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Apprentice Assignment 5

Yes - that's right it's down to 3. And I'm one of them still!
I sure as heck wouldn't want to be one of the ones picking... some Awesome layouts coming out of this competition!
So today went sooooo much better than yesterday! I was really worried that the computer would malfunction again, but it was fine. I de-fragged and swept and all that this morning before I started, just in case.
Had an eye appointment to get new glasses this morning (DH's & mine are 10 years old - time for new ones!), so that gave me time to think about the layout and the feeling that I wanted from it. Got out the HS scrapbook again and went to town scanning. I had much more, but didn't want too much in it. Had so much fun going through it again and relfecting on what things I thought would always be there. In HS you know things are going to change, but you somehow think they will stay the same, you know what I mean? So here's what came out...

Journaling Reads:
Dear me-
Wow! Can you believe that we are about to graduate? It seems like just yesterday that we moved here to Sedalia, MO. And now to be graduating from Smith Cotton is just unbelievable! I can't believe that we will be off to college next year at Southwest Baptist University. Living away from home and without a car. That's going to be quite a change. I wonder what our college roommate's going to be like??? How are we ever going to find our way around campus? Andrea and Elizabeth will be there, too, so at least we'll know someone. And then not having to work- that part should be fun. We'll work at Wendy's through the summer though. Yay - all those lake weekenders coming through the drive-thru! It's going to be strange not to be singing quite as much either. New Score and Acapella have kept us busy this last year. And remember trying out for the All-State Choir? Wow! Flag Corp has been over since football ended, so we won't miss that quite as much. Remember when we were late for the half time and we tripped over that wire and bruised our leg? It's still tender!
Mom and Dad will be busy running the flower shop. Hopefully they won't miss me too much. I know they'll still need me home to help out at the shop on the holidays. Paul is going to be a Junior this year. Wow! My little brother's growing up too. He's got his car and his DJ'ing, so he'll keep busy too.
Life's changing, but it so nice that some things will stay the same forever. Melissa and Jackie will be in Warrensburg, but we will hang out on the weekends. Ursula and I will keep in touch too! And then there's Brian. What are we going to do without seeing Brian every day? We're going to marry him someday, you know!
Go Class of '85!


Awww - come on! You didn't really expect me not to do a collage with this did you? LOL! So much fun! I wanted this to look like the bulletin board in my room looked when I was 18. Fun, clutter-y, full of memorabilia. Just like it was back then. My only problem was narrowing down the memorabilia to what you see! My letter to myself would have been written at the end of my senior year. It's so funny to reflect on things now, 20 years later. So much has changed. So much of what I thought would be true forever, didn't last. My boyfriend and I broke up. The friends that I thought I'd have forever are no longer in touch. The friend that didn't even live in the same city as me is the one that has stuck through the bitter end with me! (Love you!) I've always loved saving all the little memorabilia of my everyday lives (as you can tell) and this just goes to show that you CAN incorporate it into your digi layouts too! That's part of why I love to scrapbook - all those memories that you think will last forever - fade in time. Capturing them on paper makes them last. Now whether those thoughts & feelings stay the same forever- that's another matter! LOL!

Cork Paper - Time for School Sept. Mega Kit - Rachel Dickson
Notebook Paper - Cameron's Bug Jar Mini Kit - Kathryn Balint
Numbers - DigiChick Summer Memories Crop Kit - Alpha - Christy Lyle
Paper Clip - DigiChick Summer Memories Crop Kit - Hardware - Holly McCaig
Metal Frame - DigiChick Thank You Kit (retired) - Holly McCaig
Staple - DigiChick Thank You Kit (retired) - Holly McCaig
Pins - DigiChick Country Sun Kit (retired) - Holly McCaig
Flower Brushes - DigiChick Friends r Flowers Crop Freebie - Holly McCaig
Tape - Primarily Education Kit - Jessica Bolton

Font - CK Higgins Handprint


Apprentice Assignment 4

Yep - still in!
I got up and read this :
Journaling Journaling Journaling - yeah, we all love buying and using awesome digital kits, but sometimes it is the creative journaling processthat really shows the beauty of the kit and elements you use. Pick a free download item in our downloads area (must be signed in and NOT usethe person's stuff you used for Assignment four) and create a layout about your thoughts on life and your place in it. Get VERY creative withyour journaling; not just the writing part - but how you display it.
Then I logged off and had to get everyone ready for school. I thought about it and formulated a layout in my mind and thought I was ready to go. After dopping Matthew off at school, I did a few household things that neede to be done.
Then I came back to the site and re-read the instructions... and realized my layout was in the wrond direction. So then I regrouped and shot new pics of me. (me, me, me - it's all about me)
Got Matthew from school and found out there's a bug going around - starts out sleepy and then gets throw-upy, Matthew has been totally extra sleepy the last few days, so oh no! When he falls asleep on the way home, I let him sleep.
Made lunch and went to work.
I hadn't gotten a clear vision of what I wanted this to look like... that was the 1st problem and it went downhill from there. I did the creative way to journal that I would have done for this - yesterday.
Matthew woke up not happy and didn't even want to do MT today.
I started with lots of the circles cut out of the paper for journaling blocks, but then realized I had more to say then that. Then I tried the 3. Time for bus stop and Ryan coming home. As we're coming home - Dada shows up! Yay! I think and go to work again. I have been done with the other 3 assignments by this time every other day. Then it starts to fall apart. I can't verbalize what I wanted to write. I get the layout done other than journaling and work on the journaling. I get that done and go back to work on the layout and PS freezes. I freak because I don't know when I saved last. It froze another 3 more times on me. I slowly rebuild and save, save, save. This takes me clear up to 6:30 my time (they have to be done by 7pm my time). By the time I save it for the web and upload it it's like 7 til. No time to play with it. No time to do the journaling all funky like I wanted to. No time to put the stamp off the edge of the pic. Barely enough time to get it loaded in the DC gallery. I look at the other layouts and go to the bathroom and fall apart. Mine was soooo not were I wanted to get it. So not how I had eventually envisioned it, but today it was just not in the cards.
So here it is... sigh.
You can see it here and see the others here.

Credits: Andie Smith's South Beach Freebie, eyelet from Holly McCaig's Celebrate Tranquility birthday freebie (retired), stitch from Holly McCaig's Straight Stitch pack (retired)
Fonts: joe hand

Quote says:
"I am not where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be." - Douglas Adams
Journaling reads:
How do I express to you this life that I am living? It is not what I had planned. Some would wonder how I do it. Sometimes I wonder how I do it. But it is my life and I’m beginning to understand that it is the life I was meant to live. I always thought I would get married in my early 20’s, have my 2 kids and stay at home, living happily ever after. I didn’t get married until I was 28 and didn’t have my boys until I was 30 and 34. I always thought they would be 2 years apart, not 4. I never expected to be the mom of a child with Down syndrome. Would I have changed my life if someone had told me all this 20 years ago? I might have back then, who knows? I know now that waiting to get married only meant that I waited for the right person to come along. We met and were married within 6 months. I know now that having children in my 30’s makes me wonder how I would have done it if I’d had them earlier. I know now that having a child with Down syndrome is really cool. Having Matthew earlier in my life may have meant that he wasn’t who he is. And I don’t feel that he would be the same sweet little boy any other way. Staying at home is way more work than I ever thought it would be, not the fun I thought it would be. I know now that that life isn’t always easy and it’s not always what we expect. But it has a funny way of taking you where you need to be. And I really wouldn’t have my life any other way!


Apprentice Assignment 3

Yes, I'm still "in" so to speak!

Today's assignment was:
"Love brushes? So do we. In fact, it's a HOT style right now to incorporate brushes into your art. We'd like to see what you can do with them. Change it up - don't do just black or white, use colors, use them to erase parts of things. Don't have the ability to use brushes with your software? Improvise by using the accompanying .png files that come with brushes! Designers will include these 99% of the time. We do at the Chick! Your topic is your choice!"

I started with the flower brushes and this is what I ended up with! Totally off the wall - but I like ti! At one time, I had it pretty much finished, and then the program crashed. Of course, I hadn't saved in awhile, so I lost 1/2 of it and had to do it again. But I think I like this one better anyway! It looks alot flatter at the DigiChick site, but oh well!! Not much I can do about that. Some of the texture and depth is gone. There's so many little details that you just can't see on the internet. That's kinda disappointing, but that's what I get for getting complicated, I guess! You can view mine here and see the competition here.

Credits -
Shabby Princess-
Black Linen Paper-Urban Kiwi Kit
Love, XOXO, Pink, Green and Orange Stapled Ribbon- Sweet Sprinkles Kit
Turq. & Green Flower, Swirlie Edges brush -Compassion Kit

Holly McCaig for The DigiChick
Flower Brushes-Friends r Flowers Crop Freebie
Daisy- Happy Hour Kit (retired)
Purple Flower - What I Believe Kit (retired)
Pink Gerber- Holly's birthday Kit (retired)
Charms- A Charmed Life Kit (retired)
Jump Ring/Eyelet - Celebrate Tranquility Kit (retired)
Straight Pin - Country Sun Kit (retired)

Scrap Artist

Get Creative Kit - Maroon flower by Michelle Coleman & Leaf stamp by Diane Rigdon

Grungy Boy Kit - Michelle Coleman - Pocket, safety pin

Scrap Kitchen - Dragonfly Pin by Susan Bartolini - Mom's Flower Freebie

Circle brush

I made the swirly sentences in Corel Draw and then imported them into PS7. Some of the photos were ran thru Virtual Photographer.

Fonts: Ck Curly, LB Typewriter, Joe Hand

So – this kinda took on a life of it’s own, I think. LOL! I have really been admiring the work of Elsie Flannigan and the whole art journal type of work. Certainly not conventional and once again – not my normal mode of scrapping. When brushes were today’s assignment – I thought of Holly’s flower brushes and how I’d used them in my application layout. I thought of girlie things and that brought me to myself. Eventually this is what evolved! Apparently I’m still in a collage-y mood! I wanted to do something with fun little treasures in it to find. So happy hunting – and I hope you like it! TFL!!!
Getting pretty tired today! Stayed up waaaaaay too late and was WIDE wake when Michael left. LOST is on tonight and then I'm to bed (unless invasion sucks me in!). Ryan has baseball tonight too.
This contest is so fun, because it's challenging me in some many ways! Scrapping things I normally wouldn't have scrapped and in ways that I normally don't do! Fun - fun - fun!
OK - I'll let you know about tomorrow - tomorrow!



Yep! It's another tag. Jenn tagged me with a Pollyanna Tag on her blog. You're supposed to choose 3 negative things going on in your life and put the positive slant on them. Doin' the Pollyanna.

Negative 1) - With DH having started a new job - money is tight. No super fun stuff going on right now.
Positive 1) - I am not cluttering up the house with Target clearance items that are fun, but we DON'T NEED! And we have been having lots of quiet family times at home together!
(I know this is similar to Jenn's - but it struck a cord!)

Negative 2) - It was 107 yesterday. It was cooler today, but still!
Positive 2) - The cooler air is coming - you can just tell. The boys were able to play outside awhile this weekend. (see free family fun!)

Negative 3) - My house needs to be cleaned!!! But it's not happening anytime soon! :)
Positive 3) - I'm getting really cool layouts done. Today's was fun because it was a memory I wouldn't have done otherwise! Double cool!

OK - so these are maybe a little lame, but it's what's on my mind right now!

To keep Polly going - Gina and Lee - you're it!

~~~I think I have to edit this to add another after surfing blogs tonight.~~~

Negative 4) - I REALLY miss fall. I think this is the season that I miss the most... all the pictures of pumpkins, colored leaves and mums make me miss the season more. We have somewhat of a spring in AZ, Summer is well taken care of, winter - don't miss living with the snow (wouldn't mind playing and photographing it though) of winter, but fall is something we don't have at all. We can't put out pumpkins too far ahead of Halloween - they melt in the heat. It's still a little too hot to plant flowers too.
Positive 4) - I don't have to rake leaves, right??? Come on - give me some more positives someone!!!


Apprentice Assignment 2

Well - we are down to 6 and I'm exstatic to say I still one of the 6! Yay!
This is today's entry for the contest. You can find it here at The DigiChick and view the competition here.
The assignment:
"It's always so hard to have let one person go. I'm really sorry, but donnelsl, your computer has crashed. We hope you'll continue supporting the other team members.
On to Assignment 2:The Digi Chick Assignment TwoAnother challenging project! All entries MUST be uploaded to the appropriate Digi Chick Apprentice Subgallery (this one would be Challenge Two) by 9 p.m. CST the same day.The graphic/clean style is really in right now, but it's starting to become a little overpowering and we find there are a lot of people still out there that prefer other scrapping styles. So, show us a layout that tells a story about your first car and create it in a grungy fashion. Journaling is so important! If you have never had a car, then it should be about the first time you drove or rode in one (if you've never driven). You cannot use ANYTHING from the designer that you used in yesterday's challenge. No other restrictions."

Credits: Clay 2 Paper - RAK Scraps August Travel Kit (M.Strand); Grungy Edges Overlay & Cardboard Piece - ScrapArtists Grungy Boy Kit by Michelle Coleman; Sanded Overlay - DigiChick Shabby Christmas Kit (retired) by Holly McCaig; Rusty paperclip and staple - Shabby Smiles Kit by Shabby Princess; Tape - Electric Scraps Primarly Educational Kit by Jessica Bolton; Photo border by Andrea Rascaglia; Letter brushes and various INXS items off internet.
Fonts: LB_Typewriter

Watching INXS RockStar lately has brought up many memories of high school and my 1st car lately. What fun, carefree times those were!

Journaling Reads: Yes, I am a child of the 80's. I turned 16 in 1983. My 1st car was a 1962 Ford Fairlane. My dad purchased it for one dollar from my Grandfather. It was rusted out in spots, but it was all mine! I did have to be careful though - it's brakes kept going out! I would drive around with the music blaring, beating out the songs with my hands as I drove, pumping my head to the music. My music of choice was INXS. Of course, back then, it was on cassettes!Fast forward to today. The vehicles may be different... but the music still remains. I listen to vintage INXS now. It makes me feel like I did back then, driving around in that beat up old car with the windows down, beating out the tempo with my hands on the steering wheel as I drive. I find myself wanting to drive the mommy van like it's a sports car. Their music so makes me want to bang my head to the beat, get up and dance like crazy and sing with them at the top of my lungs. But I find myself getting so very sad that the awesome voice I'm hearing is no longer. This year, RockStar INXS was on TV... and I'm getting a new chance at INXS. My favorite only updated. What's old is new again. How cool is that?
Wow! That was more fun than I think I had a right to today! LOL! I had such fun looking through all those old photos this morning! A little grungy and definitely collaged. Certainly not my normal mode of scrap, but so much fun to do! The ticket stub is from the INXS concert I went to - $14.50 for the balcony seat! Thanks for the great challenge!

I woke up at 6:30 before the boys (for a change) and knew I wouldn't go back to sleep. The computer and the site could not load fast enough for me today! After I saw that I was still in and saw the assignment, everything was good. I wasn't as nervous today about the assignment. I knew exactly where my pic of the car was (my 1st scrapbook was my senior year and it was all in there together!) and which direction I wanted to take the layout. I had to go to Mom and Dad's to scan after I dropped Matthew off and then it was home to work. I picked out the background paper to match the color of my old car and then started thinking of whatever grungy elements I could come up with. Then I spent a long time tweaking it, until I was happy with it. I don't think I've ever done such a collage-like layout before, but it sure was fun! I love that I found the ticket stubb to add to it. I miss adding real memorablia to my digi layouts like that. I need a scanner!
Cross your fingers for tomorrow!


The DigiChick Apprentice

So - being the weirdo that I am - I got the go ahead to post my entries here at my blog! A little easier for some of you to follow along! And, who am I kidding, I want to blog about this experience!

Today's Assignment was: "In keeping in touch with what we want to do here with the Digi Chick and the whole theme of the Apprentice, we'd like to see your ability to create a layout marketing one of the designers in our boutique. This isn't a ploy to make you buy something because there are freebies in our download section (must be logged in to download those). Pick a designer and create a layout using their product with your photos and journaling. So, create a memory for yourself, but do so in the form of ad for the designer. Be creative, think outside of the box."

I was so stressed this morning about this. Monday is one of our busiest days. Both boys have school - so I had the 2 hours while Matthew was at school. Then we have a therapist when I bring Matthew home. Then we have another therapist after Ryan gets home from school at 4pm. Then we have baseball pratice at 5:45 tonight. The entries had to be in by 7pm my time and we don;t get home until after that from ball! Did I say I was stresssed???
So, I tried to calm down and went to work. I chose my possible photos 1st. Then I looked at every kit available right now at the DigiChick, and none of them complemented them quite as good as Sara's freebie. So, I took Sara Carling's Softball Freebie from the download section at The DigiChick and tried to show it's versatility. I altered several of the items - the stitching (erased half of it), made the eyelet out of the bat charm, cut the strips of paper from one of the patterned papers and erased the paper from a tag to add my photos. I thought this was such a creative use of a kit that was made for softball, because I used it for a completely different photo subject. But the colors in the photo are just perfect for the colors in the kit. It all pretty much fell into place before I went to get Matthew. Thank God!
Here is today's entry. You can keep track of the other entries here. Tomorrow morning - the DigiChick Staff will vote one girl out and a new assignment will be given to the remaining contestants.
There are such different interpretations of what the assignment was. It's very interesting to see.

Credits: Sara Carling for The DigiChick - Softball Freebie - see above.
Fonts: CK Plain Jane and Artistamp Medium

Journaling reads: What’s a mommy and a daddy to do with a hot little boy on a sizzling Arizona day? Add water - of course! It was the 1st day of school and Mommy and Daddy were working in the backyard before Ryan came home. You were getting hotter and hotter, so we filled up your little pool. Soon you were splashing away.! You were having so much fun, that Daddy decided to join you. You soon figured out that you could splash Daddy - and it was game on!

This fabulous kit is Sara Carling’s Softball Freebie from right here at The DigiChick’s Download section. I altered the stitching (erased half of it), made the eyelet out of the bat charm, cut the strips of paper from one of the patterned papers and erased the paper from a tag to add my photos. What a versatile kit!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


My DigiChick Apprentice Application

Products used: Patterned Paper - Hurricane Paper 1 by Cathy Mazan Murata from DigiChick HOPE Kit; Flower brush by Holly McCaig Friends R Flowers Crop Freebie; Green Ribbon (recolored slightly) from Holly McCaig Sunroom Alpha Deco Kit; Eyelets, jump ring and charm from Holly McCaig's WLC prize.
Fonts: CK Higgins Handprint, SF-Remember, & AvantGarde Md BT

Here is the layout that I applied to the contest with.
Journaling reads:
Heck yeah, I do! I wanted to think of all these clever reasons, but clever just isn’t happenin’ right now. So I decided to just write, like I do when I journal or blog. So... here goes! :)I found the DigiChick through a freebie and downloaded my 1st purchased kit along with it. It was New Beginnings. My BF has MS, so it meant alot to me that Holly was going on the walk. That lead me to checking out her blog and the site much more often. I was so excited when the boards came on and love how the whole site has evolved! It has become a place to hang out with my new friends, a place to inspire me... to lose weight, to dream, to create! I love participating in the challenges that force me to try something that I might not normally do. The generosity coming out of the site with the information shared, the comradery and all the freebies is just way too cool! I’m at the site daily, sometimes way more than my family would like!I’m just me... what you see is what you get. I’m not a gung ho, submit to everything kinda scrapper. In fact, I haven’t ever sumbmitted. I do this for ME. To record my family, for my family. To be creative... for me. I use a single photo or numerous ones depending on what memory I’m capturing. I will use 1 kit per layout, or several, depending what I need to complete the pages. I’m a very good credit giver, whether it’s a kit, an element or a scraplift. I’m generally a pretty simple scrapper. I wanted to apply to be a Chick back in July... but I didn’t have too much in my galleries. So, I talked myself out of it. I never figured on getting a second chance at it. Now that it has, I’m not going to let the opportunity pass me by again without trying. I’m goin’ for it. After all... isn’t that what a Chick would do?


Yep - I was right ...

Didn't sleep. I was pretty good until Michael started rummaging around to get ready to leave at 4:15 am. Then it was in and out till Matthew stirred at 6:15! Never fails!


I'm a Chick Wannabe!

So I've been keeping secrets the past few days!

The DigiChick is having an Apprentice Contest to pick their new Creative Team member and I applied! There were 25 applicants and the DigiChick Team picked 7 applicants out of them.


I am beyond excited! Tomorrow morning they will post an assignment for us to scrap. We have from 9am till 9pm (CST) to complete the assignment and post it. The DigiChick Team will then vote one of us out. By Friday - we will be down to 2. They will then make their decision and the winner will be announced durning a chat on Oct 4th.
I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight.
I love this site. I wanted to apply when Holly picked the Team in July... but it just wasn't the right time. I never imagined that I would get another shot at it. Yes - I'm a bundle of nerves right now. It's going to be a very busy week. But next week, I hope it will all be worth it!
You can view the entries here. The thread for the winners here. I'm sure that the assignment will be posted in the contest forum also! Wish me luck - okay???

So, I may or may not be posting very much this week... we'll see. :)

Any hoo - on another note... I'm going to be mentoring Lee in the art of digital scrapbooking! Heather came up with this great idea to partner people who want to learn with people that will teach them. I had seen this, but hadn't e-mailed Heather yet. I was so surprised when Lee told me that she had signed up for this. She hadn't even mentioned that she was interested in learning the digi world! We even found out that we are going to use the same program, so it was meant to be! I can't wait to see what she will create!

We've had a pretty loungy weekend again. Ryan had a Baseball game 1st thing Sat. morning. Matthew & I went to the SDSA playgroup at this cool little kid place. I ran around like a crazy mommy taking pictures and chasing Matthew. All these soft, cool things for them to climb on. He loved it!
Michael goes to work tomorrow and I just heard that it's supposed to be 107. Joy! And it's almost October.
Ok - my heart's quite pounding quite so hard and I think it's time to get to bed! Nite!



I've added a word verification process on here. I still want to hear from EVERYONE, but am trying to keep the nasties from appearing! I've had this blog closed, but then when I leave a message on someone from blogger, it doesn't show were to find me. I opened this once before, but within a few minutes of updating my blog, I had spam, so I closed it again. I was shown this option and have seen it on some other blogs, so we'll try it this way for now! You just have to retype the letters that you see when you are leaving a message, so it's not too hard! Thanks guys! :)


Big/Little Monster and the Stupid Mommy

Yeah - this is a long one! But it's my blog and I'll blog about it if I want too!

Matthew had a doc appointment today. They had a hearing test at school a couple weeks ago. For some insane reason they gave him the test where you have to raise your hand if you hear the sound. Now he's a smart cookie... but come on! So, of course, they couldn't pass him. So, paperwork came - and they wanted me to take him to the doc and make sure there's no medical reason for the not hearing (ei - ear infections). Now I know this is standard procedure, but in my mind this is a big waste of time in Matthew's case. He needs to go to have the ear buds in the ear measuring the little hair movement test done, and all will be well. But procedure! So, while we're there... I have the doc look at his tonsils and check to see what he thinks about going to an ENT. He mentions that Matthew's tongue is enlarged and that he has a high pallet (we knew these things) and that yes, he should go. He also used a different ear measure thingy that monitored the movement of the ear drums. Matthew's didn't move. They were not red and infected, but obviously there is fluid behind them. As snotty (sorry) as Michael and I have been (allergies, we think) this last week, Matthew probably has the same issues. Although with him - everything clogges up so much quicker. He's been a little off lately, like there's something just not quite right in his little body. So, we'll see. I'm not worried about his hearing, because, believe me, he hears. But we'll see what things might need some tweaking. He hasn't had ear tubes yet, which everyone always seems surprised about. The doc was talking about a tongue reduction surgery, but I don't think that's going to be what we would choose right now. ST will be able to address alot more, when they know what to address. My Big/Little monster weighed 35 pounds! Getting so big.

So we go back out to my van and as we're coming up on the back - I see this big scrap on my back fender. I bend down to look and sure enough that's what it is! Now I'm quickly thinking and I'm pretty sure that wasn't there when we went in. I get Matthew in and buckled and turn on the air. It kinda registers that the vehicle next to me is not the same one as when I went in, so I go check the front bumper. Sure enough - scrap there too. So now, I'm getting a little more than a little upset. I look on the windshield and there's no note. I'm not sure what to do. A mom alone with her child confronting some unknown person and accusing them of scrapping her van is not always the smart thing to do in the Phoenix area. You just don't know what people are going to do nowadays. I have no idea which office they might be in - it's a complex of offices - and no idea when they might be out. I don't want to call Michael - he'll get upset and he was playing golf for the 1st time in at least 5 years. I don't know whether to call the police. There's a good chance that whoever is going to deny it was them. So I sit and stew. I decide to copy down the license plate and vehicle info and wait awhile. I get my phone in my hand just in case. Pretty soon, 2 women show up and get in. The younger one is very obviously preggers. I roll down my window and ask the obvious if it's their van. Yes, well did you happen to notice that you hit my van??? Oh no - they had no idea and well, look at that ( yeah - right). But I stay as nice as I can, and ask for their info and think I'm being so smart and so strong. I'm keeping calm and trying not to break down. Well, stupid, stupid mommy. I got the vehicle info and her driver's license number and neglected to get her phone number or insurance info. That's what I get for trying to be so nice and understanding. I need to learn that in this world it's every person for themselves. And I don't function that way. I call my BF on the way home, cause I was so upset about it all and needed to vent. I call my DH after I get home. And of course - he asks the obvious - did you get their info - yes I did (all proud). Did you get their insurance and phone #. Ahhh cr*p!!! Stupid, stupid mommy. So of course, I check on the internet and am not coming up with anything. This probably isn't her current address. Now it's just a scrap - but not a nice one and of course, Michael wants it fixed. I just hate the fact that you just can't trust someone in this world today. This van is the 1st brand new vehicle I have EVER owned in all my 38 years of life. And the way other people treat my property just floors me in today's world. It has dings all over it from other people that just aren't paying attention or just don't care. I was taught and teach my children to respect the property of others. Now - granted it has dings in it from my boys too, but I know who made those and they were dealt with and schooled about being careful. I'm just so trusting. It's just in my nature to think the best of people. Now - granted, they may have been just as rattled as me - probably thought I would drive away and not even notice it and be gone by the time they came out. I know there's no way they didn't know they had done it. There I go again - Stupid, trusting mommy.

So - in the grand overall being of the world, this is not the end of it. I do not have a house ruined by fire and have to replace ALL my belongings. I have not had my house buried in mud from a hurricane and my children and loved ones are all accounted for. I do not have a hurricane breathing down my neck - threatening my very being. And - thank god those poor old souls - I'm not being evacuated in a bus that explodes (OMG)! It's just a scrap. It's just a van. It's life, I guess. But I'm upset all the same. stupid, stupid naive mommy. :(


Here - of course - is the layout for the below pic!
It was for a scraplift challenge (of amtad) at the DigiChick.
Journaling reads: Miss Lynette brought these cool Elmo AquaDoddle Mats for you to use during your OT session. The “marker” used water to make the color on the pictures come out. You LOVED these and Mommy liked that there was no mess! I think you will be asking for some from Santa!
Medallion - Shabby Princess Boy Dirt Kit; Cork Alpha - ScrapArtist Block Party Kit; Leaf - Scrap Artist Get Creative Kit; Brad - Holly McCraig My Firends Kit, Stitch- Holly McCraig; Patterned Paper and Leaf Tile - Scrap Kitchen Autumn Bliss Kit; Grungy Overlay from ScrapArtist Grungy Boy Kit.


They are now Complete...

JD - the new lead singer for INXS.
Still not sure how I feel about this. I sure hope he has been genuine these last few weeks. If so, then all will be good.


Matthew's OT brought these really cool WaterDoddle Mats with her yesterday. You take the "marker" and fill it with water. The mats then magically show the picture when you rub the marker on them. She had Elmo and Thomas the Tank Engine. What 2 better ones for this little munchkin! He had so much fun with these! I think he will be asking Santa for some!


Lazy Sunday...

So it's 11:30 am here and we are still in our pj's. Nascar started at 10am - so Michael and Ryan have been watching that. I've taken advantage of the time to surf a bit and Matthew is "Wiggling". It's kinda nice just to relax a bit.
Yesterday started early with Ryan's Baseball game. Some how or another, I'm now the team mom. So I have to help with the fund raiser and get everyone sighned up for snack duty. The snack part was easy, but I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do for the hit-a-thon. Michael pitched again this game. We now have yet another coach. A different mom that is part of the organization, so at least she know the rules and the league. Still kind of a mess, but getting a little better. They want to pratice 2 nights a week now. On 2 of my busiest days, too. Oh well.
Then we packed up and went to Big Surf waterpark with Michael's company. The park had been closed down for the day for 4 companies to enjoy it. And yes, it was right at 100 degrees on Sept. 17th! Just right to still be warm enough to enjoy it, but cool enough to be comfortable! It was still pretty crowed, but we had a blast. And no, I didn't bring any cameras. I just wanted to have fun with my family and not worry about the camera getting wet or lost or stolen. They had a lunch provided for us ( hotdogs, hamburgers, beans, chips, potato salad and such). It was pretty cool. Both the boys seemed to enjoy the wave pool the best. Ryan rode the rafts with Michael and Matthew and I hung out way over at the side where he wouldn't get swept off his feet. They also had a kiddie area that Matthew liked to hang out at the slide. He went down the slide a couple times and then just hung out by it. The big boys went down one waterslide. It went a little faster than either of them were prepared for... scared Ry a little and Da got water up his nose! We got there about 10"45 am and left around 2:45. Matthew fell asleep right outside the parking lot on the way home!
Well... I'm off to shower and start laundry. Yay.


Hey - it's me and the doodler!


L O S T and a little ROCK

OMGosh! Could Wednesday night BE any better today!

They are down to the final 3 on Rockstar. As I thought, they are down to all males. Sweet Susie didn't make the final cut. I stil don't know if JD is showing the real JD right now - or if he's masking it. But any of the 3 that remain will ROCK THE HOUSE. I so can't decide who I would pick if I had the final choice. The band has a hard decision.
Although, they're not Michael Hutchence. :( I listened to vintage INXS this morning on my way to Diane's. The whole Greatest Hits CD in the narly rush hour traffic. Feeling like I was 16 again, driving around in my 62 Ford Fairlane with the windows down, beating out the tempo with my hands on the steering wheel as I drive. Wanting to drive the mommy van like it was a sports car. Getting so very sad that the awesome voice I was hearing was no longer. Their music so makes me want to bang my head to the beat, get up and dance like crazy and sing with them at the top of my lungs. So, this morning, in her mommy van, in ruch hour traffic... this mommy did! :)


I was mad for a little bit... but then I remembered that Rockstar finale would be on TUESDAY night, not on next Wednesday at 8pm when the season opener will be for Lost. Shoo, crisis averted! (Oh, if that were the only problem in the world right now, huh?) I have real problems with waiting for things! They piggy backed episodes for the last 3 weeks or so, which meant 1 was on at the same time as Rockstar. So I have missed at least 4 episodes. I'm going to have to go rent the DVD and see if I can catch up. I think this is 1 show that if you miss a little, you miss alot. It's so right up my alley - a little mystery, a little Sci-Fi, a little action, a little romance. I love shows that are puzzles that you collect the pieces to to make the big picture. Lee had some cool links to websites on her blog that have fabulous info on this show. Way, way too cool!

ok - i'm off to bed! Nite all! :)


Arizona Fall

This has been in the back of my head for a page. I loved the cover page for CK in Oct. So I scraplifted Deb's Perry's page.
I probally should ahve used teh flowers that I mentioned in the journaling, but I haven't planted mine yet. Besides - I liked the fallish colors of the mexican bird of paradise.
Journaling reads: In other states, fall brings crisp, cool weather and falling leaves. Things are a little different in Arizona. We have flowers in bloom, baseball season starts, & we are still swimming in our pool. We enjoy our geraniums and petunias that we have just planted. We will be OUTSIDE, because the tempature has finally dropped into the 90s. We will be outside enjoying life.
Credits: leaf, red & mustard papers, F monogram, gerber daisy, metal leaves, copper brads & leaf overlay from the ScrapArtist Get Creative Kit; Cardboard piece, belt loop, rivet, grungy overlay, blue paper and stitching from Michelle Coleman's Grungy Boy Kit; striped paper from Dani Peuss' Jump-Into-Fall Kit. Fonts are SF Remember and LB_Kerri.


Drink the Juice...

when you go to give blood, or you might just pass out in WalMart later! :)
I picked up Peanut and ran to WM to get milk and gatorade. everything was fine unitl we got to the checkout. They were just taking too long. I got hot and lightheaded. I put my head down for a minute and felt better. By the time I was paying... I could tell I would need to sit down at the end of the empty checkout before going to McDonald's to get our lunch. But I thought I could make it. Big mistake! I was concentrating on getting my money and receipt and the next thing I knew I was on the floor and everyone was looking at me. Silly mommy! A mommy on the next checkout over was an ex- EMT - she jumped in and was helping me before the WM crew got there. No - not a epileptic, no seizuires, just a silly mommy. So they got me orange juice and slices of cheese and had me drink and eat and sit still. They thought I had hit my head, but I must have fell onto my chest - a small bruise and a scrap there. My elbow and my hand must have got a little too. Nothing serious. Then we went to WM and got our lunch and ate it before I drove home. I just drank water after giving blood this morning. I was just thinking the juice was a suggestion and chose to drink water instead. Silly me. Next time I will have a juice please.


I gave today... have you???


You Color My World

So - of course I had to stay up late to do layout! This is for a challenge on Gina's blog. Thanks Gina for the awesome stuff and the challenge!
Papers, metal tag, ribbon and stitching from Blue Suede Shoe Freebie by Gina. Page pebbles by Gina from a challenge freebie. Grungy edge from Michelle Coleman's Grungy Boy Kit. Leaf by Diane Rigdon from Get Creative Kit. Title art from Daniela Peuss' Jump-into-Fall Kit.
Fonts SF-Remember and Book Antiqua.


Ryan's 1st Rookie Season Game

Ryan's 1st game was on Saturday. The game's are at the park right up the street which is nice. I'm pretty sure they lost - but no one on our team was keeping score. It was still very un-organized - but what do you expect with only 1 pratice? The coach can't pitch very well, so Michael ended up doing it (it's a coach pitch league). Ryan seemed to really get it alot better than last spring, which is great. He's a little scared of the ball when he was catcher, so we need to work on that. But he caught several ground balls and made a few plays. Go Ryan!!! Did the layout that's below the pics that are below!
It was actually nice outside on Sat. & Sun. Dare I say that the heat might be off??? (Shhhhh don;t say it out loud) We did some work in the backyard and let the boys play outside.
Today I played catch up with several things. I felt overwhelmed with my to-do list this weekend. I have done most of it now... so feeling better about it all. Go to give blood tomorrow. And speaking of that...
Michael's company is going to match all the donations that it receives for the Katrina victims. We are going to donate our $20 through there, which will make it $40. Cool, huh? Here's the link - if you're interested... They also had a flight transporting people to help in Katrina's wake.

On September 9th, Mesa Air transported firefighters and other emergency workers, as well as the Mayor of Phoenix to New Orleans. The flight returned with 85 firefighters who have been working on the frontline in New Orleans for the last week. These firefighters were veterans of 9/11 and performed over 400 rescues while on duty in New Orleans. Thank you everyone at Mesa who helped put the trip together on very short notice including Captain Alvin Isaacs, Captain Eric Gust and Flight Attendants Linda Brown and Tom Deering. We will continue to do everything we can to help our fellow Americans impacted by this disaster.

Click on the same above link to read the whole thing and see pictures.

Matthew did very well today - he is starting to say verbally so many things. I heard bubbles, ball, all done, mommy, daddy (previously mama and dada), among other things this weekend. Now not everyone would probally be able to pick all of those out - you have to be around him and really listen and be paying attention to what he's doing... the endings aren't always there. But I know what he was saying, and the ST heard most of them today too. Still need to make him an appointment (there's that list again!)...
On another note... please keep Michael's dad in your thoughts and prayers right now. He's been sick most of the summer and putting it off. That has currently landed him in the ICU with trouble breathing. MIL says he will be out of there when he is breathing better and they don't expect it to be too long. But it still sucks that they are on the other side of the counrty and there's not alot we can do from here. These are the times we wish we were there or they were here.
Keep scrolling there's pics and a layout below! :)


1st base with Daddy!






Hiding or ready for the ball... you decide! :)


Matthew enjoying the game!


Here's the layout I did from Ryan's 1st baseball game.



This one took a couple days for a change. Busy, busy. 2 page spread - 8.5x11
Journaling reads:
Ryan's 1st season of baseball is off to a very slow start. The coach assigned to the team dropped the ball and a new coach had to be found. So the boys only had one practice before their 1st game. Ryan played 3 different positions - 1st & 3rd base and catcher for the 1st game. He had 3 singles and came in to score twice. As 1st baseman , he caught 3 ground balls and made the out each time. He even got to choose the #9 shirt - which is Matt Williams #! Daddy pitched most of the innings and is an assistant coach. Which means he got a shirt too!

Paper - Sara Carling Softball Freebie, Twill Ribbon-Holly McCraig Sunroom, Excitement tag-POTH Splash of Summer, Photo Borders-Andrea Rascaglia, Chipboard Action-Atomic Cupcake. Fonts Book Antiqua, LB_Typewriter.


My Da

Yeah, I know - here's another. My last for tonight, I promise! I just couldn't leave the photo alone right now! :) Me loves my Da!
Journaling reads:
My Da is what Matthew has been calling Daddy lately. I think it is so cute and it may just stick for awhile!
Scrap Kitchen's Living Simply Kit. Stitch is from Scrap Kitchen's Nantucket Cottage. LB Kerri Font.
And, yes, Paul - they're all printed out!


This is the man...

that's on his way to Palm Springs right now. No - we haven't finally caused him to lose his marbles and run screaming away from us! Apparently there are 2 blown tires on an airplane there, and so he's on his way. The only bad part is he carpooled with someone today - so now we're going to have to go get him from work when he comes in! Hopefully the boys will sleep through most of it! Matthew was awake at 6am this morning, so it's already been a long day!
On another note - I was thrilled to get this shot of him! I was trying to get a good shot of he and Matthew, but scored this instead! It'll be in a scrap page sometime soon, I think!


Updates and Such

So we've had a busy weekend. Michael had 4 days off for the 1st time in at least a month. So what do we do - re-arrange 5 rooms in our house. The living room got moved around. My dad had a cabinet to put the TV on, so we moved everything around while we were at it. Then we went on the the boys rooms and moved things around. Our bedroom got changed around a little too. Just see below what else happened!


my project of the week from last what - May??? - is done. Only the shelves are now hung above my scraptable and desk in what was the boy's playroom! Cool - huh?


Ta-Da! It's still not quite together yet - some decorating to do still. But the shelves are hung and I can finally begin to get things put away! Yay!


We put the boy's beds into Matthew's room. Ryan wanted to new bed, so Matthew inherited the bed his great grandpa slept in. I think it's kinda cool that they both got their turn with the bed. We may be getting a bunkbed in Nov. (it's a surprise though - don't tell them!), so thought we should probally be getting them used to being in the same room. So now all the toys are in the now playroom that used to be Ryan's room. Of course, Ryan hasn't been in there too much since then. :)


Ryan's 1st baseball pracatice was

on Tuesday. Their 1st game is on this Sat. They should have been practicing a month ago, but there has been a problem with their coach. So a new one is in place and they get 1 pratice before their game. Oh well, I guess. We're not too happy about it... but what can you do. We'll see.


Ryan in catcher's gear! He's supposed to catch for part of the game on Sat. Will have the big lense then to be able to get closer.


The Bear & The Chair

I am a scraplifting fool the last 3 days! This is a lift of Jennifer Pebbles {XOXO} layout. Journaling reads: We inherited the Pooh towel and this cute little chair from my best friend. they were her daughters. When I had Ryan, she sent them to us. Ryan used them until he outgrew them at age 3 or so. When Matthew was born, they were passed down to him. They are extremely well-loved and worn (the towel especially!). The chair is the perfect size for Matthew right now and we use it during his therapies every week. When Matthew outgrows the chair someday - it will be returned to them so that the next generation can enjoy it!
All from MandaBeans' Petalpalooza Freebie Kit except - turq. tab from DigiChick's Holly's Birthday Celebration Kit and stples from DC's Sand and Surf, rust paper from SSB Fall Chain Gang Kit LB_Angela and 4990810.


RockStar INXS

So it's down to the final 4 now. Jordis was the chosen one to go tonight. It's going to be so interested to see what happens in the next few weeks with this! I still don't like JD's personality - although he seems to have mellowed. Is he just doing it for the camera and is still a snake in disguise? We'll see!


2001 - four years later

Journaling reads: 2001 is a year I will never forget. In July, we found out we were expecting our 2nd child on a Saturday. The following Monday, I went into work, only to find out that the company had gone under and I was out of a job. Since I had planned on staying home when the baby was born, we figured it was early - but oh well, it was done. September brought 9-11, and I sat in my living room glued to the tv, hugging my growing belly and crying. By Halloween, we had a sonogram telling us we would have another son and an amnio telling us he would have down syndrome. It was a year I'll never forget. September 11 is a day eched forever in the hearts and minds of America. 3,030 people died that day between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a lonely field in PA. America pulled together as a nation. Flags were everwhere. Four years ago, no one thought this could happen in America, but we were wrong. And that is something we should never forget.
A scraplift of PTKNOX at 2P's http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg....ayout_id=650132. COMPASSION kit by the Shabby Princess and Gina Cabrera. Fonts: Avante Guarde and Susie's Hand.
I had planned on doing some other layouts and things tonight, but somewhere between giving the boys a bath and getting them to sleep, this devloped in my head. So out it came.


Hurricane Katrina ~Shabby Princess scraplift~

This is an absolute scraplift of the Shabby Princess' layout. I had been wanting to document this event somehow, and Kristie's version was just perfect. I don't want to have them to exposed to all this right now - but it's important they they know of it in the future. I know that it will end up in their history books someday.
Journaling reads: Hurricane Katrina roared into the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29th, 2005. She went from a level 1 hurricane to a level 5 after leaving Florida behind. Katrina plowed a path of destruction thru the gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. But the worse was yet to come. On Aug. 29th, 2 levees broke in New Orleans. 80% of the city is buried in flood water. The entire city ends up needed to be evaccuated within the next several days. So many unspeakable horrors happened in that week. So many things that, just like 9-11, we thought couldn't happen here in the United States. Please don't forget, boys, how very fragile life is and that everything can change in a second. Never take your lives for granted. Always remember to help each other and to do your very best to help anyone else that you can. Everyone has a life and everylife has value.
I used the COMPASSION kit by the Shabby Princess and Gina Cabrera. Quote is from DigiChick's HOPE kit. LB Angela Fancy and Avante Guarde fonts.



It's available and it's beautiful! You can find it here at the DigiChick.


Digi Help for Katrina

The great chicks at DigiChick are working on a digital scrapbooking kit that all the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to help the victims of Katrina.

Please support our fundraising efforts to support the American Red Cross to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. A kit is almost ready for you to purchase. All proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross. Visit our forums and stay posted! (as posted on the DigiChick website)

I am sooo heart broken and sicken by all that is going on down south. I cannot believe what is going on down there. I want to help so very badly. I have an aunt in Alabama that lives by Birmingham - they got the wind and the rain, but it sounds like they faired well. New Orleans is one of my top 10 places that I would like to see someday. I hope that someday I will. I find it so hard to believe that the pictures I am seeing on TV are here in the US. It seems like 911 all over again in some ways. The pics are so horrible and yet I have a hard time tearing myself away from the TV. It seems so far from reality. I plan on going to give blood in the next few days also. On the TV last night they made the remark that if everyone in the Phoenix area gave $5 each - it would be 2o million dollars raised. $20 from my family - that's all. We'll be doing our part in that for sure. And the digi kits too. And the blood. And whatever else persents itself for the opportunity to help.

Andie and Holly have previews of the DigiChick Kit on their blog - check them out.


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