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If I'm EVER that sick again....

Just shoot me!!! Oh My Goodness! is all I can say. I think that I have finally turned the corner and will live - but we'll see.
So updates for the week -
Ryan - He went back to school last Friday - he seemed to be well enough to handle it. Have been putting him to bed at 7:30 each night to get well rested and it seems to have knocked it out of him. He only has school until Wed. of next week. They seem to have 3 days of fun scheduled for then! A art day - game day and a pizza day~ what fun! I suck at having him do his homework for the past 2 weeks. Luckily, his teacher forgave last week's and this week's is only spelling. He's so ready to get out of the house and do things right now! He will be starting a reading class at school for the month of June, so he will be there for 3 hours in the morning, 4 days a week I think.
Matthew - he went back to school on Monday this week. He had his very 1st day of not getting a sticker at school today. He was totally putting things into his mouth as a bad attention getter to the teacher. Hopefully that will stop. They were short handed and I couldn't help today and he choose it to be bad for the 1st time! Little bugger! He seems to be slowly getting better also. I am now into the mode of getting all his therapys back into the works. His OT and Music therapy are maybe decided on, but we still need to find an ST and PT. I'm still on the fence about adding a habilitation therapist. All of the others are an hour a week, except PT which is every other week. HT would be 10+ hours a week on top of that. Add school back into it in the fall - and my head just about spins off. He gets to have a fun water day on Monday at school and of course mommy will be there to take photos!!!!
Michael - so far (knock on wood) he has escaped the sick bug. It's nipping at his heels though, so we'll see. He started at Mesa Air on Monday. This whole week is about in-doc stuff. Kind of boring he says - but reminds him a whole lot of the military and how things were done. So kind of a homecoming of sorts. Next week they have a training class and he will be on line the week after. The benefits seem good. It totally cracks me up because we have flight benefits in 60 days - but health benefits don't kick in until 90 days. Isn't there something wrong with that picture???? He has been a real trooper since last week helping me with the kids, but he's a little sick of doing it all and wants me well again! He has gotten the new liner in the pool and it is filtering and all and we may get in it tonight. Definately this weekend - it's going to be 108ish!
Me - I can't remember the last time I was this sick. Michael came home Friday night and I crawled into bed and stayed there till Monday morning basically. I was sick at Thanksgiving, but it was only for 3 or so days then. I guess I had to have a hurrah into winter and one out of it! Yeah for me! Monday I felt pretty good - but I ended up helping in Matthew's room in the morning. A friend bought me her bracelet to add her new son's name to. After she left I was horrified at the condition of my home. So Monday afternoon/Tuesday, I cleaned. Tuesday I gamely food shopped. Not a good idea - Wednesday I was out for the count again. I was supposed to go to Diane's, but couldn't brave the idea of driving 45 minutes each way, let alone not throwing up on the beautiful watercolors I was to be matting and framing. So I paid out the wasu to go to the Urgent Care. She gave me a prescription for amoxicillian and sent me on my way. Now, of course, I'm hating the fact that I paid that much money for a prescription that I haven't filled yet - because it's probally too much money. I have a sinus infection, but decongestant was keeping it into check. It was the pressure in my chest and the nausea/throwing up that I coundn't take. Well, last night, after taking naps again - I decided to try a gas pill. What do you know - something as simple as that knocked those symptoms out! But today, I'm re-thinking the prescription thing - because now my nose seems worse! :) I've had to struggle to keep myself from doing too much today - Everything's such a mess and I can't stand it! But at least I'm moving. My husband is going to be VERY happy that I'm not horizontal! Thank God for my mommy! She took Matthew yesterday so I could rest and go to the doc. She came by this morning and was going to steal my laundry to do it for me - but I only have a few loads, and wouldn't let her take it. I did whites today, since we were out of socks and will do another load tonight. I'm still super overwhelmed by the thoughts of getting Matthew's therapys all lined up. But it's for the best, so I need to just suck up and do it.
I've only coughed on the computer screen a few times!! ugh! Well - off I go. One is home from school and has homework to do and the other is up from his nap and wants OUT of his crib!!! Will have pics on Mon if not before! Take care all!

Lee  – (7:21 PM)  

Oh Michelle you poor thing! I hope you are all feeling much much better. It is so hard being sick especially when you are the "mum" and have to look after everything else too! Touch wood I have escaped the flu for ages. Although the cold weather really hasn't hit here yet. Surprisingly still quite warm for this time of the year.
Big hugs and get better.

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