anywhere close to coming out yet. But as you sat on the couch - sure enough "pop" and out it came! The tooth fairy brought you a dollar that night and you are going to save it to purchase The Polar Express next month.

Credits: All Papers, chipboard star, star ribbons and 7 from Compassion Kit by Gina Cabrera and Shabby Princess; staple from Shabby Smiles Kit by Shabby Princess; digital paper tear from Stephanie Krush; lucky from stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz; stitch from Caramel Pecan Delight Kit-by Gina Miller; ribbons on 7 from Summer Blues & Thank You Kits (retired) by Holly McCaig; 7 has chipboard action by Atomic Cupcake used.
Fonts: CK Higgins Handprint and Artistamp Medium

The home front seems to be calming down some. Matthew is finally settling in. The steriod shot makes him super onery for about a week. His burn is healing. He's sleeping somewhat better at night and his breathing treatment machine will be here today. He had a follow up appointment on Monday (because Mommy spaced his Friday appointment) and he got his flu shot and another antiboitic shot because his right ear was starting an ear infection. We got a prescription for a liquid steriod and a breathing treatment machine to try to ward off the ER trips that seem to occur every 3-4 months lately. Ryan lost his 7th tooth last night as you can see from above! He gets out of school early tomorrow and both boys are off for the rest of the week then. Fall break. Yay. Ryan gets out early all next week too for teacher's conferences. At least it's been really nice outside right now. Mid 80's! It supposed to creep back up to the mid 90's by this weekend though. At least it's not supposed to be 100 anytime soon!
Ok - off to get Ry from the bus stop! Have a great day! : )


My Little Monsters

The boys looked so cute in their halloween shirts yesterday, that we took a picture with the pumpkins!

This is a shameless use of the cover layout/sketch of the new BH Sketches2. I knew how cute it would be with all the patterened papers from the awesome DigiChick's DigiBoo Kit!

Credits: The DigiChick's DigiBoo Kit
Fonts: AddamsRegular


Halloween Decorations 05

I scraplifted a photo swap that candylouu did with scraprascal. It was just something fun to remeber our decorations and to celebrate getting ready for Halloween!
Credits: The DigiChick's DigiBoo Kit. White Paper from Holly McCaig's Summer Blues Kit (retired), Staple from Holly McCaig's Summer Sizzle Kit (retired) and Circle Date Stamp from Holly McCaig (retired) Fonts: CK Marker and Alpha from DigiBoo


You knew a layout was on the way for this - didn't you???
Journaling Reads:
I have not had a new glasses in 10 years. Styles have changed alot since then, let me tell you! When our new insurance kicked in - it was one of the 1st things Michael and I went to do. For the awesome low price of $20 each - we have now joined the hip crowd with our new specks.
All items from the Fabulous Heck Ya Kit by Holly MCCaig and MandaBean. Brown Background paper from the Blue Suede Shoe Freebie from the generous Gina Miller. Digital Paper Tear from Stephanie Krush


Adam West meets the Fairy Oddparents

Ryan decided this afternoon that he wanted to watch a Batman DVD that we recieved 2 Christmases ago from Diane. He puts it in and watches. He comes running into where I am and is all excited because Adam West is in Batman. How do you know Adam West? I ask. He's in the Fairy Oddparents he replies. Is he a voice on there, I ask. No - he is The Chin and The Catman, he replies! How hysterical is that! So funny! Ryan seems to be enjoying the DVD - so now he apparently has a new show he will watch!


New Glasses

I haven't had new glasses in at least 10 years. Till yesterday. I feel so pretty!!! LOL! My old ones were so big and clunky and soooo heavy. These are so light on my face. I actually wore them all day today! My prescription didn't change much, so not much difference there. I'll still wear my contacts most of the time, but it's so nice to have a fashionable alternative!


Survey's, Burns, ER and a tiara

So last night, I tried so hard to have everything wrapped up by 6pm my time to jump wholeheartedly into the chat for the DigiChick Apprentice. But at 5:30 the phone rang and for some insane reason - I aswered it. It was a survey to answer a few questions. For some insane reason, I said yes. 30 minutes later, we are still not done and Matthew is crying. Matthew pushes the off button on the phone because he is all done with mommy talking on that thing and not paying attention to him (poor survey guy - we were almost done). I log on quickly to the chat. Waiting for Holly impatently to announce. Then I figure out what Matthew is so upset about. The toaster oven was on the counter and he must have opened the door and burned his arm while I was on the phone with the stinkin survey dude. It was unplugged, but still hot from making his dinner. So I'm faranticly trying to calm him down and put something on his burn to cool it off and make it not hurt. I finally give up and put him in the bath. That works and he starts to calm down. Matthew and Ryan play for 1/2 hour while I chat. I put them to bed and think yay! I can chat and get some dinner finally. Popcorn it is. The phone rings several more time inbetween. After about 20 minutes of sleep, Matthew is up again. I could hear his breathing as he was going to sleep and knew a round of croup was on it's way. I log out again and settle in to see how he's going to get. By 11:30 when Michael gets home, it's apparent that we're on our way to the ER. We get Grandma to come stay with Ry and we're off. They wisk us right back and get him a breathing treatment. 4 breathing treaments, 1 steriod shot, 1IV line and 1 antiboitic injection later, they want to admit him to the hospital because he's still not breathing right. He has to have x-rays, and I have to help hold him down of the shot and the IV line. NO FUN! Luckily, his burn is minor, cause I had them look at that too while we were there. They finally figure out to send him to Phoenix Children's Hospital and then we play the waiting game because they have no beds available! By this time it's 8am (we got there at 12:30ish). Matthew has finally relaxed and slept and is breathing almost normal. So they re-evaluate him because they find out it's going to be this afternoon before a bed opens. Then they decided it's fine for us to go home! LOL! No sleep for the mommy or the daddy. Sleep in the ER is non exsisten I think! Both of us were supposed to work today too. Michael MAY go in later... but we'll see how he feels.
So - the tiara you ask??? Yes! I am now a Chick! And the fantastic news is so is Robin (SweetnSassyMommy)! How cool is that! I haven't quite let it sink in yet with all that's happened, but I'm so excited! I now have to figure out how it all works. I have no idea where to start. I have access to the Creative Team Forum - very cool!
Ok - I'm off to attend to the doodler!


Ladies and Gentlemen...

may I present to you... The Student of the Week!
It's Ryan's week this week. He gets to put this fabulous poster up along with a sheet that lists a few of his favorite things in his room. I had run out of photo paper, so what's a scrapbooking mom to do but use layouts, right???? So it turned out ok. He was bending it on the way to the bus stop this morning and some of the pictures were trying to come off. Hopefully he got it to school ok. He gets to bring in a special item later this week and has certain duties during school hours. He was really looking forward to it! Yay Ryan!!!


The DigiChick Apprentice Final Assignment

I'm having a hard time putting all this into words today. I've thrown myself body, mind and soul into this for the past week. I really want this... not just because it's it's a creative team position, but because it's a DigiChick CT position. I love this site. I love all that it is and all that it will become. Such a talented team that anyone would be proud to be a part of. I'm having a hard time coming back down to earth. I've lost weight, lost sleep, not thought about much else than this for this last week. I'm worn out - physically, mentally and emotionally. And now it's all out of my hands and the waiting game begins. I'm not a very good wait-er! :) What ever the out come, I know I've done my best. And I'm so proud of the layouts I've done. And honesty - had so much doing them! :)
This is one of the other layouts that was in my mind during this week. I saw thru Ryan's expression in this photo and it made me think of so many other things. I could have done so many other things, but this one was what jumped to the front of my mind after reading the last assignment. It's what percolated and formed precisely during the night on Saturday. It was almost perfectly pictured in my brain when I went to work on it Sunday. I wanted to show that you use the kits in ways that you might not have thought of... using a tag to put a photo in (one of my favorites), taking the chain off of something else to use, paper from 2 different kits to go togerther. I like to bring together pieces to make a whole. So here it is! :)
You can see it here and see Robin's entry here.

The lightning was fabulous (you can see my reflection in the catch lights in his eyes) - but I could not get him to smile or give me a good photo last Sunday. This photo still spoke to me. Sometimes it's not the perfect photo that speaks to you. Sometimes it's the less than fabulous one that does. This made me reflect on the person I see him becoming, and the person I think he will be. Made me think of the little boy who used to love it when mommy brought out the camera. I used lots of fabulous items from right here at The DigiChick's Downloads section. TFL!
Journaling reads:
In your eyes - I see the past. I see my first-born son peeping out at me from his hospital cap. I see the 9-month old taking his 1st steps. I see the toddler standing in the backyard crying as his blue balloon floats away in the breeze. I see the proud soon-to-be big brother telling his grandparents the news. I see the preschooler peeking thru the window at the NICU at that new baby brother. I see the preschooler playing with every train imaginable. I see the kindergartener starting his 1st day of school, wanting his mommy to walk him into the building.

In your eyes -I see the present. I see the 2nd grader who doesn't want to smile for my camera anymore. I see the boy who checks out books on weather and trains. I see the boy who still likes to snuggle as he is read to. I see the boy who is reading on his own. I see the boy whose foot is as big as mine. I see a boy who still sleeps with his snowbear at night. I see a boy who doesn't want to hold my hand anymore, but still wants me to stay with him at the bus stop till the bus is gone. I see the boy who is finding that he enjoys Nascar as much as his daddy.

In your eyes - I see the future. I see the man you are becoming. I see the man who I hope knows he can become anything that he wants to. I see the man that I hope will someday get married and have a child of his own. I see the man who I hope will cherish that family. I see the man who I hope will still watch out for his little brother. I see the man who I hope will have compassion. I see the man who I hope will remember what it was like to be a child. I see the man I hope you will be.

Brown Paper - The DigiChick Download Section's Good Life Kit - Marsha Zepeda
Tag (holding photo) - The DigiChick Download Section's Good Life Kit - Marsha Zepeda
Twill Ribbon - The DigiChick Download Section's Playful Freebie - Holly McCaig
Striped Paper - The DigiChick Download Section's Playful Freebie - Holly McCaig
Silver Alpha - The DigiChick's Download Section - Andrea Victoria
Black Straight Stitch (retired) - The DigiChick's Holly McCaig
Chain for tag (cut from another tag - retired) - The DigiChick's New Beginnings Kit - Holly McCaig
Yellow Tab (retired) - The DigiChick's Winter Wonder Kit - Holly McCaig
Torn Paper Edge - Tear 6 - Stephanie Krush
Fonts: DonnysHand & 4990810

Sorry guys - no collage for this one. Back to a simpler mode of scrap that this layout needed. This week has been an absolutely fabulous week for me and I just want to thank everyone for the opportunity. I have created layouts that I am so very proud of, and actually have ideas for a few more! And then to see what everyone else has come up with was just so much fun too! Good luck Robin!


Apprentice Final Assignment

Yes - you read right... FINAL ASSIGNMENT!!!!!
It is down to SweetnSassyMommy (Robin) and myself for the final. I cannot believe what a week this has been! I'm kinda glad that's it's ending and kinda sad too. It's been REALLY fun, but stressful. I have amazed myself at what I've been able to accomplish in this week. I love everything I've done (except Assignment 4 - that one I would have done a little differently). We got to rest today and recieved our assignment tonight. We have until Monday morning at 9am (7am my time) to get our layout uploaded into the gallery. The votes will be talled and the winner will be announced at a chat at The DigiChick on Tuesday night.

Here's the announcement:
Well....I suppose I've kept you all waiting long enough, right? Not intentionally - just been trying to think of something really challenging. But, then I just said, "why"? So, for this assignment I ask that you go to our downloads area, use items from at least three free samples (all different designers please) and scrap about any subject. Make this your best! You have until 9 a.m. CST Monday morning to post your layout to the appropriate gallery. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan had a baseball game 1st thing this morning again. Then we hung out most of the day. Matthew piped up this afternoon and wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese - yes he did ask for it. He signed "mouse" and then "cheese". So we went. :)
I'm very tired now - so off to bed! :)


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