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Here we go again...

changes that is. My DH, Michael, has left his job of 8 years and will be starting a new job at Mesa Air on the 16th. All very different and exciting. So we are having fun going to breakfast and running errands on the days that the boys are both in school. Just being together without being bombarded by questions and such for a few hours is so nice! He is relaxing so much more right now, it's great!
Matthew has been approved for long term health care and so we are in the process of getting all his home therapists back into place. I feel the slight panic that I felt when we began all of this 3 years ago when we had him. It always seems so overwhelming at first. It took me a full year before I felt comfortable about it all. In Feb, when he started preschool and we halted everything for the time being... I was just starting to feel a routine for it all. He will hopefully continue with 2 of his previous therapist, but there will be 2 to 3 more new ones to find. He could go to school this summer also... but that just seems like TOO much. I'm hoping that if we add all the therapists in, that it won't be too crazy to add school back into the mix this fall. Hopefully, it's just me that feels overwhelmed by it all, not him! Ryan is going to a reading class for a few hours in the morning for 4 days a week for June. Then he will be home with us for the rest of the summer.
On a FUN note... my new Canon Digital Rebel will be here on Firday!!!! I can't wait! It's pretty much all this year's holiday's rolled into one great present from my hubby. Will post new pics with it when I play a little!

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