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Water Day

Matthew had a Water Day at school on the 23rd. The teachers had 3 little pools, a water table, various sprinklers and the big hit - spray bottles - for the kids to romp around in. It was hot already (his class is in the morning) - which made it nice for them - but a little toasty for us adults! Michael got to come with me to the whole day. He worked on the weekend and was off. Miss Pat had pizza delivered as a fun treat for them after we came in. Matthew had 3 half slices, I think!n He is definitely my pizza buddy!
Not much else happening right now. Need to get some kind of groove going on with having the kids home for summer. Need a little structure - a plan - of how the day should go. Ryan will go to the reading class for the month of June. Matthew's therapy's will be starting around then too. I think we have an OT, a PT, and possibly a Music therapist. Now all we need is an ST (the hardest one around here to find).
I did get my teacher's presents done. Ryan's teacher got a Avery notebook decorated to use as a lesson planner next year. She used one all this year - so I hope it will come in handy for her next year. Matthew's got a clipboard that was decorated and then Mod Podged. She has a clipboard that we sign the kids in/out with - so now she has a pretty one. All 5 teachers and aides got GC to Burger King to have lunch ( put in a decorated library card type holder). Hopefully they will all enjoy them. I also finished 3 bracelets for people in the last 2 days. It's good to have that all done and off my to do list!
Alright - I'm to bed. Will try to take new photos this weekend and post. It's my dad's BD on Monday - so should have pics then! :)

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