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October 5, 2015 | 31 for 21

Monday, Monday....
After school today, Matthew had OT with Miss Lynnette. She has a student shadowing her for the next while, so we met her today.
First they worked on the cursive handwriting. Miss Lynnette has an app that helps with shaping the letters.

Then he did some weaving on a cute spider.
After dinner, we took a golf cart ride up to the greenbelt where Matthew and his daddy threw a football around a little bit...
Then we're off to get ready for bed...


October 4, 2015 | 31 for 21

We are all just kinda tuckered out today! It was a bit cloudy and has rained a little bit here and there today, but the big news is that it was in the low 90's!
We did go out to get a Ted's Hot Dog about mid afternoon!


October 3, 2015 | 31 for 21

Saturday was another busy day! We were all up by 5:30am. Ryan was at school by 6am for an JrROTC event. Then he shifted inbetween Band practice and JrROTC while they overlapped for some time.

Matthew was supposed to have Special Oylmpics swim practice, but with the tournament, we had to miss.
We got Matthew to school by 7:15am to leave for his tournament. He rode the bus and we went in our car. The other team had a game at 8am and his team was at 9am, so we watched the game before theirs 1st and then they played. They won the 1st game but lost the 2nd. Semi-finalists are still a pretty good title to hold!

The 1st game was a really close game and he did sit on the bench.

He played some in the 2nd game, but missed his shots that he took - they hit the rim :(

After the games, Matthew, Michael and I went to eat at Applebees.

I left after that and met up with Ryan back at school, where they were loading up and getting ready to leave for the 1st competition of the year.

They performed at 6pm and then we sat in the stands and watched the last bands perform until the awards were held at 9:15pm.

They ended up taking 1st place in Division II and all 5 of the Captions! Go Band!


October 2, 2015 | 31 for 21

Busy day on Friday. Ryan had assemblies at an Elementary school and at Matthew's Jr. High. They did see each other for a few brief minutes!
We heard that Matthew was picked at the assembly (after Ryan had left) to be a part of the 7th Grade relay team. He shot the basketball and made a basket! Then he celebrated with a dance apparently and was quite the hit!
Basketball practice after school for him. I checked in with his teacher on the way there and he got all the vacab right except for the archaeologist and anthropologist! She did have to go over them with him to get him to slow down, but he did great! He got the continents and the city, state, country and continent parts all right also!
I went with Ryan's band to their away game to help with uniforms, equipment, water and everything else under the sun. They did a great job!



October 1, 2015 | 31 for 21

Another busy day today.  Grainy phone photos for today...
Ryan wore his fatigues for the 1st time today for JrROTC. He looks very handsome and way too grown up in them.

Matthew had practice after school again today. Then we came home, ate and studied for his test tomorrow. He's taking a vocabulary test on 10 terms (glacier, extinct, census, petroglyphs, karst, endangered, archaelogist, cave, data, anthropogist) - a matching terms to definitions test. He also needs to know the 7 continents and the city, state, country and continent that he lives in. He took a math facts test today. Ack. I didn't even know what a karst was (it's a landscape that includes sinkholes and disappearing streams and is usually evidence of caves, in case you didn't know either!) We've done the studying by means of good old fashioned index cards, but there has to be a better way. He was all over the map with the right answers today, so we'll have to wait and see if he does well tomorrow or not! :)


September 30, 2015 | 31 for 21

9 Years of blogging for 31 for 21! You can read more about it here on Michelle's blog. And join on in! It's not too late!!!!!
Matthew is in the 7th Grade this year - Junior High! We are still in transitioning phase - figuring out all the new things, or at least I am! One of those things is the Basketball Team! Matthew is playing for one of 2 Developmental Teams at his school. They are in playoff week and have won their 1st game. They will play their next game on Saturday and have practice after school everyday this week. Today's practice was outside (it was only 104 today...), but with the competitive teams practicing inside the gym, it's where there was space today!


March 17th | 2015

Yep, they're in the pool! It's 86, edging to 90 again. Crazy kids...


Matthew turns 13 | March 2015

A few photos from Matthew's birthday last week!

Michael and I had a date night and we went to an indoor range.
Mine's on the left, his on the right.
I walked into the kitchen and Matthew had gotten up, made himself muffins from a mix. He'd turned the oven on, gotten out the mix, put it in a bowl. He was going to pour in the milk when Ryan came around the corner and reminded him to use a measuring cup. He then mixed it, poured them in the tins and Ry helped him get them in the oven!
 The morning of his birthday he woke up to streamers in his doorway and this...

He came home from school with this hat on...

He requested and received Chili's for dinner where they sang to him (his favorite part!)

And then he opened his presents of which his "Sharp Boy" clothes were a big hit!
Then we had to talk him into waiting until that following Thursday to wear them to school. It was picture day that day!


February | 2015

We woke up ine morning to a very dense fog... HIGHLY unusual for around here. I should have gone out to the reserve to get some photos, but I wasn't feeling well. So we went down to the green belt instead.

Matthew played Basketball with the Special Olympics. This was at the city meet. They played very well - winning 3 out of 4 games.

This was the only game they lost, but this team has a very good player on it that is a little older, a little bigger and a little more aggessive on it. The photo below is right before Matthew got him good in true Matthew fashion. Matthew came up on him, the young man went to block hi...m, Matthew stepped back, did a dribble between his legs, bounced it between the defenders legs, caught it on the other side and took his shot! He missed his shot, but it was AWESOME! And that is an understatement! Both Ryan and I missed it - he didn't have the video on and I had stoppwd taking photos to watch! frown emoticon But the crowd went wild! The young man wassn't expecting it at all and you should have seen the ref's face!!!! LOL! Gotta love it!

Matthew and his buddies right after with their silver medals!

Michael and I celebrated 20 years of marriage...
He sent Ryan out to get me flowers and donuts the night before to surprise me. Since it was right after Valentine's day - they were pretty picked over, so Ryan came home with 3 sets of pink roses - they were 3 in each set - he couldn't find the dozen red roses that Michael sent him after! LOL!They lasted a week, so it was maybe a good decision! The lilies are the flower for the 20th anniversary, so Michael made sure I had those too. They lasted longer than the roses!

I ran a 10K. I was very undertrained, having been sick for so long, but I did it!


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