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This 12 hours shift thing...

is very different. Michael is here for a couple of hours in the morning or at night when he is working. Then he's just gone for the rest of the day. It's very different. Not bad... not good... just different. The boys and I went in the pool today. We lost water out of it twice today. A hose came off the pump at sometime this afternoon and put water all over in the rocks. Hopefully it didn't burn out the pump. And then I was refilling it tonight - and somehow the garden hose came out of it. Well - at least the lawn got watered good! :) LOL!
Went to WalMart today. Always fun with 2 boys in tow. Made the mistake of trying a 2 kid cart again. Everytime I do that, I swear it's the last time. Then I wait 6 months or so and I forget and try it again. It never works out. Matthew for some reason thinks Ryan is in his space and beats on his big brother. Makes shopping so fun! So a little McD's later, things sort of evened out. We can't get out of there without McD's anymore. Matthew is signing french fries as we are pulling into the parking lot! I had to make Ry stay out of the cart - but had him help me get stuff off the shelves, which he liked. He knew to be on good behavior or no pool. That helped too.
Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, so we are supposed to get together with them. Michael found out that he has training next week - so he is basically working thru next Sunday right now. Today will be the last 12 hour shift till Friday with Monday thru Thursday being 8 to 10 hours. Could be an even more interesting week! :)
More later!

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