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On the other hand... my right wrist is adorned with many different choices. Definitely not valuable to anyone but me. Because, once again each one has a story and a meaning to me. After Matthew was born, I learned how to make bracelets. SS is easier, less expensive and easlier to find, so I ended up wearing a lot more silver. I made all of these except the Tiffany's and the silicone DS awareness one. The "M" initial one is for Michelle. The one with Michael's face has the same photo of the boys that I wear on the necklace on the other side. The pink one is breast cancer awareness. I have 3 bracelets with the boys names on them. One SS and gold with their birthstones dangling, one with all our birthstones (red, white and blue... what could be better?) and one in Hematite. The red with pearls is from a wedding I was in from last summer (Hi Chris!). There's a SS DS awareness one with a silver awareness ribbon for the child with special needs. And a SS and clear crystal one that's just because it's pretty. The Tiffany's one is from Michael for our anniversary. Everyday I usually wear a different one depending on my mood and what I'm wearing.

Paul Koslowsky –   – (11:23 AM)  

Hi Sis!

Just checking in... Great picture of the bracelets! It's difficult to get a good picture of jewelery. You must be practicing with the camera?

Say hi to the boys for me... I'll call soon to catch-up.


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